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Kate Beckinsale Leads The Pack In A New ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ Trailer [Video]

The Underworld franchise seems poised to revitalize itself with Underworld: Blood Wars, especially after the release of this newest action-packed trailer. While Kate Beckinsale has long been the driving force in most of the previous films, this latest trailer may prove that, while it is endlessly thrilling to see Beckinsale’s Selene back in action (and back in black latex), the woman behind the camera, Anna Foerster, deserves as much credit for delivering an exciting, battle-driven sequel.

Underworld: Blood Wars Raises The Stakes And Puts Kate Beckinsale In The Thick Of It

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The latest trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars isn’t as focused on Kate Beckinsale’s Selene as previous teasers have been and /Film points out that this new perspective gives greater detail in respect to the film’s plot. While Marvel and DC Comics compete to prove they’re open to creating female-driven films, the Underworld franchise continues its long established tradition of delivering female-empowered stories. For Underworld: Blood Wars, Screen Gems brought in Anna Foerster to direct, giving her a shot at heading up her first feature film. Previously, Foerster worked as a visual effects artist and cinematographer before moving on to directing television.

As the two-minute Underworld: Blood Wars preview opens, the vampire clans are facing extinction at the hands of their former servants, the lycans, who are assembling in a great mass to form an army the likes of which the vampires have never before faced.

Meanwhile, Selene (Beckinsale) is counseled by a mysterious voice, learning that she must be willing to give a great sacrifice in exchange for earning the power to defeat the lycans and end this age-old feud once and for all. As has been indicated in previous teasers, there’s a strong possibility that Selene will meet her demise in Underworld: Blood Wars, only to come back from the dead as an even more powerful immortal. This may be the sacrifice and the gift to which the voice alludes.

The official synopsis for Underworld: Blood Wars adds more meat to a plot only slightly broadened in the trailer.

“Under the new leadership of Marius, the Lycans have increased in numbers and strength and have decimated many of the vampire covens throughout the world. With the Vampire race being on the brink of extinction, it is up to Selene to save the very coven which banished her and hunted her down as a criminal. Selene must become stronger than ever to defeat what’s in store for her next.”

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Kate Beckinsale Carries On Her Crazy Instagram Antics

As Kate’s Instagram followers have long known, the Underworld actress loves to share her sense of humor with her followers when she’s not busy studying her lines, or even sometimes as she’s studying, as one post indicates. As the Huffington Post shared, Kate has a fascination for sorting fruit into penis art shapes, but that’s just the beginning of Beckinsale’s love for juvenile humor.

Best described as quirky and erotic, Ms. Beckinsale often posts pictures that confirm her love of comedy at least parallels her fascination with the world of the gothic, seen in such films as the Underworld franchise and Stonehearst Asylum.

In one image, Kate is seen wearing her workout attire, a women’s sports bra and leggings, as she stretches her legs and reads from a book on her kitchen counter. Looking on is the Underworld actress’ pup, Ingrid.

“Ingrid gets anxiety if she doesn’t have eyes on my crotch at all times. If anyone else has concerns it is reading Nutshell by Ian McEwan while we wait for the dishwasher to finish rinse cycle,” Ms. Beckinsale captioned the photo.

Ms. Beckinsale also shared a picture of herself stepping into the shower fully clothed. Fans are left to ponder why Kate was wearing her clothes in the shower.

In the shower fully clothed whutttt

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The Underworld: Blood Wars star also posted a picture of herself, which was taken during a filming break. Kate is in the midst of flossing her teeth when the unknown photographer snapped the surprise picture.

“When you’re trying to wage a discreet war on plaque during the work day and get busted,” Beckinsale captioned that picture.

When you're trying to wage a discreet war on plaque during the work day and get busted

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Underworld: Blood Wars, starring Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, and Bradley James, opens in theaters on January 6, 2017.

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