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Lisa Lampanelli Opens Up About Weight Loss Surgery

Lisa Lampanelli Opens Up About Weight Loss Surgery

Lisa Lampanelli was known as a comic who was big, funny, and mean. Now she’s just funny and mean.

The comedian and Celebrity Apprentice contestant shocked many followers last month when she showed off her 80-pound weight loss and this week spoke about what it finally took for her to attack her weight issues head on.

As Zap2It noted, Lisa Lampanelli finally decided to treat her food problem like the addiction that it is. Appearing on The Dr. Oz Show this week, she talked about her decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, which makes a patient’s stomach smaller to limit food intake.

Lisa Lampanelli said:

“I tried every single thing imaginable – diet, exercise. I even bought a house on the health spa property and I still gained weight. For 32 years, from 18 to 50, I tried everything on the planet, and once I had a clean slate with that I said, ‘You know what? Nothing’s working for me. I’m going to treat this like the addiction that it is. I’m going to get this surgery and use it as a tool. That’s all it is, a tool to help me get over it.”

But now, the comedian says she is empowered to make better food decisions.

“I order food like a normal human being,” Lisa Lampanelli said. “If I’m out to lunch I’m going to order three courses like everybody else. I’m not going to feel like some kind of freak. So I always order soup, dessert and a sandwich or whatever main course. But then the idea is you have to eat such a small portion of it and bring the rest home.”

Though she lost weight, Lisa Lampenelli hasn’t lost her sharp sense of humor, People noted. When Dr. Oz said that her normal meal looks like a snack to him, she quipped, “You’re a skinny guy. What can I tell you? You’re the people we hate.”

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67 Responses to “Lisa Lampanelli Opens Up About Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. Jenn Kerr

    excuses excuses… if you don't change your lifestyle even this surgery isn't going to keep you thin forever.

  2. Alan Gill

    Lifestyle change is the key, the surgery was just a shortcut for not wanting to tdo the hard work!

  3. Robyn Hohensee

    She will gain it back if she doesn't changer her eating habits and discipline herself to exercise. It does take hard work. It isn't easy. There is no miracle cure for obesity.

  4. Anonymous

    I lost 80 pounds in roughly 5 months with proper diet and exercise. Its a bit awkward at first but once you make the lifestyle change permanent it's no big deal. For me the hardest part was kicking my fast food addiction and even that was no big deal. I feel that the media and pharmaceutical industries serve as enablers for people to play the "victim" role and treat everything as if it were a disease when it's really just a personality flaw that can be corrected with a little work. Follow the money!

  5. Anonymous

    You can loose all the weight you want. You will always be a pig. You are a mean spirited disgusting slob. It has nothing to do with your weight. You are just a pig. You tried for years to loose weight? All u have to do is shut your pie hole. Don't open it up for every flying pound cake. By pass surgery is just a way to force your weak mind not to eat. Once again lisa, you will always be a pig.

  6. De'Lante Marquise Musa Aziz

    I'm so sick of people wanting to change themselves for society. Food is NOT the enemy. Portion size maybe, but food was put on this earth for a reason. There are plenty of big people who are healthier than "in shape" ones who smoke everyday and drink alot. Some big people just can't take the weight off because it's stored fat. The surgery can help. But if it's just to "eat less" you could do that without the surgery. The surgery should be to take off the excess stored body fat that just wont come off naturally.

  7. Cindi Catwalk Sprock

    Love her and I'm happy to hear she did something about her weight! YOU GO GIRL!

  8. Dianne Osborn

    I don't know about some of the choices of guests of Dr. Oz. There is this pathetic woman and then he has Montel Williams to talk about his hard life and staying high. The same Montel Willliams that suggested Sarah Palin slit her wrists and throat. Good going Oz!

  9. Eric Bruce II

    Hate her as much as you like, but I bet she's smart enough to be able to make the distinction between "loose" and "lose".

  10. Yvonne Maldonado Vasquez

    I have zero respect for this hateful woman! She can be as skinny as a board, but that will never change the gigantic size of her mean spirit and spiteful heart. All of the money in the world won't change that!

  11. Anonymous

    Briveadus!, I agree with you. I never really paid much attention to her but when she was on apprentice and treated others like total crap, i saw her for what she is. PIG. you nailed it, she disgusts me and she is still fat by the way…

  12. Dorothy Higgins

    My husband and I stopped watching donald trumps show because of her…………I wouldn't have even noticed her weight…… was her vulger language and rude and disgusting behavior that most everyone will remember. I feel very sorry for her and really sorry that Donald Trump aired such a performance…..they should both be ashamed for bringing that into American family households……….when is it going to be enough?

  13. Anonymous

    Eric Bruce II it's a typo you freak!!! What are you 10 years old…….

  14. Steve Ehrlich

    Weight loss hasn't changed her mean disposition. What is this woman's problem that her comedy has to be so vicious toward both men and women. You can't just say it's an act and in real life she's a sweetheart. Even Don Rickles has never been able to sell his insult humor completely although I've heard he's a very generous man.

  15. Mark Cianfarani

    wonder! if she still bangs the black guy's! . she's alway's saying. once you go black. you never go back???? just that gastric surgey id bologne. get ct opened. to oose some pondage??? se shoul have en a plastic surgeon.

  16. Wazir Muhammad

    I used to be fat, then I started excercising and lost 30 pounds. looking to burn more with a little hard work.

    that's the problem with america hard work is for the stupid and poor these days.
    BTW she isn't funny.

  17. Drew Pierce

    Actually, after her run on Apprentice, she's just "mean"…

  18. James Owens

    Just shut up. I'll bet you're the type person who would have something sarcastic to say to a person in cancer remission. And your glasses suck.

  19. Jon Vreeland

    I put this on Jon's facebook by accident. I'm his Dad. We have the same first name. I was responding to an article on Yahoo.

  20. Lori Carson

    I had weight loss surgery and Lisa is correct in saying it is a tool. It is not a cure-all. Lifestyle change has to happen and with the excellent program I am there is counseling, group support, cooking and nutrition classes, regular check-ups to evaluate progress, and a fitness trainer. This is a complete program. Weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way. Food is just as much an addiction as drugs or alcohol. You have to change your habits, beliefs and patterns. Weight loss surgery changes your body – forever. I'm much happier and healthier now than I ever was before.

    That said, I still wish when they removed part of her stomach her vulgarness could have been removed too! She is NOT the person I would use to promote weight loss surgery. Slimer or not, she is still a pig as many others have said.

  21. Kelli Peek Athas

    LOVE Lisa Lampanelli!!! So happy for her…and the folks that hate her because she's the "Queen of Mean" & the Truth…we DON'T necessarily WANT to hear!!! BUT I love it cause I've developed tough skin over the years!

  22. Susan Kerr

    With weight loss surgery, one must live a life of eating healthy and exercising…or the surgery will be for naught.

  23. Eric Bruce II

    You clearly don't even know what a typographical error is, otherwise it would be clear to you that this person typed "loose" intentionally not once but *twice*…and probably struggles with "you're" and "your", "they're", "there", and "their" as well. If you're going to lower yourself to name-calling on the internet towards a person you have never met or will ever meet, perhaps you should at least have some grasp of the English language. Half the world is bordering on illiterate these days, I swear. Now shhhhh…grown-ups are talking.

  24. Anonymous

    I think she is great, BUT gastric bypass is not a solution, a close family member had the surgery and lost over 120lbs and put 80 lbs back in in less than 5 years, she did nothing about changing her diet or exercise habits, quick fix magic wand solutions don't work! and now another family member is going under the knife , I just shake my head, diet and exercise is the only real solution, the doctors who do this surgery should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. Jenn Kerr

    Lol I'm stating facts your the one just being a jerk. I like my glasses so *shrug*

  26. Jenn Kerr

    Lol I need to post a full body shot of myself? Don't like what I say but I've known 3 people who have had that surgery and contrary to popular believe it is not an easy fix. If you go back to your old ways you will gain the weight back. Carnie Wilson is proof of that. Cancer patients don't have a choice in getting cancer so bad analogy.

  27. Alan Joseph

    I've seen her big and mean. I don't recall her ever being funny. Ever see her in Comedy Central's Roasts? The only people who laughed at her material were the ones who were high.

  28. Justine Baptiste

    Completely agree with you Eric! LOL Teach them something!!

  29. Tess Goodman

    mdhonze If it were a typo, the poster most likely wouldn't have made it twice in a row. 😉

  30. Anonymous

    "So I always order soup, dessert and a sandwich.." A three-course lunch? No wonder she's fat! How 'bout a small salad and half sandwich and skip the dessert. But why bother when you can just have surgery to compensate for a lack of self-control.

  31. Kimmie Braunthal

    I like that she's changing her lifestyle choices. She isn't doing this as a diet, but as a life change while learning portion control (which, I admit, I could do better at following). I hope she keeps it going, at least maintaining the 80 lb loss, because now there's a lot less pressure on her body (and therefore maybe she'll be nicer once the "fat shield" is gone and she doesn't need the protection anymore).

  32. Larry Sieraski

    "Lisa Lampanelli was known a comic"? Nice english dumb ass….

  33. Jonathan Billig

    A typo is when your finger accidentally hits the wrong key. When you misspell a word over and over and over, it means you are stupid.

  34. Damon Heaton

    mdhonze If he were 10 he wouldn't have the mental capacity to correct the grammar. Shut up, being educated and showing you can represent your thoughts eloquently is actually a good thing.

  35. Ben Wright

    Why do people come on here JUST to hate. CLEARLY you all on here saying how she isn't funny, she is horrrble, blah blah blah are in the minority as this bitch has gotten rich and famous off of what she is doing. Get over your self and realize when you make a statement like that it just makes you look like a hater and an idiot.

  36. Ben Wright

    Actually that mean spirit of hers is what GOT her all that money. She is as you know a COMEDIAN and that is her act and persona……

  37. NickandMichelle Naperta

    You folks must not have seen her on Celebrity Apprentice. That was no act. She is the most vile and mean-spirited person ever.

  38. Jenn Kerr

    I think a real part of the problem is psychologically people who get this surgery are not prepared. If you are honest with yourself and know that you arent being healthy and go into it thinking this will help me lose the weight and get into a better frame of mind to be healthy its one thing…. but yeah, people think it's just a simple fix and for most people with food addiction it really isn't that simple! I think some sort of therapy should be required as part of it… It's all about compensating too… everyone deals with stress differently and if you take away being able to eat from the equation that can lead to a whole different problem.

  39. Yvonne Maldonado Vasquez

    Jason Pigott, maybe YOU need to work on YOURSELF if you think money is the only thing of value in a person. You don't have to be mean and vicious to be successful in life. You'll find that out when you grow up a little.

  40. Yvonne Maldonado Vasquez

    Ben Wright, I'm glad you feel like money justifies her behavior, but you don't have to be a bully to be successful in this life. Cruelty offends me and her meanness is no act. In her case, it's the real thing and I certainly have a right to my own opinion about that.

  41. Ben Wright

    If that is your image you have to stick to it whenever you are on the camera. Its called show business. IF she truly was that horrible of a person she would never get booked on things.

  42. Ben Wright

    Yvonne Maldonado Vasquez I never said you didnt have the right to your opinion. All I did was state mine which is my right also. We just see this differently. I never said money justified her behavior, i said that is what made her the money. Those are two different things.

  43. Yvonne Maldonado Vasquez

    Whatever Ben Wright, but it sure sounds like you were defending the way she earned that money. BTW, I'm sure there are plenty who are of the same opinion you are. That's the American way, right? But I just don't want to spend another second talking about that vile woman.

  44. James Owens

    You just continue to run your mouth about people and their plights. I believe you are a self absorbed person who lives to ridicule and berate others. But I'm probably wrong you're more than likely an unusual looking pudgy girl watching South Park with outdated eye glass frames you purchased because someone told you they are cool.

  45. Cole Funn

    Why in the world is she a trending topic? I hope she lost all her nastiness too.

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