Kate Gosselin Rumors About Ex Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Rumors: Ex-Husband Jon Had An ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ With One Of His Daughters?

If you thought the latest Kate Gosselin rumors about her ex-husband Jon being a drug dealer were explosive, you haven’t heard the latest Kate Gosselin rumors about her ex-husband Jon having an “inappropriate relationship” with one of their daughters!

That’s according to the Daily Mail, whose latest round of Kate Gosselin rumors suggest just that. In addition to accusing Jon of being a drug dealer (according to Kate, his “DJ” gig was just a front to deal drugs to club kids), Kate also claimed that she “detected suspicious behavior” between Jon and their daughter Hannah, who was 10-years-old at the time the police report was filed.

Kate also claimed that Jon would frequently drink alcohol around the children and would often pick up the children from her while fully intoxicated. And it gets worse. Kate called the police on Jon three times in five days, all in an attempt to try to get Jon arrested and to lose custody of the children.

A friend of Jon’s told the Daily Mail that this was all part of Kate’s plan from the beginning.

“Jon didn’t even know all of what Kate had accused him of until he saw the police report himself. He believes Kate will stop at nothing to get what she wants – even if it means lying to police. She has no boundaries. Jon had no idea at the time that she accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Hannah. He was upset when he found out.”

Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin Rumors
The latest Kate Gosselin rumors about her ex-husband Jon are pretty explosive. [Image by Anna Webber/Getty Images for AOL]

And the latest Kate Gosselin rumors about her ex-husband Jon only get worse when you see The Hollywood Gossip’s report about the accusations. According to the site, Kate was shocked about Jon’s transformation — she claimed it was “overnight” — to reality star from the loving husband and father she knew him to be. Furthermore, Kate claimed that others around the couple saw the “proof” that she was talking about with regards to Jon, and they eventually took her side in the matter.

And while Child Protective Services never investigated the claims that Kate made about her ex-husband’s “inappropriate relationship” with his daughter, it’s a stigma that he won’t soon shake, to be sure.

Kate Gosselin Rumors About Her Ex Husband Jon
Are the latest Kate Gosselin rumors true? [Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images]

But if the Radar Online report about the latest Kate Gosselin rumors are to be believed, Jon isn’t taking these latest accusations lying down. In fact, his friends are going on the offensive against the reality star and mom and claiming that this is just another way to “get back at Jon” because Hannah still has a close relationship with her father, despite her siblings’ Cara and Maddy’s complete alienation from him. In 2015, Hannah even refused to return to her mother’s house after visiting with her father, prompting the first of a series of calls to the police.

Jon’s friends have gone on to say that for all the times Kate filed a police report against him, the police always told her that this matter was a “civil one, to be resolved by the courts” and not a criminal matter. It sounds like the police have had enough of Kate’s antics, too!

Finally, Jon’s friends have called Kate an out-and-out liar for her claims against her ex-husband.

“That’s just gross to suggest. It sounds like Kate is making up stories again. Hannah loves her dad and feels bad for him. She’s very sensitive.”

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