Ryan Gosling At Height Of Movie Career With Wife Eva Mendes, ‘Drive’ Star Opens Up About Baby Girls And ‘La La Land’ In 2016

Ryan Gosling is at the height of his movie career, and all he can do is to thank his wife Eva Mendes and his baby girls. As a fairly new father, the 35-year-old actor is getting closer and closer to another Oscar nomination in 2016 with movies like Drive and La La Land. Let’s hope that he can keep the momentum going!

La La Land, which features Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and the city of Los Angeles, is hitting Venice Film Festival soon. To make sure that the movie keeps up with its hype, the Canadian actor decided to use a bit of his personal life to keep his fans engaged with the film.

Ryan Gosling rarely talks about his wife Eva Mendes and his baby girls, but with his latest movie project doing so well, he may have wanted to show just how happy he is right now.

“All of them are doing amazing,” the actor said to Us Weekly. “I’m a lucky man — they really make me better. We couldn’t be happier. They are so sweet.”

As a matter of fact, the 35-year-old actor is taking steps to slowly reveal his baby girls to the public.

“Ryan Gosling, 35, looked the very picture of a doting dad as he took his first offspring, 21-month-old Esmeralda, for a day of bonding at a park near his Los Angeles home on Saturday,” reports Daily Mail. “The Hollywood heart-throb – who shares two children with actress Eva Mendes – stepped away from his big screen duties to enjoy a trip to popular Griffith Park, where they rode the Southern Railroad.”

In return, Eva Mendes and his baby daughters Esmeralda and Amada have been extremely sweet and supportive of his movie career. When Ryan Gosling had to relocate to the Czech Republic to shoot important scenes for Blade Runner 2, the entire family followed him to eastern Europe so that they can stay together.

His 42-year-old wife absolutely has made the most of the opportunity, counting her luck that she is at a place where she is not watched all the time.

“42-year-old actress appeared to show little sign of having given birth just six weeks ago, as she stepped out looking svelte in a floral black-and-green trouser suit on Thursday afternoon,” reports Daily Mail. “The We Own The Night star attracted admiring glances from passers-by as she strode through the lobby of a West Hollywood, California, building looking as glamorous as ever.”

But Ryan Gosling himself has not been staying put in Budapest. To promote La La Land, he has traveled to Toronto and now aims to go to Venice to make sure that his new movie stays at the top of critics’ interest level.

Emma Stone certainly is playing her part to make sure that their onscreen chemistry also helps the movie stay on top.

“It’s wonderful to work with somebody you know, trust and respect so much,” Emma said to Variety, “He’s my buddy.”

“I knew he could sing and dance,” she continued. “Once you’ve learned to ballroom dance with someone, you’ve learned everything you need to know,” she laughed.

Thankfully, there has not been a shortage of good reviews for this film.

“Chazelle creates musical numbers for the pair of them, and Gosling and Stone carry these off with delicacy and charm, despite or because of the fact that they are not real singers,” wrote the Guardian. “La La Land is such a happy, sweet-natured movie – something to give you a vitamin-D boost of sunshine.”

Do you think Ryan Gosling, at the height of his career, will bring out his family more into the spotlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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