Lytro Digital Camera

Lytro Reaches Retail Stores, Adds Manual Controls

The awesomeness that is the Lytro camera has arrived, and the light-field camera has added manual controls. Users can now change the camera’s settings to provide for more control over various shot parameters. For example, users can now change the camera’s shutter speed and adjust ISO settings as required.

The update to the camera also brings with it two new colors: “Seaglass” and “Moxie Pink.”

The Lytro offers ISO levels between 80 and 3200, and shutter speeds can be set between 1/250 and 8 seconds.

Lytro has also added the ability to turn on a Neutral Density Filter, which can adjust the amount of light captured in extremely bright settings. Also included is an Auto Exposure Lock, which stops the device’s exposure from changing when the camera is being moved.

While already included on new Lytro cameras that will come to market, the settings can also be applied to already on-sale devices.

You can pick up your first Lytro camera now for $400 with 8GB memory. Lytro also offers a custom camera case for $60 extra or a camera sleeve for $30.

If you haven’t had a chance to play with the camera, which allows for focusing of photos after they have been taken you can, give it a try by clicking on any part of the photo shown below:

Lytro could potentially be opening itself up to an entirely new market with its light-field cameras, and, based on early reviews, that could be very good for amateur and professional photographers who are looking for something new and exciting to try out.