'Westworld' Renewed For Season 2, Return Probable For 2018

‘Westworld’ Renewed For Season 2, Will Likely Return To HBO In 2018

HBO has finally renewed Westworld for Season 2 after fans began to wonder what was going to happen with the sci-fi thriller that has taken over Sunday nights. The network ordered a second season of the show, which will be 10 episodes long just like the first. The only drawback to the Westworld renewal news is that the show may not return until 2018.

HBO’s president of programming confirmed that Westworld will be back for Season 2. He also delivered a shocking blow via Entertainment Weekly, revealing that the show would likely return in 2018 after more than a year of hiatus in order to film.

The long break was explained as being necessary in order to get ready for another season. Due to the huge budget and massive sets necessary for Westworld, it is expected to take longer to put together another season than most other television series on the horizon. Now, let’s just hope that the star-studded cast will also all return in order to keep Westworld as innovative and amazing in the following seasons.

Fans of Westworld figured the show would eventually receive the renewal for Season 2. After all, the HBO series has been the recipient of tons of critical praise. Fans have been immersed in theories as to what is really going on in the sci-fi thriller, with some of them already proven true, while everyone waits on new episodes to find out if other theories are correct.

It was previously reported that Westworld producers and writers have put together a concept for the next four or five seasons of the show. Upon hearing the news that Season 2 may not even return next year as is typical when a show goes from one season to the next, let’s just hope that each season doesn’t take more than a year to come back because of the amount of planning and work that goes into it.

Initially, there was some concern over the ratings for Westworld. The first three weeks of the HBO series saw huge numbers, with the series premiere pulling in 3.3 million viewers in just the first two viewings. Season 1 ratings for Westworld were even better than Season 1 of Game of Thrones, which is easily the biggest show on HBO right now. So, why the big wait to renew?

Don’t forget that The Walking Dead premiered Season 7 on AMC on October 23. That means Westworld aired the first three episodes before The Walking Dead started back up for the fall. The fourth episode of Westworld went up against the TWD Season 7 premiere with a lot of the same types of viewers who had to decide which channel to choose in that time slot. Naturally, the HBO series lost viewers in that fourth week but still managed to maintain a really decent viewership.

Before renewing Westworld for Season 2, Casey Bloys made it clear that he wanted to see how the ratings played out given the huge amount of competition on Sunday nights. It looks like the show proved itself, though, and is going to come back for another 10 episodes.

Bloys says that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have a great vision for where they want to take Westworld for Season 2. He said the concept for the sophomore season is just as mysterious as the first, something that fans may have a hard time believing, as many are still trying to uncover many secrets and plot twists that remain.

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