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Bill Maher: Mitt Romney Would Bring Freakshow To White House

bill maher

It’s safe to say that Bill Maher isn’t looking forward to having Mitt Romney in the White House. But not because he has something against Mitt. Well, OK, he does, but Maher is more worried about the freakshow that the GOP candidate will bring with him if he wins the election in 2012.

According to Maher, if the United States decides to elect Mitt Romney they are also deciding to empower “every right-wing nut” that the GOP candidate has pandered to during his campaign.

Maher said:

“When you elect Mitt you’re electing every right wing nut he’s pandered to in the last 10 years. If the Mitt-mobile does roll into Washington it’ll be towing behind it the whole anti-intellectual, anti-science freakshow.”

Maher argued that putting Romney in the White House would open the door to all of the “bible thumping bullsh*t.”

Maher added:

“Now I understand having issues with Obama, but stop to think with all the crap we haven’t had to deal with in the last four years … A new Republican administration would be an open for business sign to all the bizarre Bible-thumping bulls**t that the Obama admin has given us a break from.”

What do you think of Bill Maher’s comments? Will Mitt Romney bring a freak show to Washington?

Here’s the video of Bill Maher talking about a future Romney White House.

Are you a fan of Bill Maher? Do you think he cross the line with his most recent comments? Do you agree with him?

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38 Responses to “Bill Maher: Mitt Romney Would Bring Freakshow To White House”

  1. Chas Holman

    What I struggle with most about Governor Romney and these men he endorses for high office. Is that if asked, they truly would like to end ALL abortion by legislation. And they say things like if you are raped they don't want you to terminate the pregnancy because it is 'God's will'.

    And these SAME people say the will repeal Obamacare because they don't want Government in 'their' (tax payer paid for) health care.

    It truly is maddening ignorance.

  2. Kirk Staszczyk

    I agree with Bill Maher wholeheartedly… I don't want my President wearing magic underpants Geezus get a grip America!

  3. Debbie Adams


  4. Maureen Kilzer

    Bill Maher is a small, ignorant little man. Can we say misogynist? Like a lot of liberals is tolerant of everyone unless you disagree with him.

  5. Sheri Houchen Ylen

    People that don't know anything about "magic underpants" should get their facts straight before going forward with their word vomit! Seems like you need the grip.

  6. Wendy Humphrey-kirkland

    Wow Bill Maher is soo very offensive. Maybe if we did have a little more as he puts it " bible thumping" in this world it would be a better place to live. Obama's change has done nothing for us except raise the cost of healthcare on people who can't afford it anyway.

  7. Anonymous

    I lived in a Mormon town in 1960 in Arizona. He scares the bejesus out of me. It was the worst year of my life including the year my husband died leaving me with a 2 yr old and 6 year old. It is not a religion, it is a cult. And, living with it and in it for a year lets me certainly comment on it. There are facts about the religion that have never been reported that should have been.

  8. Anonymous

    I am tolerant of Mitt and others, just do not want to live under his Rule nor his cultish religion. (And, yes, I did live in a solid Mormon town for a year when younger).

  9. Amado Lumba

    Bill Maher is a small time comedian who is not funny at all. He's the most evil guy on TV and he's the only stupid.
    guy who appreciates his jokes. I think he'll kiss Romney's ass after Obama loses next month. He's an atheist.
    and an idiot, plain and simple.

  10. Steve Bloss

    Maher is just another entertainer who fancies himself as part of the ruling elite. Nothing he says is important.

  11. Randy Folse

    I am baffled at the people – especially WOMEN – I once considered to be intellectual; the ones supporting the anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-women, bible thumping, right wing pandering idiot who has been on both sides of every issue. Keep the idiotic cherry pickers of the bible SEPARATE from government! They belong in hospitals behind bars receiving intense reality therapy!

  12. Maureen Kilzer

    Nell, This is a democracy, not a theocracy. No one is going to make you go to temple. I am sure we can all see the evil in a man who has never drank alcohol, has been married to to same women his whole life, raised 5 law abiding men who contribute to society and donates millions to charity.

    We are doing so well with a president who spent his youth "in a fog" (his own words), attended a church where the pastor has said, G– Dam America, and can't say the words, Islamist extremist. And all he can say is, It's Bushes fault.

  13. Maureen Kilzer


    I am sure us women should follow men like Clinton and Maher who are so respectful of women and our "place" in society. As long as we get free birth control and abortions we will surely be happy. Your position doesn't sound to intellectual, pro science or pro women to me. So it doesn't surprise me that you are baffled that women would support him. Doesn't sound like you know what women want.

  14. Sheri Houchen Ylen

    So, your neighbors were Mormon? That makes you an authority? My neighbors are doctors and lawyers, Can I perform surgery on you? It is hardly a cult. The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints? Just sayin'.

  15. Randy Folse

    Maureen Kilzer,

    How can you justify a religious zealot who thinks all pregnancies are meant by God? So all rapes are God driven as well??? Romney supports creationism only. Big bang never happened. Forget science with it's proof, evidence, and rationales. With degrees in Allied Health and Life Sciences Technology, evidence is more congruent to my beliefs. Would you take medication prayed over by religious zealots or would you want that medication tested and proved to work? You may attack me personally all you like. I consider the source. If you prefer Romney to make your decisions for you, it speaks volumes of your character and your "place" in society.

  16. Kirk Staszczyk

    Ok Sheri, what are the facts? If you are saying mormons dont wear temple garments aka magic underwear, then YOU dont know the facts do you idiot. They are encouraged to wear them as much as possible. If you don't think they believe in the planet Kolob (and that their god lives there) then you dont know the facts do you. Joseph Smith was a convicted con-artist ;FACT; and one crazy MTF. You must be a mormon which is fine but, makes you crazy too. Believe in Joseph Smith all you want but, dont try and get around the scientific fact you are an ingnorant fool if you do believe.

  17. Kirk Staszczyk

    No? I think I do… I asked for some facts. Where are they. That's right, I just gave some to you! Obama/Biden 2012….Romney 1040!

  18. Sheri Houchen Ylen

    Are you 12? Seriously… I know the difference between someone who wants to know the truth and someone who just wants to argue! Yes, I am a proud "magic underpants" wearing Mormon. Do I agree with everthing that comes out of Romney, no! But, I am certainly intelligent enough to see through Obama. To give you the "facts" would be to perpetuate this argument. If I wanted to do that I have my own children to argue with.

  19. Kirk Staszczyk

    Yet you're not intelligent enough to see through flip flop Mitt…. Ok, what is the truth? I'm all ears. Do I have the facts wrong?

  20. Blake Parry

    You might want to check your research on Romney…just because you believe in creationism, doesn't mean you rule out evolution or the "big bang" theory like you mentioned earlier…they are not mutually exclusive…and if you believe they are, you are the ignorant one…when you make comments like, "if you prefer Romney to make your decisions for you, it speaks volumes of your character and your 'place' in society," it really does hurt the credibility of your argument…just because you and this joker Bill Maher hate Romney and Republicans, doesn't make those that support them void of intellect…you're not fooling anyone, the intellect card isn't working for you…

  21. Randy Folse

    I don't know about that, Maureen. I cannot trust a man to run our country who believes in fairy tales and magic underwear. Who knows when he will refer to his Joseph-Smith-book-of-bad-ideas for answers.

  22. Blake Parry

    So you are blaming Mormons for the worst year of your life? Even comparing it to the year your husband passed? Wow…interesting view…

  23. Randy Folse

    Blake, this is an adult chat. Does your mother know you are commenting here? I was addressing Maureen about Romney, not the entire republican OR religious population. ROMNEY does not believe in big bang, evolution, etc. He thinks Joseph Smith picked up where god left off. Did you even read what I was specifically replying to before you decided to call me ignorant? I think ignorant = supporting a man who shifts his position as a marketing tactic, believes in magic underwear and all the other fairy tales in the book of Joseph Smith. Maureen prefers Romney to make decisions for women about their bodies (look up opinions on abortion from the candidates). Why don't you do a little research before you attack people personally for their opinions. Good luck in fourth grade next year.

  24. Mark T. Garlock

    Really?? What about the planet that you get to rule once you die as a Mormon….boy there's some sanity there.

  25. Anne Malcolm

    Chas, perhaps some folks would make a better attempt at not getting pregnant. Do you think that all the 1.2 million abortions per year are due to, what, "accidents," as if lightning struck? Most of us know how babies are made and if you don't want a baby or are not able to take care of one there are other paths to take besides abortion. 1.2 Million per year? Really? And we're the nut cases?

  26. Anne Malcolm

    Nell Kozub I agree, I prefer to live under the cultish religion of Black Theology. So much more comforting. And inclusive. And tolerant.

  27. Mikki Dean

    Randy Folse
    Must have taken a lifetime to become so bigoted. I don't know a single Christian that thinks idiots like you should be behind bars. Do you read the hate you spew? I pity your hateful heart and I hope some day you are given a wakeup call.

  28. Mikki Dean

    Sheri Houchen Ylen
    Where has all this hate come from? You believe man came from a rock. Sorry but you live in magic underpants country so get use to it or relocate. I hope the day never comes when Christians start treating you with the intolerance you show others.

  29. Mikki Dean

    Mark T. Garlock
    Yeah. Like the rock as our greatgranddaddy in time. Or the big bang from nothing? Maybe gravity so think light can't escape? Can't prove a single one. All theoretical science supported by made up mathmatics. Not any dumber than any other faith based belief. Since none can really be proven, it's just a matter of preference.

  30. John Jauregui

    What? You don't call Obama relieving a Navy admiral and a Army general for attempting to save the Benghazi ambassador on the ground a freak show?

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