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Boy Tied To Tree And Burned Alive On His Eighth Birthday Names His Attacker During Death Bed Video

Texas boy burned alive

Robbie Middleton was tied to a tree, doused with gas, and then burned alive on his eighth birthday. The child survived, but suffered from cancer caused by burns which covered 99 percent of his little body. Before dying 13 years after the horrific attack, Middleton named his attacker during a death bed video. Don Collins, 27, has been charged with felony murder for allegedly igniting the inferno which resulted in the third-degree burns and ultimately the young man’s death.

Doctors did not expect Robbie to survive the savage attack which resulted in the need for 200 operations and countless hours of physical therapy. Those close to the shocking medical case note the staggering amount of courage Middleton possessed throughout the ordeal, according to the Daily Mail. The burn victim died just days before turning 21 but not before he finally voiced the name of his alleged attacker.

During the 17-minute video, Robbie named the man he believed tied him to a tree and set him on fire during the 1998 Splendora, Texas incident. The young man also stated he had been raped by the then 13-year-old neighbor. Middleton believed that the attempted murder by fire act was meant to ensure his silence about the sexual abuse.

Montgomery County attorney, David Walker, had this to say about the felony murder case during an interview with the Houston Chronicle:

“It was done to prevent Middleton from talking. It provides the bridge that we needed for the delay, rather than saying we didn’t have sufficient staffing or something else.”

Collins, a convicted sex offender, may be charged as an adult even though he was still a juvenile when the crime as committed. When Collins was 16, he was arrested for sexually assaulting another 8-year-old boy.

robbie middleton burned alive by alleged rapist

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141 Responses to “Boy Tied To Tree And Burned Alive On His Eighth Birthday Names His Attacker During Death Bed Video”

  1. Zeus Hercules

    the people that did this crime should have the same thing happen to them to give a lesson to everyone if u do somethings bad the same thing will happen to u.

  2. Steven Lynn Simpson

    RIP..I am sorry this happened to you. This story makes my blood boil with anger at the killer.

  3. Anonymous

    There are thousands upon thousands of these evil people out there. After their "Time is served" they are out again just looking for their next victim. They are with you in the Wal-Mart parking lot, their kids go to your kids school. There will never be enough police to protect you so you better think ahead of time whether you choose to be armed or be a victim. You have a fire extinguisher in your home but you have never had a fire, just because you haven't been a victim of rape or murder don't mean it won't happen. Every day these monsters are walked to the front door of the prison, some are so violent protocol mandates 3 officers walk them to the door.. yet we let them go free to walk amongst you.

  4. Opinionated, Outspoken & Often Outraged

    You know what shame on the prosecutors office and anyone who didn't push this investigation along – how many more not spoken could have been prevented? But on another note, its time to find out what creates these kinds of monsters, at the age this one did this attack there are so many things that play a factor, and not that it excuses it, but I believe its necessary to look at these factors if it will save two children from an event(s) that will change their lives forever – the victim and the child perpetrator, only then will we get any insight not only to prevent child perpetrators from acting on out these horrendous acts, but also to keep our kids even safer from becoming victims.

  5. Mary DeAngelis

    Such a cute little boy. I would have absolutely died if this had happened to my 8-year-old son. This boy and his parents had incredible courage.

  6. Holly Isabel Kampmann Rorie

    Looks like you'll fave to copy and paste, if you'd like to read it. Thank you!

  7. Holly Tipton

    This is why anytime my friends say that you can't be over protective I firmly disagree. I don't keep my son in a bubble, but I will never underestimate the cruelty of some people. My son is only 4 but I'm terrified of the day when he goes to school, or is over at a friends, or wants to walk to the park. People are sick and it is sad that are kids are not allowed to be free. For a 13 year old boy to do something like this makes you question his upbringing. This is truly sad, prayers to the family <3.

  8. Constance Charles

    It's not being over protective, its being a mother…I dread the day when caydee does all that…I jus gotta let her be a kid and pray that she will be safe…I wish it was like when we were kids :(

  9. Holly Tipton

    I know. I feel like we were able to freely roam and had no problems what so ever. It's just sad!!

  10. Loyd Davis

    Zeus Hercules I agree and it will.
    Zeus the same thing will happen to him he will burn forever in hell according to the Bible.

  11. Kristie Darracott

    something's fishy about this story. You don't develop cancer from burns. Why did it take 13 years for the boy to tell if he knew who it was? Why is there no news story to be found on this? And then the county attorney says "It provides the bridge that we needed for the delay, rather than saying we didn’t have sufficient staffing or something else.” Huh? that doesn't even make sense in any context.

  12. David Pichon

    Throw this coward in prison and inform ALL inmates exactly why he is there … Then make a documentary of what's left of his life it so other a##holes may think twice before doing something like that.

  13. Lessie Pafford

    this is disgusting and made me sick to my stomach when I read about it. I hope the death penalty comes to this 27 yr. old maniac who done this. This child has been through so much!

  14. Gary C. Daniels

    Someone needs to investigate the parents of the rapist. He didn't learn to rape at age 13 by himself. I guarantee he'd been abused from a young age to be this warped by 13.

  15. Bonnie Conway

    If nothing else, this story should warn all parents to not trust their child with ANYONE, not even other "children". For a 13-year-old to already have the idea of "rape" in his head, truly shows how sick our culture has become.

  16. Austin Wade Soulone

    Oh death should NOT come short and sweet, had this been my child I would of staked that man over a red ant pile, making sure they did NOT get in through his mouth nose or ears, think about it, be fore you reply in the negative.

  17. Anonymous

    when god created the world, he never such evil. it tells what man are capable of, even a teenager to a child, lilk this one! I have a 7 year old and I would be in jail because if someone did this to my child, he would die by my hands, people have see the light as much as they can and try to beat evil around us all! this is so wicked.this child looks just like mine…..:"""".

  18. Ella Silver

    castrate him. This works wonders in animals not only to stop them from breeding but to drastically lower aggression. Eunuchs are gentle and happy. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper than any other option.

  19. Ella Silver

    i have castrated a NUMBER of animals. Spayed, Neutered and 90% of the time, owners do it to calm the animal down. Yes it keeps unwanted pregnancy from happening but it also TOTALLY changes the animal's temperament. And unless you're dumb as fuck, you know humans are just another animal. And that shit works. Solves EVERY problem immediately.

  20. Joe Mishica

    Why must these types of people be executed humainly.Beaten with a club would serve us all better.But not shown any kindness at all.Or mercy!

  21. Karmah Chameleon

    This made me very sad. :( Since his attacker was only 13 at the time of the raping and burning act, I don't know what his punishment is going to be. But I think it should be the death penalty.
    RIP, Robbie. Condolences to Robbie's family and friends.

  22. Geno Meucci

    Death is too good for the piece of sh! t that perpetrated this horrible act of evil on this child. Not to mention him.
    sexually assaulting the child. He needs to be put in general population in prison, so the inmates can practice their form.
    of justice on the animal. Too bad they can't give him the death sentence by dousing him with gasoline and letting him.
    burn, but I have a feeling that when he dies he will be burning for eternity. My heartfelt prayers go out to the family.
    I know it's a small consolation right now, but I know that this brave young man is with the Lord, and his parents will be.
    with him in due time.

  23. Dennis Rat

    Someone please bring this bitch over to my house and I will kill him myself. The pain this child must have endured in unimaginable. I would give it my best to inflict an equal amount of pain on his attacker. I am always available and so is my cauterizer and my meat grinder.

  24. Anonymous

    RIP baby boy. People like this need more than just prison time, they need Jesus and to be crucified.

  25. Nancy Marquez

    That person must be punished by law so that he could never harm others because no matter reasons he may have still he almost took a life of an innocent child. As a mother we should always take extra precautions because we never know what type of danger is waiting for kids outside. It's just sad that people like this could freely walk in the streets. Things like this could merely be avoided now if we set our safety as a priority. Let us be concerned with our kids. Be alert and witty when it comes to protecting them all the time. Give them this panic button application so that anytime they are in trouble they can press a panic button and massive response from your family or 911 will come. Check safekidzone and this may help.

  26. Santiago Silva

    Bleeding hearts would be against the death penalty. This predator should pay the ultimate price and that would be a "humane" way of serving justice. An "eye for eye" would be much more of a punishment for Collins, provided he's guilty. Either way, he will be judged in the end.

  27. Chris Feltner

    He should be raped with something that is equivalent to his manhood size to there small holes then tyes to a tree and set on fire hin self

  28. Anonymous

    This is very sad. I can't imagine the agony he must have lived with. RIP
    The problem with our justice system is, When someone is sentenced to life… That is only 22 years. Then they can ask for parole.

    I think when someone is sentenced to life it should be forever.

  29. Genia A Burch-Deluca

    No such thing as OVER Protective Parents! That is why when My girls were younger and wanted to go over friends houses and stay the night or play there were 2 rules- I met the parents 1st by going to their house and dropping off my girls 2- The Parents had to bring them back to my house so we all would know where eachother lived and incase of emergency could get intouch with each other. Also, My daughter's 1st car date I took ALL Info from the boys Car and Driver's lisc and they had to call me at certain time to check in. In case he didn't take her where he said he was taking her. Glad I did that! My middle daughter's 1st car date took her to street races instead of movies. When I found out that they weren't at movies I gave him 15mins to get her home or I was putting out APB! Found out later… he had a gun under his seat because he was racing his car. And yes I turned him in and told him to NEVER contact my child again!

  30. Emily Lyman

    poor boy :( he suffered all those years because of a pathetic coward. May the innocent boy rest in peace and the suspect suffer.

  31. Vivianne Veronica Meliton

    This story is so heartbreaking. Robbie Middleton is now in Heaven fully restored to his former face and body. His face and body are now BEAUTIFUL and Handsome like he was before this Horrible Tragedy took place. God will deal with the deeply DISTURBED individual that is responsible for this Horrible crime. R.I.P to Robbie…. So SAD but Robbie is no longer suffering. The boy who is now a man will someday stand before God and he will Answer to God for what he did to this poor boy.

  32. Anonymous


  33. Russell Tavares

    The prison population is filling up with nonviolent offenders, too. This is why people are pushing to legalize drugs: Room for THESE monsters.

  34. Daniel Boylan

    Sex abuse and terrible violence (which is always a part of it)–well I feel insanely enraged about it all. Can have fantasies of a death penalty. But the man who did it is very disturbed. He should go to prison for a good stretch–say 25 years–and, if our prison system focused on rehabilitation, like the ones in Scandinavia–then there would be hope of him coming out a different person. But as is, rehabilitation doesn't happen and a long prison sentence (even a short one) is just revenge. Hate. That's an emotional situation. Not really fit to a human who is disturbed or any other human. Think it over.

  35. Daniel Boylan

    I am very glad you said what you did, Constance. It really is about how we the living deal with the difficult and terrible situations that are possible. "pray that she will be safe" that is so true. we were lucky to have childhoods much safer–though there was always abuse and sexual violence. it's just getting more noticed now. when I grew up, in the 50's, no one even mentioned sexual things, divorce, gay people or a lot of other things. they were just buried. maybe now we can come together to learn how to deal with each other better.

  36. Anonymous

    you can't call him an animal because and animal kills to eat and survive. these people are evil on two legs.

  37. Anonymous

    WTF. burn him like he did that little boy. how disheartning! where is JUSTICE! WTF

  38. Anonymous

    There is no punishment that will fit the justiication of this crime. None.

  39. Amanda Beth Dawn Kilgore

    Its not about the prison overflowing with nonviolent offenders if you do the crime of any kind whether its due to legalizing drugs or whatnot when it comes down to people who do shit like this its eye for an eye, you want more prison room kill the violent criminals and move on to the next, thats why they're there!!

  40. Cindy Rapunzel-Mermaid

    Why put pictures of the boy burned on here? That's terrible. Take those down.

  41. Anonymous

    This is horrific! I can't imagine what that poor little boy went through. They should let the evil bastard who did this slowly burn to death.

  42. Kenneth Johnson

    for Don Collins that son of a bitch should be tied to a tree and the same treatment should be issued to him and see how that s.o.b. likes it and let that M/F yell out loud until he dies from the fire.

  43. Anonymous

    Constance Charles…Honestly, now is a safer time to be alive than back when you were a child. Do you think bad things didn't happen back then? Did you think there weren't serial killers and rapists? They just didn't get caught. It was much easier to fly under the radar back then. Our crime rate is the lowest it's been in many, many decades. That being said, I think we still need to address this problem, as assault weapons and clips that can fire 100 rounds before a reload are a real issue. All that has really changed is that weapons technology has made it easy for people who may have only been able to kill 2 or 3 people before to suddenly kill dozens of people efficiently and with ease. We don't treat nukes the same as firecrackers. Why would we treat combat grade weapons the same as handguns and shotguns used for protection purposes? Just so people can have their fun playing around with these toys like gd machine guns at gun shows and then take it home to shoot recreationally as a hobby? That's not good enough for me. People don't cry foul that their right to arms has been stripped when the government doesn't let us each own our own nuclear bomb for you know, "personal protection." You can protect yourself just fine with handguns and shotguns that can't fire off anywhere between 10 and 100 rounds with no reload required in quick succession. I've never heard of 15 burglars robbing a single house simultaneously, or 10 guys carjacking someone in the news. There's just no need for that level of fire power in anyone's hands but a soldier in combat or law enforcement in a riot situation.

  44. Bradley J. Fortner

    I agree, death is too good for a monster like this. But unfortunately the problem with "an eye for an eye" is that everyone ends up blind. Give him life in prison, keep him in general population, and make sure his crimes are made public to the other prisoners. He may not be burned, but justice will be served.

  45. Tanya Frey

    The constitution does not protect murderers and rapists. If someone repeatedly offends or commits a heinous crime they should be cut from society.

  46. Anonymous

    soooo do you still think pedophile sex offenders could be rehabilitated? dumb asses, leave them in prison please….general population.

  47. Jimmy Farrell

    dan I thought it over an the man should be put to death, that's it! he forfited his life when he did the things he did to another person (these are only some of the things we know he did, there is more than likely more to his story)!

    what would you say to his next victim after you let him out of prison after 25 years dan?

  48. Ariane Dennison

    dan – very well-thought response. Now … would you have the same rational and logical sympathy for such a disturbed individual if this happened to your wife (or husband)? Son or daughter? Niece or nephew? What about the fact that there IS no "rehabilitation" for sexual predators? If they are a true rapist then the only thing they can do it learn coping skills to help contain their urges; there's no changing the wiring. Its not sex, its power and for whatever reason their brain cannot separate the two. Something tells me you're a defense attorney. How about this? Why don't you take that sympathy and put it to action. YOU house this poor unfortunate soul after his release. That'll not only "show us" but hey, put your philosophies into action, then get back to us. I truly look forward to that letter in a few years.

  49. Benny Wilson

    "An eye for an eye" is totally exceptable in this case. The death penalty isn't enough for a case like this. The victim's family should be able to do onto him what he did to thier little boy. Tie him to a tree and light him up. Hey if they want to violate him the way he did to thier son before he lit him on fire, that's ok in my book too. My 2 sons are 7 & 8 and I also believe in being very protective of them. Kill a muderer, rape a rapist, burn an arsonist, beat a man who beats his wife and kids. "An eye for an eye".

  50. Dawn Gifford

    No death penalty. Put him in the general population and tell everyone he is a "short eyes" or a child molester. I assure you, justice will be served. Repeatedly.

  51. Dawn Gifford

    No death penalty. Put him in the general population and tell everyone he is a "short eyes" or a child molester. I assure you, justice will be served. Repeatedly.

  52. Trevor Best

    Hi Holly, I understand your fears, but don't agree with all you say. while I agree that people can be so cruel and unpredictable; i must remind you that most people are for the most part good; even some criminals would not condone such actions. It is a sick demented mind to be conjure such foolish reasoning as he did. It took me a while to understand my grandma's reasoning that " a liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer". people will do most anything to cover something they should not have done in the first place. You teach and educate your son as to the rights and wrongs. teach him to discern the good and bad in people he interacts with, then trust in his ability to do so. You wont always be around to protect your kid; teach him to protect himself.

  53. Trevor Best

    It sad indeed what happened to this kid. The attacker himself must have been sexually abused at a younger age, but god knows what drove him to the greater evil of murder to protect his already despicable crime. My grandma always said "a liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer" it took me a long time to gauge her reasoning. Teach your kids to be discerning of good and evil in this world and let them be, you wont be there to protect them always.

  54. Hard Boiled

    You should watch the documentaries on Mary Bell, and the Documentary "Child of Rage". those people are evil from a very young age because someone did something to them. though they murder and torture, they are just considered victims instead of evil for their actions. Unfortunately people like Collins take this defense if they can prove they are mentally challenged, and this is how they avoid prosecution and get Mental treatment instead. its disgusting either way.

  55. Payam Larijani

    so cruel… makes me wish we could burn these criminals at the stake too! but then we would be just as bad as him! I'm sure there is a horrible place in hell just waiting for this evil man's arrival! Thank god this brave kid had the strength and courage to convict his attacker!

  56. Payam Larijani

    well, it's not too late. Be the change that you want to see in your neighborhood! If everyone looks out for each other, these kind of evil things are less likely to happen.. i hope..

  57. Mickel Sharay Lopez

    What a horrible thing for that boy to go thru, rape and being being burned alive, poor thing now he can rest in heaven. I hope the man that did that to him will pay for what he did! Death penalty for sure!

  58. Shelly Noneya

    Heart wrenching story. To torture a precious human being. May he forever br cradled in our heavenly fathers arms. Rest in peace.

  59. Shelly Noneya

    Heart wrenching story. To torture a precious human being. May he forever br cradled in our heavenly fathers arms. Rest in peace.

  60. March Bunny Leigh

    This poor boy what he went through treated like trash, who ties someone to a tree and lights em on fire, rape em! This kid who did this need the same treatment that he inflicted! Sick people in the world!

  61. David Coates

    Two feet of garden hose, four feet of razor wire and a tub of axle grease…job done!

  62. Anonymous

    Holly you cannot let your kids play at a neighbors house that you don't know alot about. Our prisons are revolving doors for seriously sick rapists, murderers and pedophiles and for free you can check all the pedophiles close to you and your kids school and the local wal-mart. Lots of kids disappear in wal-mart and lots of pedophiles live and hang out near them. AND you cannot let your kid walk to a park without an adult. Or play in front yard without an adult and these people will come into your back yard and kidnap your kid, so keep it locked. Every single time, Nancy Grace tells a story, some parent has let a small kid and it is about size more than age, ride a bike or walk a block away. Or they let their kid stand at the bus stop alone or with one other kid. You cannot. All these sickos are plan their attacks in advance and they are almost always armed with a weapon and if a car pulls up next to your kid and points a gun at him, he will get in the car. The little girl who was kidnapped and raped and made pregnant twice and spent years in a backyard of a madman from Lake Tahoe was grabbed while her dad watched half a block from home. We live in a horribly dangerous world for a child and they need to be taught the world is not safe and exactly what to do in an emergency. And more importantly they need to be told over and over that if they are molested and told not to talk or the rapist will kill their family, they must know that will not happen. One in three girls will be raped before the age of 18 and one in 12 boys will also before the age of 18. You cannot be too careful.

  63. Cathy Tahir

    Collins had done this before. Why was he free to do it again? Death to ANYONE who rapes and murders ALL innocents. Blame the liberal judges and politicians who allow this to continue. They also shd be executed as they live securely in their fine mansions and care nothing about those who elected them. Rest in eternal peace with God Robbie. You are really better off as your suffering ends and your joy begins. I am so sorry for your agony and your family's loss.

  64. Char Andrews

    did i read this right it happened 13 years ago and because of the torture he got cancer…. prayers to the family that endured this for so long… this evil creature will find out what fire is when he is burning in hell.. bet he be out in a split sec. the way the judicial system is… he didnt kill a black to bad Obama cant adopt him ..

  65. Cathy Tahir

    Oh he'll be out for sure. They all are. Collins, who was 13 at the time, was ARRESTED AND CONFESSED to investigators, however, Robbie’s mother recounted that detectives told her that they ' lacked the resources to prosecute Collins' (whatever that means. Collins was eventually set FREE, and was jailed again in 2001 at the age of 16 for sexual assault after attacking ANOTHER eight-year-old boy. He is now serving a prison sentence only for failing to register as a sex offender. Is that all????????????

    In 2001 Robbie’s parents won a wrongful death lawsuit against Collins in a Texas court and were awarded $150 BILLION! The largest settlement ever awarded to any plaintiff in the United States. The family says that they see it as symbolic victory, and never expected to receive any money in damages from Collins.

    However, Craig Sico, the lead attorney representing Robbie’s family, is filing criminal charges of felony murder against Collins, who is otherwise (AND GET THIS) scheduled to be RELEASED from jail in August 2013. How do you like THAT for justice.

  66. Keshonna Griffith

    I know know one want to hear this, but an eye for and eye makes both of us blind.

  67. Debbie Graham

    I remember when this happened and was amazed the kid survived…I agree with Belinda below…the attacker should have gotten the death penalty…imagine how much that little boy suffered to survive!

  68. Katherine Wagner

    I would love to set that monster alive. let him live and suffer like Robbie. And then right underneath his picture "how to have a orgasm without intercourse." It makes me want to throw up!

  69. Jeff Blum

    The death penalty is too good for this guy. And it wasn't just done to prevent him from talking. If that were the case he would have been strangled or stabbed or something. The guy lit him on fire because he wanted him to die painfully.

  70. Jerry Asper

    Let ME handle this. I would love to deal with this type of COWARD.

  71. Hal Fisher

    How sad that he obviously lived in fear and shame caused by that person his whole life. I agree, torture that bastard for ever until the devil himself cries out!

  72. Ann Premo

    Yes keep telling yourself that there are no demons in this world. This is not going to stop unless we stop with the help of God, (uh oh I said that name..GOD). Yea until we put an end to this evil it will go on and on, I do not care about the criminals rights, they threw them away when they chose to do the crime. Stop them fast and hard and violently, just as violent as what he did to this innocent boy. Put the evil down!

  73. Laverne Smith

    I believe if people were treated the same way they treated their victims it would stop all lot of crimes. I also think criminals most times get treated better than the victims.

  74. Lisanne Harner Donohue

    This animal?? Please do not insult animals in regards to this cruel, sick, barbaric act by a "human" being. I will NEVER read about an animal tying another animal or human to a tree and setting them on fire, or most of the thousands of barbaric crimes committed by "human beings" against other people or animals. Even the most vicious predator, say a lion, isn't as vicious as what fills the prisons up right now, Charles Manson ring a bell??

  75. Lisanne Harner Donohue

    What then, is so wrong with the death penalty?? Isn't my life or my neighbor's life more important than these monsters that are set free everyday? The "justice" system is twisted & sick, they are more to blame when a criminal commits a new crime than the criminal because they let them out. I'd be more than happy to do the job.

  76. Lisanne Harner Donohue

    "May" be tried as an adult? Wow, he committed a very adult crime on that boy (who was a minor), shouldn't that count? This country is brainless when it comes to barbarians like that. A 5 year old would know not to do such a thing, I know I would know better, and the difference between right and wrong. And they say animals are vicious?

  77. Lisanne Harner Donohue

    By the way, if an animal committed such a horrific act, it would be hunted down and slaughtered on the spot. Yet we let so called "superior" humans live for years, spending billions of tax dollars on their care. So so very unfair.

  78. Anonymous

    Why did he wait so long to say who did it? Maybe fear…..til he knew he was dying…wow.

  79. Anonymous

    Why did he wait so long to say who did it? Maybe fear…..til he knew he was dying…wow.

  80. James C Gammage

    The guy who did this should be put down in the exact same manner as this child. Tie him to a tree or post, douse him in gasoline, and burn him alive.

  81. Janet L. Watson

    @Char: It just goes to show you that racists like you NEVER stop; even in the face of this horrific incident (my heart goes out to the family). Obama should adopt him if he was Black? But he wasn't. He was a White child who was murdered and tortured by another older White child. It’s YOUR society let’s these guys out. Watch and make sure when the next psycho rears his ugly head in your neighborhood you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of shame-dumping on our African-American president (who by the way, is a decent man and outstanding husband and father).

  82. Cody Bertoldo

    This is why we need a batman. Someone who can punish criminals who deserve more than the law is capable of delivering.

  83. Anonymous

    Too all the people on here saying it is wrong to kill someone like this man, you can die with him. See, this way, we get this crap out of the gene pool. Because that is the only way this is going to end.

    Why humans can not accept that some people need to die, I do not know. NO – ALL PEOPLE DO NOT GET TO LIVE. THIS FREAK REVOKED HIS RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE WITH TH E REST OF US.

    Period, end of discussion. If you argue this, kill yourself, we don't need weak idiots like you anymore on the earth.

  84. Ryan Alexander Tomey

    as long as the constitution means anything to America? LOL have you been asleep for the last 12-13 years? If we are going to override the Bill of Rights and Erase the Constitution (pro tip, already done) then lets go ahead and replace the ban on cruel and unusual punishment with an amendment that makes cruel and unusual punishment acceptable if the crime was cruel and unusual, problem solved.

  85. Lana Zemler

    Didn't his parents make him feel safe enough to expose this creep years before he died? It's sad that other children had to suffer at the hands of this sicko. Wonder what his parents were like?

  86. Kathleen Kenyon

    When the people who want to just leave em in prison instead of the death penalty had their clipboards out and asked me to sign it, I said, "where's the die, bastards, die form?" They just looked so shocked. The only wrong thing about the death penalty is them getting all the appeals until they do die. I say let out all these freaks and let live with you, kill and rape your children, then see how you feel. The reason we kill these people, is so they won't do it again.EVER! Letting them rot in prison and watch tv, have rights, etc.. is a vacation for them. they don't think about losing their freedom. When they say the death penalty is not a deterrant, I say that's right. So kill the effin creeps. One less to worry about.

  87. Donna Jean Steele May

    Why is this guy still on the street's? The court's should do to him what he did to other's , the bible say's so.

  88. George Schipper

    This tolerance for homosexuals is getting out of hand and is probalbly promoted by those who have never been approached or atacted by one. When I was young I had several such experiences. Believe me it was terrigying and I still have trouble being alone with another male.

  89. Jamie Bingham

    I am so glad this is in texas and not san Francisco where the guy would get probation unless he did this to a dog, then the whole liberal peta freak people would put him away and likely lynch him and spend weeks camped outside the courthouse. But a child molester murderer? I can garauntee not one liberal freak will even mention it in their coffeehouse nor would they do anything if it happened in their own neighborhood. But a dog? Even CNN and msnbc would cover it. But a molested killed child – not likely. He was just another carbon emitter ruining their dog park air anyway in an already overpopulated world.

  90. Jamie Bingham

    Look up the video of the chimps in a gang mentality chasing down, torturing, and eventually killing another chimp that experts have said was not any type of self-defense. It's all over the internet. It is sickening. And the video posted today on this website, of the sea otters killing the monkey at the Bronx zoo is incredible. Shall we talk about pitbulls that CHASE down people (a 2 year old was killed by her own dogs the other day and they were indoor dogs that lived with her!). Or mountainlions STALKING their victims for sport. Or let me tell you story after story after story about cats killing birds, but not eating them, or killing lizards, mice, etc. SO You're wrong. But murder must be okay then then right, because as that idiot Bill Maher says, "Come on people, animals do it in nature" for a justification that gay marriage is okay – so is murder? Or rape? Or eating the cat terds out of the litter box? Or drinking toilet water?

  91. Dee Houser

    The guy that did this was 13 when he did it—-13 is old enough to know better—he did want to silence the victom. Now the victom-is in Heaven after yr's of suffering. The 1 that did it should be put in front of a Texas ranger's firing squad-not even a day in prison-should us taxpayer's have to feed this scom bag. May he rot in Hell!

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