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Church Of The End Times: Alleged Cult Leaders Arrested In Massachusetts [Video]

Uxbridge, MA – Two brothers who are suspected of leading a cult were charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace charges. Pastor David Stanley and his brother Dennis operate The Church Of The End Times out of the same building that houses their driveway paving business. The non-traditional religious structure is the least unusual aspect of the alleged details associated with the Massachusetts church.

Both area residents and family members have accused the Stanley brothers of engaging in cultish behavior with a religious fervor twist. Brainwashing concerns have been voiced along with complaints about other rituals which are considered to out-of-place with a mainstream Christian church.

Andrea Gault, the mother of the suspected cult leaders, is also speaking out about the goings-on inside The Church Of The End Times, The Blaze reports. She claims the church is a “crazy, crazy, crazy, place.”

Gaualt had this to say during an interview with CBS News.

“It’s definitely a cult. I just don’t know what to do except try to bring the church down. I love my sons. But I pray this nightmare will be over soon.”

A YouTube video of Pastor David Stanley supposedly casting a demon out of a young man has been called “disturbing” by some viewers. Dennis’ wife, Beth Stanley, is also an outspoken critic of the church, which is rumored to be a cult. She now has a restraining order against the man who was once her high school sweetheart.

Beth had this to say about the alleged cult activities at The Church Of End Times and her husband:

“When your husband brings home 10 girls and tells you to sleep downstairs while he sleeps upstairs with them, you realize it’s the end. He’s been brainwashed by his bother. He wants to live the life of a rock star, adored by many women through that fan club at church.”

Dennis Stanley denies his wife’s allegations, chalking up the discontent about the church with jockeying for a better position during divorce proceedings. Local police officers reportedly had concerns about the brothers Stanley and the alleged cult activities, but the legal drama did not begin until officers attempted to exercise the restraining order.