Miami Dolphins running back Damien Williams celebrates after scoring with Ryan Tannehill

Miami Dolphins Vs. San Diego Chargers: Kiko Alonso Seals Victory With Pick-Six, Dolphins Headed For Winning Season?

The Miami Dolphins are on the rise!

Even with all of the odds against them going into Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers, the Miami Dolphins shocked critics and satisfied their fans by adding yet another victory to their season record.

Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso is the one that earned the credit for tonight’s game-winning play. With the game’s scoreboard showing a 24-point tie between the two teams with nearly one minute remaining in the 4th quarter, not very many people expected anything triumphant to happen from the defensive end. However, Alonso apparently had other plans.

It appeared that he was going for a blitz towards the gap between the guard and the center, but it was actually a fake move. After executing a successful blitz fake, Alonso headed straight for the outside to defend a receiver from the Chargers that was wide open and waiting for a pass. Moments after Rivers threw the ball, he more than likely realized that it was a mistake as he saw Kiko Alonso snatch it out of the air.

The interception itself was a stunning move for Alonso – especially since it was his first interception of the season. However, the show did not stop there. Kiko turned that unexpected pass interception into a 60-yard touchdown run – outracing Chargers receiver Tyrell Williams along the way. Alonso later stated that he “didn’t know if [he] was going to get there” because he knew that the guy chasing him was a wide receiver.

With all of the pressure that may seem to emerge with the type of season that the Miami Dolphins has had, it may amaze quite a few people that they have not caved under the force yet. However, head coach Adam Gase highlighted the mentality and overall approach of his players this season – being determined to just focus on playing the game.

“I don’t think this group is really worried what the score is, what part of the game it is. They’re just putting their head down and just playing. We play until they tell us to stop playing. Our guys aren’t worried about what the score is. They’re in the moment and in their process. They’re trying to get the lead by the time the clock hits zero.”

A 31-24 victory against the San Diego Chargers may not seem very significant to the dedicated fans of more successful NFL teams. However, it speaks volumes for the fans and critics that have been paying close attention to the rises and falls of the Miami Dolphins over the years. For instance, Sunday’s win means that the Dolphins have been able to maintain a four-game winning streak. According to the Miami Herald, this is a feat that has not been accomplished by the team since 2008.

In addition to the team’s return to an impressive winning streak in eight years, the Dolphins also ended more of a negative streak in regards to their away games for the current season. Up until the moment when the Miami Dolphins sealed the deal against the San Diego Chargers, they had been plagued by an ongoing streak of losing every other away game – boxing themselves into the category of only being able to win with home field advantage this season.

With those doubts and uncertainties erased thanks to Sunday’s game, chances are that Miami Dolphins have regained the attention of quite a few skeptical critics and borderline fans with their recent performances on the field.

[Featured Image by Denis Proxy/AP Images]