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Utah Woman Claims Catch-Me-Kitty Toys Say ‘Rape Me’

A Utah woman wants area retailers to remove any and all Catch-Me-Kitty toys from shelves since she believes the character is saying “rape me.” Although the manufacturer claimed the character is saying, “chase me, race me, you’ll have fun,” this concerned parent feels otherwise.

According to UPI, Kayla McCune bought the offending Catch-Me-Kitty toy over two months ago, though she had no idea the character uttered such horrible things at the time. The mom became understandably upset over the toy’s recorded phrase, prompting her to launch a crusade against Catch-Me-Kitty and its manufacturers.

“I opened it and let my daughter play with it and about two times after we put it on, I noticed it was saying, ‘Chase me, rape me,’ ” McCune explained. “I had to turn it off and back on a couple times for it to register, that a kid toy was actually saying that.”

According to FOX 13 News, McCune isn’t the only parent who was shocked by the things coming out of their child’s electronic plaything. After doing a little research online, the concerned mom discovered that others had encountered the same problem.

“I would like this to be pulled off the shelves so little kids aren’t singing this song thinking it’s funny,” McCune explained. Her husband expressed concerned about the catchphrase, as well.

Despite her concerns about the Catch-Me-Kitty doll and its questionable content, it would seem the company has beaten her to the punch. An anonymous employee of toy manufacturer VTech told FOX 13 News that they had received numerous complaints about the “rape me” phrase, forcing the company to make some changes to the toy. The new and improved Catch-Me-Kitty doll, which comes equipped with a new speaker, now gleefully exclaims, “Chase me, catch me. You’ll have fun.”

Kayla McCune, meanwhile, is still upset about the Catch-Me-Kitty toy and the horrible phrase it says. The company, she explained, has refused to return her phone calls. Somewhere, the infamous Tinky Winky toy doesn’t feel quite so lonely.