Woman unexpectedly gives birth on Philly subway

Woman Unexpectedly Gives Birth On Philly Subway, Calmly Alerts Officers

Philadelphia, PA – A female passenger aboard a Philly subway reported that she gave birth while riding the train, according to CBS Philly.

SEPTA Police Officer Loyd Rodgers and his partner said that they helped a female passenger aboard a Philly subway after she approached them at the Olney station on the Broad Street Subway line and informed them that she had just given birth aboard the northbound train. She was apparently carrying the newborn baby boy in her clothing, umbilical cord still attached, reports ABC News.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Rodgers, a 12-year-vet and father to a teenage daughter, wrapped the newborn in a blanket and immediately called for medics. Cynthia Leaks, a SEPTA cashier said that the little boy was “beautiful,” and Rodgers added that both the newborn and his mother were very calm.

Rodgers said in an interview that the normally-bustling Philly subway station had halted over the newborn drama, with several passengers taking pictures and shouting “congratulations” to the new mom. “It was a celebration,” said Rodgers, “a real celebration.”

The mother, who was not identified, and her newborn baby boy are both doing well at the Einstein Medical center. Ironically, the “Philly subway mom” was on her way to the doctor regarding the pregnancy when she gave birth unexpectedly on the train.

An exclusive video of the Philly subway birth including an interview with Officer Rodgers can be found at CBS. Go nuts!