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Amanda Todd: Teenager Who Had Chronicled Her Bullying On YouTube Commits Suicide

Amanda Todd: Teenager Who Chronicled Her Bullying On YouTube Commits Suicide

Amanda Todd posted a heartbreaking video on YouTube five weeks ago detailing her battle with online harassment and bullies, but this week the 15-year-old gave in to the battle and committed suicide.

Amanda uploaded the video entitled “My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self harm” in September. In the video, she holds up pieces of paper which detail her story, a painful tale of online harassment and shunning at school, the Vancouver Sun reported.

Near the end of the video, she writes: “Every day I think why am I still here? … I have nobody. I need someone.”

Now Amanda Todd’s mother hopes the video can continue to serve a purpose.

“I think the video should be shared and used as an anti-bullying tool. That is what my daughter would have wanted,” Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother, told The Vancouver Sun in a message on Twitter.

Amanda Todd’s video noted that she was not trying to get attention, but wanted “to be an inspiration and to show that I can be strong.”

The video also delves into the depths of her bullying, The Huffington Post noted. It tells of how in 7th grade she and friends would use webcam to talk to new people, and, at one point, a stranger lured her into flashing the camera. A year later, the man contacted her on Facebook and threatened to send pictures of her topless if she didn’t “put on a show.”

The stranger knew all of Amanda Todd’s intimate detail, including her address, school, friends, relatives, and the names of her family members. Soon the naked photos were forwarded to all of them.

After the incident, Amanda Todd developed depression and anxiety disorders, followed by a path into drugs and alcohol. She changed schools and tried to make new friends, but the stranger struck again, making a Facebook page that used her naked photo as a profile picture.

“Cried every night, lost all my friends and respect people had for me … again … then nobody liked me,” she wrote in the video.

News of Amanda Todd’s suicide is reaching high ranks in Canada. Premier Christy Clark, who started her own anti-bullying campaign while she was a radio host, posted a short video on YouTube Thursday sending her sympathies to Amanda’s family.

“I want to say to everyone who loved her, to all her family and friends, how sorry I am about her loss,” Clark — who spearheaded an anti-bullying campaign while she was a radio host — says in the video.

“No one deserves to be bullied. No one earns it. No one asks for it. It isn’t a rite of passage. Bullying has to stop.”

Amanda Todd’s own message to people being bullied was to urge them to stand up for themselves and to help others facing bullies:

“If you see that someone is being bullied, don’t be afraid to tell the bully to stop doing what they are doing. Make sure to tell them that it’s wrong and that they shouldn’t bully other kids.”

Even after her death, Amanda Todd’s fight against bullying is drawing supporters. A Facebook memorial page in her honor has more than 11,000 people liking it with hundreds of comments on the site.

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306 Responses to “Amanda Todd: Teenager Who Had Chronicled Her Bullying On YouTube Commits Suicide”

  1. Anonymous

    We need to go back to the ways of the '50's, and 60's…we had bullying then too, but kids were taught by parents that "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me"…I had that drilled into me growing up and thusly felt innoculated from kids saying mean things…and my Dad taught me that the only way to stop a bully from getting physical with you was to fight back….both items worked wonders with my learning to grow up and take care of myself.

  2. Rachel Richardson Campbell

    How do you fight back when 15 people show up and beat you to a pulp? I'm glad your parents' strategy worked for you, but just because Amanda's parents weren't as "perfect" as yours does not make her story any less meaningful or tragic. Who in the world are you talking to? It's 2012, not 1955 and she's dead! Your words do not help her, or any other teenager who is being bullied.

  3. Melinda Bazan Anaya

    Bullying is a HUGE problem in schools and schools say they are anti bully … But honestly I don't think they have a clue how to stop or contain it. Until they pull their heads out theirs butts, Amanda's story will be on "repeat".
    My condolences to her family, may she fly with the Angels and RIP <3

  4. Cynthia Duprey

    why didint the parents get the police involved and catch the creep before she took her own life this kind of crap should never even happen how can teenagers or even adults be so cruel and cold for the life of me I will never understand this what a tragedy.

  5. Peter Octavio

    Okay wait a minute. I agree this is tragic and I am sorry for her death. My condolenscences to the family and friends… but… why on earth was she "exposing" herself. She just decided to "click" the camera. Where were her parents when she needed it instilled in her to have some decorum, cooth and dignity? Why was she interacting with a stranger and giving out details of her life on facebook. Everyone knows there is no safety margins or "screening" on facebook. Yes this is not the '50's and there are many warnings about this in the news. It is tragic as well that she was harassed. This person who posted her picture could have taken anyone else's nude photo and said it was her. Close your account, change your contact information, close the door on this stranger, walk away and suck it up. Sorry it ended badly for you Ms. Todd!

  6. Serena Vann

    So sorry this young woman took only out she seemed to be able to find. My hearts hurts for her her family and real friends. To people who bullied her, hope you know have her on your mind and think of what you did led to her committing suicide. Big brave people!

  7. Susanne McDaniel

    Did they catch the predator who posted the photos? You know, this new technology is a gift and a curse. Sometimes, I think kids and teens just don't realize how powerful it is. I know kids will still do things against their parents wishes…I did. So, I don't know what the answer is. I just don't know.

  8. Tim Salmon

    See what happens when you take away corporal punishment?
    A bunch of over-medicated, soft brained, wimps.
    "Your kid acts up, don't spank them, take them to a doctor!"
    Jeez, people! Can't you see it in the time frame?
    We didn't take guns to school before the meds got passed out.

  9. Tara Dunn

    Thanks to social media such as Facebook and other social networking sites along with cell phones and other means of technology, bullying has reached a much larger scale. Kids today can't escape the harassment by going home or changing schools. It follows them literally everywhere. I am sure that in the '50s and '60s that kids could feel safe at home. Today's kids see no end to the harassment. We live in a different society than the one you grew up in, and your "back in my day" philosophy is helping absolutely nobody.

  10. Matt Marino

    Schools need to implement harsh penalties such as expelling the kids and possibly probation followed by consequences handed down to adults. I blame the parents for the way they bring their kids up today. To busy working and not enough parenting. Sad indeed.

  11. Denise O'Shaughnessy

    I am so sorry this young woman had to endure such pain.. I do not doubt her family went to administrators at her school for help.. My experience is that they are the biggest bullies of all.. This anti-bullying campaign is lip service. Prayers for her family..

  12. Melissa Meaders

    This broke my heart, you evil evil little bastards. I have no words…

  13. Mustard Tiger

    the dumb thing is calling this incident bullying when it's sexual extortion. They are completely different things, and they have completely different connotations. Saying this is bullying causes a lot of people to think "well, kids will be kids, get the fuck over it" sexual extortion makes people think "Wow, let's tar and feather that cocksucker and then make him eat his own nutsack!"

  14. Jeffrey Allender

    Totally agree. This person should have been in jail for blackmail, and sexual harrassment

  15. Sharon Crider

    these s.o.b. needs to b punished to the fullest this little girl was a angle.i hope all you bullies are happy an sum day you all will get the end of times there will b a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR THOSE THAT BULLIE I WISHED I KNEW THIS LITTLE GIRL TO LET HER KNOW THAT SHE WAS VERY DEAR.TO ALL THOSE THAT DID THIS I HOPE YOU ALL ROT IN HELL FOR THIS 1….ANGRY IN INDIANA.

  16. Stephanie Nicole Hidalgo

    So sad….. Prayers to her family & friends . No one she ever feel like that……

  17. Terrah Lewis

    How can people be so cruel?! This made me cry my eyes out. What is this world coming to that so many gang up on one little girl?! I pray for her family. I for one will never forget Amanda Todd. I just wish I could have known about her before she took her own life….

  18. Lyn Walker

    My heart breaks for this child and her family. I was bullied as a kid, and my daughter was bullied at her new school, but both had a different ending. You all are in my prayers.

  19. Kat Katt

    feel the same I read it before…what a messed up world we live in

  20. Stephanie Keith

    why weren't the parents more involved. This shit sickens me. The sad thing a girl took her own life and it seems like nothing was done to the kids who bullied her.

  21. Lacey Janiece White

    I remember kids in school bullying others and I would stand up for them – I was called a "b*tch" and stuck up, To this day I remember those people and I still dislike them to the core. It's was worth it to be called a b*tch but only because I'm strong enough to handle that. Many kids and teens and even adults would rather stay out of it then sacrifice themselves.

  22. Heathy Wi

    I was bullied as a kid and sure enough the kids that were bullying me had severe depression and home problems them selves. The girl killed her self in feb she was going to go to jail for life for drugs and stuff.

  23. Jackie Jormp-Jomp

    Did you read the story? This girl sounds like she was an idiot. As a 7th grader she was coerced by a stranger on the internet to flash the camera on a webchat and then the stranger tried to blackmail her with the pictures…it really doesn't sound like any actual bullying was even happening. Now in my opinion, if your 13 year old daughter is talking to strangers and showing them her tits on the internet than the issue is not with cyberbullying but rather the issue seems to me to be shitty parenting. Here is an idea, just don't use facebook…problem solved! I just hate hearing news stories like this that try to call attention to certain occurrences (like bullying) while completely skirting around the fact that this girls parents were probably a lot to blame for everything that happened.

  24. Karen Brown

    This makes me just want to cry….what a horrible ordeal this young lady went thru and nobody was there to help her out. Her Dad knew about this and did nothing? I would have made such a stink about my daughter/son being bullied that the police/school and anyone else I could think of would be involved. Bullying HAS GOT TO STOP…..there is no reason for it. Amanda was a beautiful young lady and had her whole life in front of her. WHY did this happen to her? Why does this happen to any child? Kids are so cruel to each other it's just unbelieveable…..I am very sorry for her family and hope to God that this bullying gets under control. These schools really need to crack down on the students who are involved in be the BULLIES! Do your freakin' jobs for God's sake!

  25. Debbie Rosenthal Anderson

    This is so sad and ubelieveable! It's not the schools fault, it has to start in the home! Parents need to be held responsible for teaching their children right from wrong. Treat EVERYONE with nothing but respect, even if you don't personally like them. An innocent little girl! My heart is aching for her family!

  26. Debbie Vargas

    I completely agree and the parents should have removed her Facebook page and access to a computer for a while. Especially when she went to live with her mother and was doing better. Honestly, it sounds like the girl didn't know a whole lot of wrong from right either. She's 15, why would she even be allowed over to some guys house to sleep with him?? My daughters are 16 and 17 and still do not date. Seems a whole lot of disconnect parenting going on.

  27. Mustard Tiger

    Don't go online, don't get bullied online. Obviously this situation is being misrepresented as being "bullying" when its really about "Child Molestering", but in response to what this current string of commentary right here is about it makes sense.

  28. Merle M. Baker

    I grew up in the 50's & 60's, we were told "Don't start a fight, just finish it". Which is what I did when I was confronted by bullies. I was never confronted again. I was shy and quiet, so I was a good target. The leader of the hoods, slapped my face. I had my little sister's stroller with me, so I swung it and it hit some knees, I then pulled the hitter's hair and ran. To the neighbors house. Her father walked me home, where I found the stroller. I taught this to my children. Years later I was told my son got into a fight, protecting a friend. Sometimes, we need to fight fire with fire.

  29. Martha Nicole Dean Ehrhardt

    my heart hurts and it brought tears to my eyes I was bullied. when I was young I felt her pain I'm so sorry for her familys loss and that she lost the battle to over come the people who harmed her more then they knew life isn't about hate one another love one another and respect each other

  30. Debbie Rosenthal Anderson

    Parents also need to be more aware of what their children are doing… on the Inernet and otherwise. This young child should not have been posting naked pictures of herself on the Internet/email/text. Parents need to supervise their children's activities and educate them so these things do not happen in the first place!

  31. Kirsten Goodwin


  32. John M. Stegeman

    This is beyond tragic…. No one should be treated like she was….However, it seems simply getting off facebook would have solved a few of the issues.

  33. Roberta Cox

    Instead of should have done this or that. We as parents need to stand up and start fighting against Bulling. Don't rely on schools to do what they are suppose to cuz they can say they didn't see. Stand up for your rights and child's rights. Listen to what they say keep notes and go everyday to school or police to get it resolved before it gets this far! My prayers go to this family! We haveto fight together…

  34. Joseph Glaum

    FUCK BULLIES!!!!!!! I wish we had a bully nulify squad or team and give them a proper beat down

  35. Merle M. Baker

    Tim, you're an idiot as many teachers are. Some children need medication. One child I tutored for 3 years, just needed allergy medicine to concentrate. He was always interrupted by a runny nose.
    As far as corporal punishment goes, all children learn to do is hit. The ones that bring the guns to school, are neglected, or bullied themselves.

  36. Maureen Hannah

    I would have to agree with Hilary. I was bullied very badly from the grade of 2 to 7. Not just by the student but, by the teachers and parent of those students as well. Even though I didnt commit suicide I thought about it all the time. And to be honest I never really got over it. About 5 years ago I was having a conversation with my parents about that time in my life. They said something to me that made me very angry. They said they hadden known about it. It was a small town…and they both are teachers in those schools…..How could you not know?? I was bruised from head to toe most day….it was visible for christsake. To this day I dont know if they really knew or not. But I guess it can happen.

  37. Terra MamaBear Fitzhugh

    Everybody who bullied her should be charged with murder. How can people push someone to that extent?

  38. Merle M. Baker

    The answer is supervision and teaching. Make sure you have your kids read horrible stories like this. It takes a family, not just parents, but Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins and trust, so kids can talk to family about this, and yes snooping.

  39. Tara Dunn

    What good is turning off her computer going to do if all the other kids in school have seen her naked?

  40. Robin O'Connor

    Who is the person who originally started things going by posting the unfortunate photos? I hope everything is being done to find and punish him/her/them.

  41. Maureen Hannah

    I would have to agree with Hilary. I was bullied very badly from the grade of 2 to 7. Not just by the student but, by the teachers and parent of those students as well. Even though I didn't commit suicide I thought about it all the time. And to be honest I never really got over it. About 5 years ago I was having a conversation with my parents about that time in my life. They said something to me that made me very angry. They said they hadden known about it. It was a small town…and they both are teachers in those schools…..How could you not know? I was bruised from head to toe most day….it was visible for christsake. To this day I don't know if they really knew or not. But I guess it can happen.

  42. Lynda Whitehart Clodfelter

    So pitiful! He sure did commit blackmail and sexual harrassment! These people are so evil and mean! There should be a stiff punishment for bullying and stalking! This girl was cute as a button, they were jealous too! It makes me sick!

  43. Luann DeLuca

    How I wished someone reached her in time to turn her self-loathing and self-blame outward – to become a fighter, not a victim. Facebook is not some mysterious anonymous social entity… the perpetrator(s) could very easily have been found. In fact, from the papers she filmed, it looked like she knew, who was behind it. Definitely, the police and the legal system should have been brought in immediately. Amanda Todd was being stalked, and that is all that would be needed to get justice. Shame on the school admins for not taking a more pro-active stance [excuse me, ANY KIND OF STANCE]. Do not think they were not aware of how extreme the situation had gotten. How I wished I didn't keep seeing her cards read, 'i thought he liked me'. Why wasn't her therapists teaching her skills to overcome and externalize the desperation that Amanda was going through? I see diagnoses of panic disorder, depression, anxiety and medication to help her with these emotional life destroying issues, but where were the survival tools that she needed to help stand her ground, get ANGRY, say, I've had enough of this crap – no one has the right to f**k with me', then fight back with a vengence. Amanda Todd, I hope your video reaches the hundreds and thousands of kids, who are experiencing the hell of bullying. They will know what you had to go through to hopefully help them.

  44. Sharon Kyro Garcia

    This bullying has to stop killing our kids and that pervert needs to be in jail

  45. Merle M. Baker

    I have never understood expelling kids. To them it is a day off from school. Community service would make more of an impression. Give them extra homework, keep them in school in a class in civility. The community service, should be working at facility for the disabled, or juvenile hall or group therapy with children that have been bullied and reports must be turned in before they are off community service. Let the bullies, walk in someone else's shoes. Oh, or put them in the ROTC.

  46. Michael Bushey

    THE INTERNET and alike…..The end to all young people who don't know how to cope or just stay away from cells and net. To be sure……it will kill all who don't know how to just say NO to this BS. In my day, the whole gang just settled it and nothing else was said. Too much drama today because of TV and the net. Get a life and forget about this int. crap. It will be your undoing! Of course I see in the headlines Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and the like making big money because saps like the people who watch this don't know any better. God bless Ami and give her peace. And to the asshole who STALKED her by the web…….I hope you get caught and jailed. There are thousands of fathers in jail who would like to have a chat with you! Sleep well you prick…..your days are comming!

  47. Tim Salmon

    Our schools raised(along with parents) kids that outgrew this crap.
    I feel for her family, but we've become a nation of pussies.
    Every damn kid that acts up doesn't need meds as much as they need a impact to the fanny.
    There is a difference between correction and beating.
    Perhaps lock them up.
    By the way, calling me an idiot hurts my poor l'il feelings; I feel bullied now.

  48. Cindy Carey

    How heart breaking! I sat & watch this video & just wanted to cry! I was bullied too has a child "ALL THUR SCHOOL""! They always said it was my fault! I was differant than the other normal kids! I had a serious brith defect, wore these ugly braces.Then as a teen had my leg amputated. There were thing I couldn't do till I figured another way to do them.The constant teasing, name calling, they would knock my crutches out from under me while I walked or if I was standing still! When I'd tell on them they would say I hit them with my crutches so I was never believed! But there was so much worse they would do thur school. I hated going & loved when I was home schooled after the many surgeries I had! I totally understand her Broken Heart! I've not a clue how I made it thur school, I just did! I can count the friends I had on 1 hand! At the most 2! I couldn't change school. Small town 2 high school so I just got thur it. Sad thing is my home life wasn't much better. Its sad she felt there was no way out of it! We all do things we wish we could take back or undo, it part of life's lessons. My Thoughts & Prayers are with her family,

  49. "The Bully In The Mirror" anti- bullying- developed by Shanaya Fastje

    This is a very sad time for the family, my sympathies to the family. I have seen first hand what this creates for the families when dealing with suicide through my work. Let us all help anyway we can when we suspect anyone might seem deeply troubled by sadness and or other signs, it could mean helping more than you will ever know. I am truly saddened.

  50. Sofia Ribeiro Malta

    Ohhh noooooo….. :( people are sooo cruel…how can someone have fun hurting others? They should be responsible for her suffer and suicide :( Soooo awful….

  51. Mustard Tiger

    I guess they just don't make locker rooms with showers anymore. Although I'm pretty sure you missed the point of my second comment.

  52. Georgana Baldjian

    what about the creep who bullied on her? He is a pedophile and deserves to be caught. This makes me sick. My condolences to her family. Its really sad that she felt that she was all alone in this life. I can only hope that my children never have that empty feeling.

  53. Wanda Brown

    Where was Amanda's family when all this crap was happening to her? Why didn't Amanda know how important she was?

  54. Kristin Matuch

    I am so sick of bullying not being taken seriously this is what happens when kids are told oh just ignore oh just deal with it,There needs to be punishment kids need to know there are consequences when they do wrong and bullying is wrong even if its just just name calling the school teachers and principals need to start punishing them take their sports away detention suspension and if that dont work exploitation,All these kids who think they are cool cause the bully feel that they can do what they want when they want with no consequence and the kids who are bullied pay the price this is a sad sick world we live in people need to learn how to treat people with respect and if you dont like someone LEAVE THEM ALONE !

  55. Sue Sodomin

    as a parent of a child (now adult) who was bullied, I can tell you the parents probably didn't know all the details. The child is so ashamed they are afraid to tell anyone. On some level they beleive they deserve it because of their behavior. It's not true but they internalize. My daughter still struggles with self doubt and self mutilation but to a lesser degree. This is an issue that causes deep mental scars that our mental health professionls are not adequately prepared to handle. Another thing -not all adults (especially in school admin) are willing to take bullying seriously -they see it as a right of passage. If the bully does fight back THEY are the ones who get in trouble! Just sayin'

  56. KellyAnn Zannino- Plantamura

    This is the saddest thing.. I'm crying.. I'm not understanding why her parents couldn't get the police to stop this, or speak to the parents of the kids that where doing this.. this is such a tragedy, for the world will never know a beautiful young girl named Amanda Todd… lets stop the bulling, one, by one, WE CAN MAKE A Difference!

  57. John Wagner

    This is sad. I wish I could have helped this poor girl. I'd like to punish those who bullied her so badly. They have a special place in Hell for those bullies. If I could go back in time, I'd prevent this girl from being bullied. Poor sweet little girl. She looks like such an angel. I'd want to go back in time and be this poor girl's knight in shining armor.

  58. Cindy Bickley

    He should be charged with 1st degree MURDER, and given the death penalty. As for the kids that participated in the bullying of Amanda Todd,……they need a good taste of what it feels like. Maybe then, they can help someone.

  59. Merle M. Baker

    Dear Cindy,
    Your home life, is probably true for so many kids that are bullied. I am so happy, you survived the bulling. Your, story needs to told. You have something people can see. I was called 4 eyes in school because I wore glasses. Kids are so mean when they don't understand things. As adults are. While in college, I went to a lecture by writers of the book, "Getting to Yes". It was written to share the experiences of Russian people. It was a real eye-opener. I boought the book. I realized, I was afraid too, of things I didn't understand. Please share your story, so kids can understand why kids need to be more understanding.
    God Bless.

  60. Suzanne Zak

    GOD REST HER SOUL…my heartache's for this beautiful young girl n her family. REST IN PIECE AMANDA TODD.

  61. Debbie Rosenthal Anderson

    Denise, I don't have any idea what goes on inside those UD walls, you are correct! And it does scare the hell out of me! I'm not saying the school isn't responsible in some way, however, it has to start at home with parents being there for their children, educating them on what is right and wrong. Becoming more involved in their outside activities so they know what they're doing, when and where. It does sound like there were more issues with that little girl than we all really know… But yes, the school(s) should have been involved in the bullying that went on (how much was each of those school made aware of?). No matter what, that little girl should not have died!!

  62. Matt Marino

    Parenting definitely always plays a role. Alot of these kids besides Amanda did not have help and the internet makes matters worse.

  63. Sue Sodomin

    Thank goodness law enforcement is starting to take bullying seriously. Too bad schools aren't. I went to the principle and got lip service -at first. I kept at it. However, since I reported the bully to the principle the bullying against my child got worse for a while. Since she was now being closely monitored the bullying finally stopped but the mental scars remained.

  64. Sharon Spears

    That is so so sad. :( I just can't believe how hateful and cruel people are. I don't understand how they can even be this way. My prayers are with her family too.

  65. Kerrenna Puckett

    Its sad to think that killing our selves is a solution to our problems its sad that our childern beg and pleed for help and no one ancwers its sad to think there wasent one person that could help her its even more sad that nothing is done to those who were involved i think since this is such a big problem bullys no matter what age should be tried for murder .

  66. Merle M. Baker

    Bullying comes into play, by the treatment she received by kids at school. What is sad it that her father didn't see the harassment and the sexual predators, it appears he closed his eyes so he would not have to take a stand. It sounds like there are many perps in this sad case.

  67. Lori Spradley

    1st off she had no business showin off her body over internet so no1 could even get nude pics, however thats when her parents should of seen something was goin on with her. poor girl needed something she was not gettin at home & her parents should of been more involved and maybe she wouldn't have felt alone..

  68. Cindy Carey

    Thank You!!! I do share and have for many years!! Even thou school wasn't a happy place for me. I did help out while my daughter was in grade school! I'd go to school & help with the students on reading,math ect. I was a home room parent for years. Now all these years later I did the same with my granddaughter and her grade school years! I'd talk with their friends about not being mean to others & how it hurts their Heart & Spirt! Tell them some of the things that was done to me.
    I married young Thankfully I was blessed with a great guy! So I feel has if I was reborn with a new life when I married! We live in a great place away from all the bad memories & the town we were born in! Now I help out when I hear about an Adult or young child/teen becomes & amputee'.. Since I am one I can tell them things that will help them move forward. The best part is I make new life long friends! Life can be Good if you can get thur all the bad stuff.. Thats what I wish Amanda could have been told. Thats what all these kids who are bullied need to hear. But at the time its happen most can't see past the moment there in.. Too be honest with you there were times I had the same thoughts,,,But that was many years ago!! Life is Good now :>)

  69. Robert Carroll Jr

    Such a waste of life and talent, could she have been the one to cure all cancer's, YES, she could have been. we'll never know now……………..

  70. Evangelia Katsios Plezia

    This is beyond sad. In today's society, you can't escape social media and bullying has taken on a new level of intensity. It is everywhere and everything goes viral… there is no taking it back. One mistaken on her part caused her to take her own life at such a fragile age. Has anyone gone after the person who stalked/blackmailed her with those photos and that Facebook page… after all, what's to stop him/her from doing this to another child assuming he/she hasn't already done it? Has anyone gone after all those former classmates who beat her, humiliated her and wished she was dead? I do believe that people should learn to deal with their emotions, and stand up for themselves, but this was just too much for one young girl to handle. These kids were crass, cruel and hurtful… it makes me wonder about their parents and upbringing. And who knows how much her own parents knew or did to stop this. My 14 year old niece was bullied by 5 of her "best friends"… they hit her, shoved her into lockers, made fun of her, humiliated her, bullied her on Facebook. The reason behind the bullying? One of the girls liked a boy, but he liked my niece (unbeknownst to my niece). She had no idea why they turned on her…She was so upset and cried everyday. School became a nightmare for her and she became reclusive and scared for her safety. My sister and her husband did everything "right" to stop the bullying. They met with police, teachers, school officials, and even the other girls' parents… nothing seemed to work. Schools state they have a "zero tolerance" policy on bullying, but until we get aggressive, things will not change. Amanda's bullying started out of school, with a vindictive and sick "stranger" who started the bullying only to have it exacerbated by young, impressionable, mindless idiots. We need to make them accountable and teach our children to be kind, but strong in the face of bullying. It is NOT acceptable!

  71. Merle M. Baker

    Cindy Carey It my heart to know you are happy and share your experiences. I think you give hope to many people. I know your story helped me. Thank you, for sharing.;)

  72. Barbara Rodriguez

    my heart goes out to her family but really as a parent I would be all up and down my kids bully's face it breaks my heart to see she kept saying she was alone :( no child should ever feel alone I feel that way and my babies say they feel sad and alone I'm right there asking question and talking and making them feel they matter in my life REALLY though the parents should of been more involve her life more help her stand up to her bullys and this bully on the pc I would of took it to the next step there are ways on tracking computer bullys down its called CYBERBULLYING and things could of been done to help her life ease a little at lease once again god bless over here.

  73. Diane Gregoire Watts

    O'Cindy I know how strong you are now but its a shame and sad what you had to go thur… I have seen this video before and its very touching and sad.. I experience it but not to the extent you and this girl went through. I luv how Ellen on the Ellen show ends with "Be kind to one another" and she is a big advacite on Bullying.. My prayers are one day bullying will be NO MORE!!!!!

  74. Carrie Bullock

    So sad! All she wanted was to have a friend and everybody turned their back on her!

  75. Cindy Carey

    That make 2 of us Di along with many others!! They say theres strength in numbers & its growing stronger every day!! Thats whats going to help Stop the bullying!! You know far more than I posted my dear Sister/Friend,, Hope your days going good!! C U on Facebook later. We have scrabble boards to play,,,

  76. Alexandria Pena

    This is such a sad story I feel for her and her parents may this young girl r.I.p

    Also this is no time to be pointing fingers at her parent they did what they could to protect her

  77. Dinah Rivera

    Amanda may you R.I.P no pain no bullying no more no more!!! To those that hurt you they will for ever have to live with there decisions they make what you do to others you will be punished 3x worse so be ready yours is coming I believe no one should go in life in pain like this young lady did R.I.P may god have mercy on your soul

  78. Dawn Maclean

    You can't point fingers…as a parent going through bullying with my daughter, it's hard to control it.. .you can't go with your kids to school all day…no one seems to think it's a big deal at her school, everyone plays it off. No matter what I do or what I try to tell her to do it's never enough…these kids are relentless… They will keep going no matter what…this is a sad story and the parents in no way are to blame, anyone who thinks they are are truly ignorant!

  79. Adela Conde

    the kids that bullied her and egged her on to kill herself are a product of their upbringing. I wonder what the hell goes on in their household that they lash out at defenseless people! What makes them such cold hearted monsters that get pleasure in tormenting others? I am so afraid for the future because if these are the kind of children that will grow up to run our country, I am afraid! May God have mercy on our future!

  80. Mike Aumiller

    Wow what a heartbreaking story and video. It's hard to believe that people can be so cruel to others to where they think they have no other alternative. RIP Amanda. Your in a better place now where there is no hatred.

  81. Gary Carter-Fish

    I think this is terrible. I was bullied from 5 years old -high school, then got married and was physically and emotionally by ex-wife and could never tell anyone except my ex mother-in-law. I couldn't tell the police because I was a man and I was expected to take it. I am sorry for Amanda parents. I felt this way more than once!

  82. Anonymous

    my parents are very perfect and they think you're overweight and unpleasant looking.
    (translation: fat and ugly)

  83. Sis McKinney

    I would keep the video as a reminder of what bullying can do an as an inspiration on that poor gurls life over a picture an the torment she went thru

  84. Heather Johnson

    Did they find this man? It's child pornography and illegal.

  85. Heather Johnson

    Rachel Richardson Campbell The point is taking a stand to prevent future issues like these. I was bullied and stood up to them and even stood up to other bullies in my life that were picking on other kids. I was 1 person. I made a difference. So that is inspiring. 1 person can make a difference. It's too bad that she could not, but maybe others can.

  86. Sis McKinney

    Maybe in the future sum friends won't be so quick to judge sumone bcuz of an internet freak an understand her story behind her suicide..this is heart touching

  87. Debbie Vargas

    They may not entirely deserve it, but children also have to learn at an early age that there are consequences for actions. If you act like a degenerate, you're going to be treated like one. It's reality. It's sad that she felt the need to take her own life, but she was also a deeply disturbed individual that brought on some of her own problems and it caused others to spiral off of that. The parents are also responsible. Children have a right to privacy until there is an issue, then it is in the parents responsibility to find out the entirity of a situation. She moved schools multiple times and neither of her parents felt the need to get the entire story from her or read a diary or check her facebook? If she was that disturbed, I would have been pulling her OUT of mainstream school and I would have done whatever would be necessary and that includes private school.

  88. Tony Vasquez

    I was just on a page yesterday that is against bullying (Pic of a girls wrist sliced up- Tag read : Is your joke about her funny now?) And smart ass 'clueless to life' young assholes where laughing it up and praising themselves as bullys.. ( I kinda went off and was bothered by it- I avoided FB most of the day after that) Fucken Pathetic

  89. Kori Stevens

    This is a heartbreaking story, she's in a much better place now.. Rest in paradise beautiful girl <3

  90. Doug Sunada

    Such a young life take away so soon, RIP I hope they catch the person that drove to too this…. There is no place in this world to have this kind of act.

  91. Julie Marie Figueroa

    Why was it not a crime to be disseminating a nude. photo of a child / underage girl? That's child porn in the U.S. its unconscionable that someone would be allowed to do that without consequence. Its such a horrible tragedy that she took her life :'(

  92. Mustard Tiger

    That's really kinda beside the point, and you just keep showing that you seem not to understand the point. Actually, nobody in this comments section seems to have read the article, and the article seems to be retarded (I guess cuz "bullying" is such a buzzword these days for whatever reason, and they feel the need to use the word to get site hits), but this girl was sexually harassed and extorted by someone she met online. This isn't a case of bullying, this is a case of stalking a little girl. And most kids in locked in the grip of puberty tend to make really bad decisions. Headline should actually read "LITTLE GIRL STALKED AND SEXUALLY HARASSED AND EXTORTED ONLINE KILLS SELF" because that is way more accurate and would actually keep the comments sort of on point.

  93. Meagan Luneau

    I definitely agree. Everyone makes mistakes, that one lapse of judgement should NOT have haunted her like that. Poor baby:( my heart breaks for the mother. My prayers are with her family. I can't imagine their pain.

  94. Sue Sodomin

    My daughter's bullying started in Catholic grade school. I pulled her out and home schooled a year. Then came HS- Same person continued the harassment in catholic HS. I moved her to public school where the bully soon followed (she was asked not to return to the Catholic school). She went to our church and lived in the area. There was no escaping it. Once the parent gets the info we are stymied by the lack of action on the part of those who are there to serve and protect our children who downplay the situation. I don't think they know what to do.

  95. Sue Sodomin

    unfortunately words DO hurt. Try as you may to push that notion aside it does eventually erode the very core of your being. If you are told enough time how worthless, etc. you are you begin to think it's true. Especially when others avoid you because they too are afraid of incurring the wrath of the bully. Better to deflect the attention away from themselves.

  96. Georgia Bullis

    Now that she is finally at peace, I pray that her family will also find some.

  97. Lacey Janiece White

    No bullying Jade? I sometimes just laid in my room and cried because of how mean some kids were. Maybe they didn't bully you but that doesn't mean it didn't happen to other people.

  98. Lacey Janiece White

    And the bullying I saw other people in our class do to others…it happened Jade. It happened. Again, I guess you're just lucky it didn't happen to you :)

  99. Jamie Keller

    I can so relate to this. I got bullied throughout ALL my school years. can't really go into what effects it's had on me

  100. Chris Hewitt

    We haven't heard anything from "Anonymous" for a while. How awesome would it be for one of them to locate and expose (or better yet just destroy the life of) the piece of human filth that started this terrible process?

  101. Kim M Annese

    My heart breaks for the pain she felt. This isn't about 'sticks and stones" like when I was young. It is a whole new way, and multiple ways of bullying. Girls of today act like thugs (a minority of them), travel in gangs, and a single girl doesn't have a chance. Also, like she said, she moved away. Why did they have to follow her? Prayers sent to you Amanda, and your grieving parents. I hope these girls have nightmares for the rest of their lives (and the guy who started it all). Did they ever catch the guy?

  102. Amanda Beard

    So sad that she felt she had no way out, she was so beautiful. Only 15 years old? Such a shame. If I was her mother I would hack her computer and find out who did all of those horrible things and sue the shit out of them!

  103. Mary Friedman

    Had a close friend/coworker commit suicide due to an online stalker. Police did nothing- we tried everything. Only time they will get involved if the individual holds a position of power. They say they couldn't track him because he used anonymizers. He treatened to torture her and her friends and family. FBI looked into it and could do nothing. I am sure this pos has moved on to someone else. He said he would not stop until she was dead-

  104. Laura Pansier Maccaux

    It is sad that bullying can get to this point. The schools (at least here in green bay) do what they can & r allowed to do. The child is also responsible for reporting it to an adult. Our very culture discourages it at all levels. However it continues … we should ask ourselves why? Is it the billy's homelife, do they want to look "cool " to their friends? Our parents and other responsible adults talking to their kids about not bullying? A lot of bully 's are not slays "bad " kids. In the end it is an awful situation.

  105. Nathan PHetsouphanh

    I think it started with the extortion but then later lead to bullying by that dudes gf and ultimately became harassment by the fb community. Too bad… She wasn't bad looking either

  106. Mary Cook

    That was very sad! I use to work for a school. Right in front of the office in plain sight "We have no tolerance for bullying". What a joke! They did not know how to handle bullying!!!! Eating lunch in the front office for two days was the punishment!

  107. Sharon Crider


  108. McKenna Becker

    I'm sorry but what Shitty parents she has. Its like they knew something was going on and yet they were too lazy to do anything about it.

  109. Joseph Mckinstry

    It is NEVER ok for any kind of bullying to result in death. IT IS NEVER ok to transmit nudes of anyone else regardless of age to the public forum without that individuals consent which by LAW no minor can give. This should have been handled differently, they should find the bully prosecute them for not only cyberbullying but also distribution of pornography of a minor and the resulting suicide death should be tried as being the cause of the bullying and thus the bully should get manslaughter charges at the very least if not murder….

  110. Anthony Weir

    Works today too the idea is to stand up for yourself it applies just because someone knocks you down doesn't mean stay down get up and try it again and if your getting jumped by 15 people at once you should learn to run lol

  111. Maureen Hannah

    Sorry too small of a town to have that, and as I said in my post, the teachers and parents were part of it. There was no place for me to go to seek help. Plus I should clarify that this was in the 70's and early 80's and bullying was not thought of as a bad thing then, or a better way to put it is that no one really cared.

  112. Joe Barrale

    I think any one that was involved should get some kind of jail time this way they can see what it would be like to REALY be harassed.

  113. Judy Redmon

    if a child isn't telling their parents anything, how are they going to know if any thing is happening to them or not…she was probably scared, probably thinking she was protecting her family by not saying anything…you have to remember she was young…and this creep used it against her…this is truly a tragedy…she probably felt she had no way out but this way….parents should get more involved with what their children are doing…especially the internet…you never know what your child will run into on there….i do believe that parents should take a more active role in their childrens activities at school…talk to your children…let them know they are not alone….let them know they can come to you about anything and everything…God bless this family…May Peace with you….

  114. Alison Jackson

    Why did the parents keep letting her go back to Facebook? Are they freaking stupid, they were supposed to protect their girl…now she is dead. This is a tragic, sad story that should never have happened. Parents need to police their kids more instead of trying to be their friends…we have a resonsibility to protect our kids from this BS. I am sickened and sad. FB is sometimes a very very bad thing and a bad place for these kids to be.

  115. Alison Jackson

    The police could have done a little more too. I am amazed at how this can spiral so badly that a pretty young girl is now dead. How very sad. I hope the kids involved too feel bullies stink, they are some of THE cruelest people you will EVER meet and they are kids! Wow, words cannot express how sad I feel for Amanda. May she now have some peace.

  116. Kasey Carroll

    So incredibly sad. I hope her message lives on. Bullying is out of control!

  117. Anonymous

    I wonder why no one cared enough to help her – her parents, teachers, principal and counselor all knew about…even the police. Why didn't anyone try to help bring justice and find out how did the cyber bullying? Or, punish the people who beat her up. I'm a Mom and there so many things that the parents could have done to help her – self defense class, volunteer work with small children or seniors, home schooling, finding a church for her. I feel very sorry for her parents, but this was preventable.

  118. Lilian Latan

    Yea had lengthy talk with my kiddos about bullying and how to stand up for their peers coz it's the right thing to do.

  119. Rita Serrano

    Where were her parents when she was flashing naked pictures? This got way out of hand and her life could have been saved if only her parents and made her close her Facebook account.

  120. Suzanne Colligan

    I hope I don't sound rotten in posting this but in reality parents need to take control of the gadgets i.e. smart phones, computers, tablets, etc. My parents would have laughed in my face if I expected to get half the tricked out things these kids have. Parents hook the kid up, don't teach them to be responsible with these things and disaster follows. If a parent doesn't know how to operate something or the potential harm it caused their child they have no business buying it. I am sorry for this family's loss. I wish it would inspire people to be technologically responsible.

  121. Celest CeCe Davis

    Girl I cried after watching this video.. It reminded me of when we worked at the school.. Shit hurt my heart.. These kids need to be able to report being bullied and a tough punishment be handed out! You I both know what school don't do shit for bullying. Smh!!

  122. Sam Jarrett

    Kind of makes you wonder what NOT flashing a stranger on the Internet would've done…

  123. Cheri Szymanski

    If she was writing about suicide y didn't her parents get her counseling. What a complete sin. So so sad why are kids so extra mean. Really I just don't get it and its so common now.

  124. Gordon Todd

    My condolences to the Todd family. Bullies are so insecure about themselves they have to make everyone else suffer.
    THEY need psycho help.

  125. Grace Lydia

    No… Not what I meant. That's what a boy would say. And this, Samuel, is why you will never understand women *sigh*

  126. Sam Jarrett

    Haha I'm not looking to understand women, I just don't want people to completely ignore the fact that this could have all been stopped if she just took a second to think.

  127. Grace Lydia

    Well in the mind of a 14 year old girl, being told she was beautiful and perfect was what caused her to make that decision because of her vulnerability and deep desire for approval and to be accepted at that age. She was just thinking that someone saw true value in her and wanted to please that person and gain even more acceptance from him. It's actually really sad that girls feel that way. But pretty much every girl knows how it feels to want that. And that is why you think it was a matter of "stopping to think". It was actually a question of self worth to her.

  128. Justin Rafuse Robar

    So your idea here Tim is basically that if we still had corporal punishment and kids weren't medicated for what are now medically-defined conditions which can be aided by medication… bullying wouldn't happen? I'm just sort of lost on your whole point. I won't argue with you that some kids are medicated that shouldn't be, but I don't think corporal punishment and the complete absence of valid medication would have changed this situation.

    Also, MT, yes, Amanda WAS extorted and sexually harassed. But she was also bullied, extensively. It IS a case of bullying. Certainly not exclusively, but it IS a bullying case.

  129. Sam Jarrett

    I'm not questioning whether or not girls in general feel that, or whatever. My basic point, is that in the end, blindly looking over the fact that she played just as big a part in this.

  130. Vera Beaton

    she was being groomed by a predator who specialized in preteen porn, how is it that he wasn't caught before this girl took her own life, especially when she took the time and trouble to explain what was happening to her?

  131. Sam Jarrett

    Sorry need to edit: "Blindly looking over the fact that she played as big a part in this and just blaming the bullies is ridiculous".

  132. Priya Devotta

    Lil , Cheri it's a cruel world out there , we have to make our children very strong to withstand all that's in store.

  133. Rodrigo Leite

    Sends nudes and personal information to a stranger on the internet. What could go wrong? #YOLOSWAQQ

  134. Hayley Deeken

    You do know that depression can't be cured by a "impact to the fanny" don't you? This girl was 15 years old, most parents feel that they wouldn't need to be spanked by then anyway.

  135. Tom Proffitt

    it's more than senior year or even high school. people get conditioned to lose their lives in a lot cases

  136. Kalee Rustvold

    This is so sad. What happened to this beautiful girl is sickening to me, and if these people are not charged for what they have done I hope that once they have the mental capacity to realize what horrible ugly things they have done that they will have to live with the guilt of basically murdering this beautiful girl. Amanda Todd you did not deserve this an I wish that you could see that when you would have been older you were amazing and beautiful and that you did have people that loved you, to move you away from that so many times your family truly love you. My you rest in peace heavens beautiful angel

  137. Tina Haywood

    This is horrible. When will people understand that having ti put others down to make you feel better is unacceptable.

  138. Lilian Latan

    Whatever happened to kids just being kids and getting along ???? God help us!

  139. Lilian Latan

    @cheri I think they found the video after her death . They changed schools and moved but couldn't escape the bullies. Shame shame shame and awful for parents to Lose their kids to bullying .

  140. Kim M Annese

    When their parents start teaching them morals and empathy for others. My guess is most of these kids come from dysfunctional homes….rich or poor.

  141. Tina Ordway

    My heart breaks for the family! I lost BOTH of my brothers to suicide and I will never be the same. It tears people apart. I am in tears for Amanda! Every year I participate in AFSP walks (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) to raise awareness. Prayers to the family~.

  142. Janette McDonald

    I had a friend in school back in the 70's whose mother pulled her out of it at 16 because of other kids making fun of her. She just went to work in a restaurant. I wish I could have been her. My life would have been much better.

  143. Holly Fleming

    School sucked for me too :( Not as bad as this girl thank god…

  144. Kathleen Reilly White

    My grandson stopped bullying of a younger fellow and was given detention, because he pushed the bulked back away from the young one. ,as the yard person watched and did nothing. What can be done. If had of left to a teacher the younger boy could have been hurt! Kathleen

  145. Kathleen Reilly White

    My grandson stopped bullying of a younger fellow and was given detention, because he pushed the bulked back away from the young one. ,as the yard person watched and did nothing. What can be done. If had of left to a teacher the younger boy could have been hurt! Kathleen

  146. Jody Balon

    Facebook, where are you in all this…this is what causes this…your fault…social media..when will we realize..

  147. Bettie Effin Crocker

    Agreed.way too much harm coming from social media sites.

  148. Tiffany Yoho

    I am sickened by this video!!!! I am soooooo tired of kids and adults bullying others!!! Those that are bullying as far as I am concerned should be prosecuted!! Such as in her case they all should be prosecuted and charged with Homicide because they are the ones who stated all of these horrible things to her and did these horrible things to her!! If they would pass a law for bullying maybe people would take it more serious and there would be less of it going around!!!

  149. Margaret Witherow

    I am still crying. I just watched this video, I can not believe people can be that heartless and cruel, what kind of adults are these kids going to be. I hope each and every one of those people suffer deeply and for many many years. I don't know what pleasre people get out of being cruel to other people, the only thing I can hope for is that it happens to them and they know how this poor girl felt. I am so sorry for the cruelty of other people. May you be with god now and with the angels! 1 Your tormentors will get there's in the end, it will probably over time, but if you ask me, I hope they suffer!

  150. Tim Salmon

    Then this is not bullying, but a felonious act.
    Also, has the suicide rate risen, or fallen, since we've started to medicate the problem?
    Medicine should be given to properly dianosed individuals, and not given out for any kid that seems unruly, or introverted.

  151. Nick King

    As a man who was once a bullied child, the parents never know the extent of the bullying. I was bullied for 10 years, I would never tell them because I wanted to teach myself to be a strong man. At times I did contemplate suicide but I fought through. And at the age of 16 I figured it out. Kids won't tell parents because they will go to the other parents which in turn will make things worse, no kid wants that so they struggle and some take the route that this young lady did. I'm not justifying what happened I'm just coming from a actual person who was bullied. It's not easy to deal with and I can't imagine what Amanda was going through. Honestly I would've kept running

  152. Bancy Nyambura

    So sad,what is happening in this world. Not even her parents were able to help her:-(

  153. Anonymous

    i agree with u sharon 100%…this has got to be one of the saddest stories and videos i have ever heard or seen…

  154. Holly Wilson Lewis

    I just saw her video last evening – i wanted so desperately to reach through the computer and hold this sweet baby girl. Heartbroken completely. I can not imagine the cruelty people are capable of.

  155. Tommy Mullen

    There has to be something do to those who feel that it makes them real big to make people real small. Those type of people have no self respect and it is so low that they have to make others feel lower. Those type of people make me physically ill. The one thing I do know is that one day they will have to face God. She didn't deserve what happened to her and it is a disgrace that she was treated like that. I feel like finding those people and have a little talk with them with a baseball bat. I do know that they will not like that conversation.

  156. Jerremy Weerts

    It is sad to see that a message like this receives persons who would be willing to help her, even just via chats or something. I sincerely hope that she is getting the peace in her mind that she deserved, and honestly every other person deserves.

    Of course I am not involved in this situation and I don't know how things went. People can be blamed, the society can be blamed, but what matters is that the value of a life has been demolished and that it's something where everybody involved and who heard about this should think about.

    Think twice and realize that what you don't want to get by yourself, you shouldn't give it to others. Pain is just relative, but the feeling of constant loneliness is beyond relative and relatives. Just one friendly, caring sentence a month to people who need it, strangers or not, will help people and can save lives.

    She is getting care and positive attention from people now..

    Her name is Amanda Todd…

    May she be peaceful minded survive in that where she now may be.

    Her name is Amanda Todd..

  157. Matthew Wraight

    Well which suspects are you talking about, the girl that beat her up for cheating? unrealted to the photo's, or the person responsible for the photo? I'm all up for taking your side here but please show some initiative.

  158. Matthew Wraight

    Then haven't you awnsered the question right there Debbie? without causing a random argument, you have just made all the previous comment's you replied to completely invalid by passing the blame on to the parent's. yes some parent's really dont watch. but others do. Again if you read my top post, the death of this poor girl isn't the only tragedy ive been realising with this situation.

  159. Iván García García

    Me parece una pena, una chica que tenia toda su vida por delante… solo por enseñar las tetas… la culpa la tienen los mal nacidos esos que le hacían burling, tres tiros le metia a esos hijos de pu…, descansa en paz amanda.

  160. Robin O'Connor

    excuse me, unkind person. I said what I said and I meant it. To me, it sounded like the person first posting the photo might be an adult. Therefore, I thought that person in particular need some serious punishment.

  161. Lisa Fowler

    I think who ever took the picture. needs to go to jhail and who ever was posting on her facebook should go to jail too. This a person and she needed to be forgiven not looked down upon and the parents of these monsters need to have their kids taken away cause the state would be a better role model than there parents have. I blame everyone for this poor girls life being lost. If one person who have done the right thing she might be here now. I hope everyone who did this to this girl grows up and has kids and some STUIP PUNK does to their kid what they done to her. R.I.P.Amanda

  162. Lisa Fowler

    I can only say SHAME on the perv. who took the pictures you need to go to jail. The PUNKS who posted things on her facebook need to go to jail as well. WHERE WERE MOM AND DAD? The kids need to be placed with the state cause mom and dad have failed. She should not have lifted up her shirt but kids do stupid things not just her. I would say all of the kids even the BULLIES have done things they are not proud of. They took it to far and they should pay for it. I hope they have kids and someone does to them what they have done to her. R.I.P. Amanda

  163. Alison Jackson

    Terribly sad, I can't imagine my sob being so desperate that he would take his life. As a parent I feel sad and angry that it got this far…I guess people did not take her seriously. Bullies at school are hell on teen legs, I was bullied and it was not fun. I dealt with it a different way but some people just cannot take it, and I think the kids are much more viscious these days.

  164. Street Smart Kidz

    To all the parents out there, in here!
    Our website has crashed 3 times in the last 60hrs from kids wanting to talk or ask questions about the Amanda Todd Tragedy! Kids 8 to 12 upset, needing help to understand what their parents are talking about, why they are mad, or not understanding some of the text they are recieving. Young adults aged 13 to 16 outraged over the news coverage of this story. Did you know 9 of every 10 grade 9 student in Canada knew someone who has committed suicide? Most want to know why their friend didn't recieve this much attention or none at all.

    So, get off your computer, get your kids to the kitchen table, and turn off the TV. Look them in the eye. Open with, "I love you more than anything in this world", " now what do you think about the Amanda Todd tragedy"?

    P.S.- so far, out of 1,000 emails in the last 24hrs, we have 26 emails looking for someone to talk to from the same IP address, parents and kids needing each other in the same house, all alone.
    Steven Baird
    Managing Director.
    Street Smart Kidz, Canada.

  165. Laura Versosa

    It is truly heart breaking to watch this video, she made a few poor decisions and was brutally treated. Why would somebody do something so cruel, he was out to ruin that girl. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this – parents should be more aware of what their children are doing online. She appeared to be a lonely girl looking for attention in all the wrong places. Schools can have all the bullying workshops etc., but how effective are those workshops outside of school. Schools are not responsible for what happens outside of school. We live in a violent, angry, stressed out world and these are the times we live in. It is even more important now than ever to protect your children. This young girl should have been on suicide watch 24/7. May she find the peace she so desperately needed.

  166. Alicia Salis

    She was a child being lured harrassed and stalked by a sexual predator !! Why hasn't anyone talked about this !?!? It's crazzyyy ! This is NOT only about bullying but that 12 year old Amanda was a victim of sexual abuse.

  167. Anthony De Vries

    So glad to know about all the concern and advice however very good words and advice unfortunately the dead cannot hear, I am sure between all concerned there is one of us that create a website or facebook page where the teens or those being bullied can turn to for support and in turn hopefully we can save some precious lives even if we save just ONE live we will definately have a much richer life ourselves, in those moments when you feel down and attempt the suicide it seems that nothing matters and that death is the only way out and you feel even worse when you wake up in hospital when the attempt has failed, but without support from friends and family and strangers you will end up attemting it again, fortunate for me I eventually chose life and today I find it difficult to think that I tried to commit suicide myself so many years ago and even regret having attempted it, but believe me it is not easy not easy at all, how I wish I knew about this video before she committed the act just to give her some words of comfort and hope, so whoever has the knowledge to setup the facebook page or website and create an oportunity for all of us to assist those in times of weakness and give them the stength corage and will power to overcome.

  168. Gail Lee

    Oh my goodness, I am praying for Amanda's soul and her family. I hope her death is not in vain….people today are so evil, downright satanic….

  169. Tiffany Yoho

    Lol u r right Tommy but then u may just go to prison!! So lets not do that!!!

  170. Melissa Martinez

    They tryed to track him down all they know is he is from the united states after that the tracks run cold its not that they didnt do theyre job its that he knew what he was doing he was a phedofile n pervert nd he will b caught one day

  171. Corey Green-Spruce

    Robin, I also sincerely hope they find this person and that his punishment,at the very least, includes a long time locked up. Matthew…what are you going on about…?

  172. John Weston

    This story is fake and reeks of fakeness, The Actress that played this girl is making all kinds of money and you've all been had.

  173. Toyiet Byrd

    omg…. way too much.. the girl changed to like four or five different schools! this is so sad…. children now a days are so evil… her parents should have taken way more action against this.. how could you not know she was in so much pain???!!

  174. Paola Lopez

    I want to know who is to blame for this. The person that did all that torture to her should be in jail. Hopefuly there conscious drives them insane. Coldhearted people. Fuck this society.

  175. Jens Palter

    I cant believe that there was Woody of her old friends how is Interessen in her emotional condition. she was such an beautiful girl and no one Likes her?!? I cant believe!

  176. Maryanne Yang

    Plenty of teenagers kill themselves every day. Why don't you focus on them more?

  177. Ausberto Orozco

    This is want happens when you buy them computers instead of a damn barbie. Parents are the ones that should be blamed. I know if I found my daughter in a ditch. Everyone was going to get it until I got a name. For you parents out there, treat your children like children and stay in their biz. It doesn't matter if they get pissed or not. AND FOR GODS SAKE STOP BUYING THEM CELL PHONES AND LAPTOPS BEFORE THEY EVEN GET INTO HIGH SCHOOL!

  178. Jens Palter

    I cant believe that there was nobody of her old friends how was interested in her emotional condition. She was such an beautiful girl and no one likes her?!? I cant believe!

  179. Lisa Shuler

    I think this should be shown in every school to show kids how this can hurt someone my heart breaks for her an her family I have a daughter too and hope she never endures the pain this poor girl had to rip

  180. Magy Juarez

    I dont care how young a bullier is bullying needs to be considered as a crime so all those kids can pay for their damage, i really dont understand the bulliers parents wat the hell r parents teaching the kids now a days cus im always on my girls butts n they r 7 and 8 yrs old bullying has to stop!!!!!!

  181. Anonymous

    Naked pictures of a child. Isn't that child pornography and a felony? Why isn't this guy in prison? A 15 year old girl is dead, what needs to happen before the authorities get involved?

  182. Angelo Drift

    That's the point, the parents aren't teaching their kids anything. It sounds like you're a very attentive parent who cares about her children and that's exactly what children need. We don't need these silly anti-bullying campaigns or guest speakers at school, the kids who need to listen just don't care, the only way to make a difference is to teach them from the home, the people who raise the child, we need parents who actually care and take part in their child's life. Too often a parent will tiptoe around the subject of correcting their child on the off chance of being seen as abusive, but in the end they're only avoiding their own child. My mother was (and still is) like you, always on my @$$ every day, making sure I stayed on the right path, helping me when I needed it, correcting me when I needed it, she even left work in the middle of an important meeting when she found out I stole a book from the library, chewed me out in front of the entire class, and I never did that again. More parents should be like you, IMHO.

  183. Jennifer Peters

    I myself had real bad self esteem problems in school. I'm 32 yrs old. I graduated in 1999. When I was 14 I was bullied & teased to. I did the same thing, cutting to release the pain had real bad depression & eventually became a heroin addict. I also did cocaine & Xanax & basically all types of opiates. But then I got clean & thought nomatter what I will survive & get through this. I feel so bad for this 15 yr old teenager who thought that her only way out was suicide. Her bullies should be in jail where they can get bullied. This girl was beautiful & shouldn't have felt that suicide was her only option. I also committed suicide by putting 2 much heroin into my veins. I look back now & am glad that my friend had called 911 cause now I'm here & I'm a survivor. R.I.p. Amanda Todd, your beautiful.

  184. Tammy Hildreth Tay Cun

    Heck even some so called parents go out and help or edge on their kids to bully other kids.. This day and time they can hide behide the computer screens or their cell phones and social networks and bully different ones, even harrasse

  185. Anonymous

    I hope the children whose bullying caused Amanda’s death are permanently ruined. I hope it’s brought up at every college they ever try to attend, every job they try to apply for, I hope their lives from here on out are nothing but shame and misery so that when they talk to their future children they can warn them about the high price for being a bully. I remember a similar story about a group of kids who tormented a 60 year old bus monitor in New York, and those kids who were the same age as these kids were harassed mercilessly. Release her tormentors’ names and addresses so that the web can send them hate mail and death threats. As for the pedophile who posted her boobs, you are the lowest form of scum on the Earth, and anything bad that ever happens to you will be too good in my eyes.

  186. Maria João Silva

    Those parents didn't know to educate the teenager period.

  187. Pedro Santos


  188. Pedro Santos

    The fact that she recycled another person's video is also laughable.

  189. Amie Swicegood

    Makes my heart feel like it has a billion bricks in it! So tragic! Why do kids have to go about their day, everyday feeling that lonely and sad….i dont get it. Im really leaning toward shutting the net off at my house. I mean think about it! Hoe many horribly bad things happen via the internet? Uploaded videos of bullies beating the crap outta someone, tagging pictures that another doesn't want exposed, etc. Its getting worse and worse too! RIP AMANDA TODD

  190. Terrah Angelique

    I wish at that age you could understand that life isn't all about high school and immature gossip :( Shame on bullies…I have had my share. Life is soooo much bigger than that period in time. And the internet has definitely amplified a bully's venue. Maybe you should have to be 18 to use the internet…with adult responsiblity, comes adult consequence. The internet is too loosely monitored in my opinion. In the story it says that she was being bullied into perform sexually for a webcam by a stranger…Why can't we find out who this person is and prosecute them for being a pedophile. This is illegal! So sad :( Watch your children people!!!!!!

  191. Mary Campanella

    Facebook does not permit hate speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, it is a serious violation to attack a person based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

  192. Mary Campanella

    But yet Facebook is allowing People to Slander Amanda Who had a Medical condition called Depression! No matter how many times these people are reported.Their pages are still allowed to stay up! any thoughts?

  193. Mary Campanella

    Okay Folks.We can rant and rave over what's already been done or you can take a stand and seek out the pages that are still causing the harm to Amanda's reputation and that of other girls who Felt the need to kill themselves , So that they could end their pain.I'm also including boys in this.The more people who report these so called comedy pages, the better chance we will have of getting them shut down.There are new ones popping up everyday.On the report this page drop down can choose"this page harasses someone with disabilities" Amanda Todd was severely depressed, That is considered a medical condition. You can all sit in judgement of Amanda's parents and their parenting skills ,, Just like you, they made mistakes.I don't think this is the page to start "bullying" them on how they raised their daughter.Isn't that what were fighting about to get it stopped.

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