Sassy Big Bird Halloween Costumes Popular After Presidential Debate

Sassy Big Bird Halloween Costumes Popular After Presidential Debate

A sassy Big Bird Halloween Costume is this year’s newest fashion trend according to popular costume stores. Last year imitations of Natalie Portman’s black swan movie was the popular pick. But this year the feathers are bright yellow instead of a dark grey.

During the Presidential Debate candidate Mitt Romney was asked about his preference for cutting funds to PBS which produces the popular kids show Sesame Street featuring Big Bird. Mitt Romney defended his plans, saying, “I love Bird Bird.” Thus Big Bird costumes in all their yellow variations began flying off the shelves. Big Bird is not the only Sesame Street character converted into Halloween costume. Halloween costume stores also sell sassy versions of the Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, and Oscar the Grouch. None of these costumes have seen such a huge increase in demand as the sassy Big Bird costume.

Halloween costume website told ABC News “that although its original Big Bird costume sold out before the first presidential debate, it saw a 500 percent increase in sales for the women’s ‘sassy Big Bird adult costume’ post-debate. The ‘sassy’ rendition of the beloved ‘Sesame Street’ character is a short, yellow-ruffled dress with orange knee-highs and pink accents. The costume comes complete with a bird headband. According to Costume Craze, the Big Bird costume’s counterparts – the sassy Cookie Monster and the sassy Elmo costume – were selling at the same rate as Big Bird predebate but saw no significant sales increase since Romney’s avian name drop.”

Democrats in Austin, Texas are flocking after sassy Big Bird to Costume World according to CEO Marilynn Wick. “We have four store locations, and all of them are selling out of the Big Bird costumes,” he said. According to ABC News “Wick said that this year’s couples costume winners were Big Bird and Obama, as a pair, and its counterpart, Big Bird and Romney ‘with a machine gun doing Big Bird in.’ “