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President Barack Obama Casts Early Vote In Chicago

President Barack Obama Cast Vote And Encourages Others To Do So

President Obama cast his vote today in Illinois and is encouraging voters in eight different states to do the same, BBCreports.

Obama’s challenger, Mitt Romney is campaigning in Ohio, a swing state which could determine who will be in the White House after the election.

A national poll say Romney has a 50 percent-47 percent support among swing voters. The poll was produced by ABC News and found that in regards to the economy, 52 percent of voters supported Mitt Romney and 43 percent opted for Obama.

President Obama’s ballot casting was done in an effort to encourage voters to vote early in swing states.

An estimated 7.2 million people have already cast their ballots and about 35 percent of the electorate will have cast their ballots by election day.

First Lady Michelle Obama cast her absentee ballot on October 15.

President Obama thanked people who had gone out to the polls already, The New York Timesreports:

“For all of you who have not yet early voted, I just want everybody to see what an incredibly efficient process this was thanks to the outstanding folks who are at this particular polling place.”

President Obama still has to focus key states, like Ohio, Virginia and Florida, in order to win the election. In the past, no republican has even taken office without winning Ohio.

Recently, the Obama campaign won a court ruling to keep early voting in Ohio open through the weekend before the election.

Obama has explained his main priorities if he is elected to another term will be to find a budget deal to reduce the US debt and immigration.

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3 Responses to “President Barack Obama Casts Early Vote In Chicago”

  1. Katy Mcdowell

    Americans are amazing and these polls are lying, who in their right mind would want a president who uses young girls in his ads talking about their first? OK he complains about Bush 6 trillion in 8 years which is totally ridiculous, while his 16 trillion and climbing in four, more than ALL the presidents combined since our nations history, lied about everything,
    Acorn, Romney, taxes, healthcare, oil permits, Libya, Fast and Furious, our Middle East relationships, Mexico relationships, Bin Laden, economy, job reports, his religion, while gas prices have doubled, Tuition and purchase prices have skyrocketed, while interest rates are low and this is election year. Giving all our jobs to Canada and China, lets oil spew all over the Gulf and accepts no help from international community. Then he he has the audasity Romney a BS er while he has lied about everything while doing nothing. Not even attended a security council meeting, I don't believe it, I am from California and I see Romney signs all over the place and no one I know is voting for him, I guess people want America runned by the Chicago Mob and their Czars. Total ghetto

  2. Sonny Ofthemeek

    Vote Romney-

    Why you ask? America deserves more than self centered leadership from one an entire nation, and the free world depend on to survive. “American’s deserve the truth”, his own words campaigning the day after debate to his unthinking mass of worshipers. “Bull Shiter” he calls his rival as he runs despicable campaign for reelection. What an embarrassment incumbent Obama has proven to be while holding the highest office other’s have tarnished over the years. Two wrongs don’t make a President!

    America deserves more from a leader of the noblest nation to exist than a “Rock Star in Chief”! Open microphone catches the leader of America telling Russia’s leader to be patient till after his reelection! The news hears nothing to report on. The few true reporters who do listen to the words coming out of his mouth, are ridiculed by the controlled press. Sounds like Russia, not America to me.

    “Freedom of the press’ meant something once IN THIS IF NOT ANY OTHER COUNTRY. Free from restraint of government control, for the people’s good. Our champions ferreting out corruption, exposing any who dared harm or cheat America, no matter the power they faced. Afraid yet willing to stand up to any, even if alone. When did the last one die? Why have none come forward to carry on? Where is he or she buried, the champion of truth so I may go honor him or her at their graveside? Will I find flowers adorning their final resting place, or will it be as barren as their replacements souls?

    What form of payment, how many pieces of silver, to deny America Truth? We have to know as a nation, I have to know as a man. I am not afraid to ask.
    them why, those views men we suffer today, its their reply to me I fear. How can I believe them, as all they do is lie. Change the channel and the story does also, edited or out of context, with smirks replacing smiles. Thrills run down one’s leg, as denial of facts are spoken as gospel, to gullible minds.

    Evil exists today despite denial of truth from America’s highest elected in the land. Extremists continue their unjust battle over all America stands for today, and evermore, no matter what Obama claims. Campaigning forever during this first and hopefully last term, while brave son’s of America, begged for help and died unaided. Why? I’ll tell you why-

    A cry for help drowned out by Obama campaign applause. With the release of State Department documents from Ambassador Stevens and others stationed in Libya, proves personal ambitions of current Admin outweighed their lives.

    American’s have been told falsehoods, backed by biased media as Candy Crowley’s debate backing of lies prove beyond a shadow of doubt to us now. Why? What justification has President Obama’s admin for ignored pleas for protection, the last one on these brave Americans day of horrible death?

    To win an election, while four of Americas finest lost their lives needlessly, is of little or no concern to certain so called News people today.
    Many weeks of story about video allowed by them all despite growing evidence of actual terror attack. Why?

    Read the many pages released , and ask them (The so called news) why the truth is so easily offset for personal reasons each of them have. It is not a party issue, it is a moral one.

    Four dead Americans deserve answers, as well as their family and friends, and us. Their funerals broadcast on many channels, used as a platform to promote the story of the video, the lie. Why?

    Why if not for the sake of reelection of President Obama? Why? Please give me another reason. Prove to me it is not true. I need to know why. Our people died begging for help from America, their country and ours. Why?

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