WWE News: The Miz Explains Why 'SmackDown' Is Better Than 'Raw'

WWE News: The Miz Explains Why ‘SmackDown’ Is Better Than ‘Raw’

One of the current WWE SmackDown Live angles sees The Miz trying to demand respect and possibly a trade from General Manager Daniel Bryan. The two have a feud ongoing that blurs lines of reality as the two have taken shots at each other that are based on real life issues. However, The Miz leaving SmackDown Live would be a huge loss for both The Miz and SmackDown Live.

In an interview with ESPN, The Miz even talked about how much better SmackDown Live is than WWE Monday Night Raw. According to The Miz, the talent on SmackDown Live have so much more to prove than those on the WWE flagship property.

“SmackDown Live has better characters, better stories, and I think we have better talent… There’s competitiveness between Raw and SmackDown Live. We are fighting, clawing, scratching to get everything that Raw gets.”

The WWE brand split was done for a couple of reasons. The first was that the WWE wanted to gather up interest in the product again by freshening things up. They wanted to help elevate talent that was getting overlooked because of the main event talent.

The second reason was that SmackDown Live was going live for the first time when it moved to Tuesday nights. USA Network was unhappy that the second WWE show was not getting ratings anywhere near that of WWE Monday Night Raw. The WWE needed to make SmackDown Live must-see television.

What happened was that the WWE kept Monday Night Raw the premiere show and put a lot of indie favorites onto SmackDown Live. While two major names in John Cena and Randy Orton were moved over to the show, Cena is a part-time star now and Orton is wrestling much less as he gets older. They were there for name value but this was the show for fresh talents to get over.

It has worked. Dolph Ziggler means something for the first time in a long time. AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose are fighting for the world championship. American Alpha is considered one of the most exciting tag teams of the future and they are on SmackDown Live. Even more impressive is the fact that The Miz is one of the top heels in the entire WWE again after being an afterthought for years.

“It’s amazing, man. It’s one of those situations where you never imagine in your wildest dreams that you’ll be able to become anything more than what you’re supposed to be.”


This all really started for The Miz on an episode of Talking Smack. The Miz was sent out and told to cut a promo against Daniel Bryan. Neither man was given a script and they were just told the idea of what they should talk about.

Daniel Bryan called The Miz a coward and said he hated how The Miz wrestled. That caused The Miz to lose it and he cut the best promo of his entire career. He called Bryan a coward for quitting wrestling instead of going back to the indies like he once promised he would. Bryan was realistically taken back and he had to leave the set.

As theT Inquisitr previously reported, their storyline was dropped for a short time but has kicked off again. The Miz was left of the SmackDown Live team and Daniel Bryan said it was because The Miz was not good enough. The Miz asked for a trade to Raw and Bryan said he was considering it. At the end of the day, it is just The Miz turning in the best performances of his entire career.

“We have stars that know how to get things done, and we’re doing it… [We want to] beat Raw every single week in the ratings.”

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