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Morgan Freeman Dead Rumor: He Thinks It’s Funny

Morgan Freeman Dead Rumor: He Thinks It's Funny

Morgan Freeman is not dead, but he is apparently amused that the rumor keeps popping up.

After Morgan Freeman was reported dead in September through Twitter and Facebook, the legendary actor put out a statement through his representatives that he was in fact still alive. The rumor had spread rapidly, with a Facebook memorial page getting hundreds of thousands of “likes.”

Then earlier this month Morgan Freeman died again, but this time it was sites like Global Associated that spread the rumor around first, leading to a social media response afterward. Despite the fact that Freeman had been falsely declared dead just a few weeks before, the October hoax still managed to fool a lot of people, Travelers Today noted. The hashtag #RIPMorganFreeman was trending on Twitter as the rumor that he died falling off a cliff spread through the internet.

Now the Morgan Freeman dead rumor has again called the actor to reply, E! News noted. The Oscar-winning actor took to his Facebook page to give his thoughts on the death rumors that apparently have endless life on the internet.

“Like Mark Twain, I keep reading that I have died,” wrote the 75-year-old Freeman. “I hope those stories are not true…but if they are, I’m happy to report that my afterlife seems identical to my life when I was alive.”

Morgan Freeman said he’s not dead, but he is busy. The actor who played God in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty said he’s too booked up to think about dying just yet.

“I did go to Las Vegas to begin work on the film Last Vegas,” Morgan Freeman said, addressing his death rumor. “That is anything but a death sentence.”

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43 Responses to “Morgan Freeman Dead Rumor: He Thinks It’s Funny”

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  4. Minister Speed

    Media types do this to help sustain themselves in between projects. He is in between projects.

  5. Laura Ravert

    I don't think it's funny. I really thought he was dead and mourned his loss! My 21 year old parrot died the same day and losing both of them was VERY painful!

  6. Anne Marye Stewart

    I'm grateful Morgan Freeman is still with us. (It seems some people still have nothing better to do than start untrue rumors & spread gossip…& computer viruses… Don't even get me started! What a waste.)

  7. Robert Craig

    History repeating itself, Ben Franklin once reported his competitor, who owned a successful almanac competing with "Poor Richards Almanac", predicted the owner had died of natural causes on a certain date within a year. The owner immediately responded with a denial up until his death when Franklin finally reported; "Finally the owner who claimed he was not dead finally admitted he was in fact dead and has stopped printing those lies."

  8. Thomas Paine

    I remember seeing a report on what I thought was a reputable site several months ago saying that he was dead. Apparently, the report was mistaken, but that doesn't make us "retards," Michael!!!

  9. Julianne Poston-Cubean

    My husband was very upset to heat that mr freeman had past away. I started laughing when i had to tell him it want true. He loves Morgan Freeman!! Glad to see he's not planning on going any where anytime soon

  10. Tino Roberts

    Kerstin Linnea Kristiansen I hope Andrea don't get tied up

  11. Tamer Ziady

    Lol…Thanks for sharing. I too seem to have missed the rumor! LOL!

  12. Barbara Milkowski

    Mike and I were talking one day and I said "Isn't Morgan Freeman dead and he said No." I couldn't find a definate answer online. Thanks for clearning that up!

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