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Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Enjoy News About ‘Gilmore Girls’ And ‘La La Land’ As It Keeps Away From Baby Girls, Emma Stone And Rachel McAdams

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are enjoying relatively quiet family life, thanks to all the press that Gilmore Girls and his new movie La La Land have kicked up. Having more of his professional career as an actor in the public sphere means that a lot of the unfounded rumors about him and Emma Stone or Rachel McAdams won’t make it onto front pages. This also means that he can keep Eva and their baby girls away from the prying eyes of the public for longer.

So the news about Ryan Gosling these days is all about the time he unsuccessfully auditioned for Gilmore Girls.

“I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blond,” Gilmore Girls’ casting director said according to MTV.

The role that he was trying out for was a “football character,” but seeing the indie heartthrob that he is, he totally failed to impress the people on the on the casting couch.

“Everyone was like, ‘Really, Jami?'” the director said.

But not getting Gilmore Girls may have been a blessing in disguise. This started his path towards indie films, which got him an Oscar nomination and staked him out as not just a pretty Hollywood boy, but a great actor.

The latest indie movie that he released is getting a lot of attention and a fair amount of Oscar buzz. La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, has gotten great reviews at film festivals all over the world and is set for December release in the US.

“Chazelle creates musical numbers for the pair of them, and Gosling and Stone carry these off with delicacy and charm, despite or because of the fact that they are not real singers,” wrote the Guardian. “La La Land is such a happy, sweet-natured movie – something to give you a vitamin-D boost of sunshine.”

Despite the fact that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have amazing onscreen chemistry, there has not been a lot of rumors that go beyond the silver screens. It looks like Ryan is taking his fatherhood seriously with Eva Mendes and this two baby girls.

But it looks like the actress still keeps a playful relationship with her La La Land co-star. During an interview with Vogue Magazine, she joked about him in a way that no other movie industry person would do.

“Stone is featured in Vogue’s latest ’73 Questions’ feature — which, per its title, features the actress fielding a barrage of rapid-fire queries on a wide range of serious and not-so-serious topics,” reports Yahoo! “When asked about Gosling, she couldn’t help but reveal her true feelings about the future Blade Runner 2049 star, answering that she’d describe him as “bloodthirsty and vengeful.” While we’re pretty confident Stone is just kidding about that subject, she was more earnest about a host of other movie-related topics.”

Just because La La Land is gaining a lot of momentum, that doesn’t mean that he is sitting back and taking it easy. He is back in Budapest filming Blade Runner 2. He even posted about it on his Twitter, which he rarely uses.

Ryan has also taken this opportunity to raise money for a good cause.

Despite his engagements, the 35-year-old actor is a family man through and through. The little he talked about his family life, he revealed that he loves to hang out with his partner Eva Mendes and his beautiful baby girls.

When he recently spoke up about his wife and two kids, he was full of gratitude and appreciation.

“All of them are doing amazing,” the actor said to Us Weekly. “I’m a lucky man — they really make me better. We couldn’t be happier. They are so sweet.”

That certainly means that he has not time to think about his past loves like Rachel McAdams!

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