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Teresa Giudice Questions ‘What The Hell Is Going On’ With Jacqueline Laurita

Teresa Giudice decided that she wanted to go to Vermont with her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars instead of staying home with her husband, Joe Giudice. It was only a few weeks before Joe was turning himself in to serve over three years, so it makes sense that Teresa would want to spend time with her husband and her children. But Giudice decided to go with the ladies to Vermont because she thought that it would be a calming experience since everyone got along. However, it didn’t take more than a few hours for the drama to start.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is now speaking out about the first half of the Vermont trip, and she’s questioning why Jacqueline Laurita is causing so many issues within the cast. At first, she and Jacqueline had made peace after an explosive fight in Laurita’s kitchen, where Jacqueline downright called Teresa Giudice a criminal. But after apologizing and deciding to move forward, Giudice thought that they could keep the peace. This episode proved that her co-star was talking about her behind her back.

“Before we went away, Jacqueline and I had made up and were getting along. I was happy about that. But everything that happened with her on this episode made me start to question her again. Whenever there was drama on this episode, Jacqueline was involved,” Teresa Giudice points out, revealing that she notices when Jacqueline is involved with the drama, and she is surprised that she’s the root cause of everything.

Clearly, Giudice isn’t too happy about this as she made an effort to keep the peace with Jacqueline. Teresa wanted to get along, but she was sacrificing time with her husband for the sake of her co-stars, and she wanted to move forward. But when Jacqueline was talking to Kim D about her and Melissa, and when Laurita called Teresa Giudice’s cousins behind her back, Teresa started questioning whether she was truly a great friend.


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“She started stirring the pot when she called Kathy and Rosie to find out what happened when we met to talk things over — with Siggy and Dolores sitting right there. Really? Why is she so interested in issues I am having with my family?”

Giudice really started questioning her friendship, and she didn’t know whether Laurita was genuine. Rather than call Teresa to hear about how it went with Rosie Pierri and Kathy Wakile, she decided to call Kathy to get the scoop. Teresa Giudice may have felt that her friend went behind her back, and things only unfolded on the drive to Vermont.

“On our lonnnng bus ride to the spa, Jacqueline started going on and on about my meeting with Kathy and Rosie -– again! She said she didn’t think I was clear enough with them about the future of our relationship. I mean, why does she care? She also got into it with Robyn on the bus ride. As Jacqueline sat there arguing with Robyn, I was thinking, ‘What is going on with her?'” Teresa Giudice revealed on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The second part of the trip hasn’t aired yet, and Teresa might react differently when she learns about the aftermath of the drama with her co-star. Giudice might question why Laurita is acting the way she is, and why she’s holding on to such much anger.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s blog about Laurita? Do you think she should keep her distance as her co-star didn’t seem like a trustworthy friend to have?

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