‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ Star Kate Beckinsale Shares Nude Photo

While Underworld: Blood Wars may once again have Kate Beckinsale playing the dark, brooding vampire warrior Selene, the actress has revealed that she has a quirky, cheeky sense of humor in her personal life. Proving that she can be both sexy and funny, Kate has been sharing some revealing photos with her Instagram followers, even when she’s been hard at work, studying her Underworld: Blood Wars script.

Beckinsale also joined the Underworld: Blood Wars Comic Con panel, where details about the film were revealed and the idea of a Blade crossover with Underworld was discussed.

Kate Beckinsale Studied Her Underworld: Blood Wars Script In The Buff


The Mirror uncovered an image of Kate Beckinsale studying her lines without a stitch of clothing, covered only by the courtesy of her furry puppy, sitting with her legs spread on her bed with a pile of scripts laid out before her. While the photo was only posted a week ago, it may be left over from the Underworld: Blood Wars shooting period, or Beckinsale may have been learning lines for a new film. Either way, Kate seems to be taking her acting obligations seriously.

“Shhh we are workin (sic),” Beckinsale captioned the image.

This isn’t the only time the Underworld: Blood Wars star has shared her sense of humor. In another Instagram post, Ms. Beckinsale shared an image of a bowl of fruit rearranged to resemble male sex organs. In the picture’s caption, Kate comments that she often rearranges fruit to look sexually suggestive.

“Cannot pass a fruit bowl, grocery aisle, craft service table without rearranging..and laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. Since maybe 1992. Help me,” writes Beckinsale.



Kate was recently on hand at the Underworld: Blood Wars panel at New York Comic Con, where the actress fielded questions about the upcoming film, according to Bleeding Cool. At one point during the Q&A session, Beckinsale responded to a fan, who was wondering about the possibility of a Blade crossover with Underworld.

“No. We had that idea. No, they’re busy. They’re doing something with Blade,” Kate replied, referring to Marvel Entertainment.

Marvel owns the rights to the Blade franchise, so they may be looking into developing a reboot or producing a new sequel to the original trilogy. Either way, the studio wouldn’t like to see a crossover with the Underworld franchise because it might limit how the future project could be created.

Underworld: Blood Wars Takes A Deeper Look At Selene


Speaking at New York Comic Con, Underworld: Blood Wars director Anna Foerster revealed details about the film, including the central premise. The sequel places greater emphasis on Selene, the character played by Kate Beckinsale. Dread Central reveals that the film opens several years after the events of the last film, Underworld: Awakening. In the intervening years, Selene has had to come to terms with loss, having lost her lover, her daughter, and even her coven. On top of that, Beckinsale’s iconic character has blood worth killing over, a fact that drives a hunt for her and prompts a war among the immortals.

“I wanted to explore the different facets of Selene. She’s this incredible, bad ass woman, but she IS a woman and has vulnerabilities,” says the Underworld: Blood Wars director. “I wanted to explore those vulnerabilities without losing sight of the bad a– female action hero.”

Beckinsale has become the driving force for the Underworld franchise and attempts to deliver sequels without Kate in the lead (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Underworld: Endless War) have been met with disastrous results. Recognizing the importance of Beckinsale in the lead, Foerster has created a story arc for Kate’s character in which fans will see Selene complete a personal journey of sorts.

“You’ll feel like you’ve seen this complete arch in her evolution,” Anna says, adding that Underworld: Blood Wars will also be bloodier and gorier with bigger battle scenes.

Underworld: Blood Wars, starring Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, and Charles Dance, opens in theaters on January 6, 2017.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]