Whitney Heichel: Police Find Cell Phone Of Missing 21-Year-Old

Whitney Heichel: Police Find Cell Phone Of Missing 21-Year-Old

Whitney Heichel disappeared Tuesday after leaving for work five minutes from her home, and, on Friday, police said they found the missing 21-year-old’s cell phone.

Children playing outside an apartment complex found the phone of the missing Oregon woman whose disappearance a few days ago has made national news. Police said the phone contained text messages to Whitney Heichel asking if she was OK and where she was, The Associated Press reported. They did not say whether there were any responses.

The children found the phone near a network of walking trails, Oregon police noted.

Whitney Heichel left for work at 6:45 am, kissing her husband Clint goodbye.

“She got ready, did her normal thing and I kind of woke up and said, ‘Bye. I’ll see you when you get home,’ ” Clint Heichel told ABC News’ Portland affiliate, KATU-TV, on Wednesday.

Police would later find out that she stopped at an ATM and several gas stations, with one attendant noting that there was a man driving Heichel’s car.

Clint received a call later in the morning from Starbucks asking of Whitney was sick, prompting him to call police at 10:30 am.

Police said they have not identified any suspects in the case and that it’s still uncertain whether Whitney Heichel was the victim of a crime.

“At this point nobody has been totally cleared, because we don’t know exactly what we have,” Grandjean said. “But if you’re asking if he is a suspect – no.”

Investigators found broken glass and tire marks in a field, and said they are now checking a Wal-Mart and gas station near where the cell phone was found to find more clues in Whitney Heichel’s disappearance.