‘Power’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Explosive Ending Creates Perfect Build-Up To Season 4

The third season of Power concluded with an explosive cliffhanger that will leave fans patiently awaiting summer 2017. For those who missed it, the episode began with FBI Agent Greg Knox waiting for Ruiz to meet him with the recording of his meeting with Milan. But, of course, Ruiz never showed up because Tommy killed him the night before.

When Knox was called about Ruiz’s body being found, he immediately made his way to the scene in hopes of finding the recorder. Although he succeeded, the conversation still did not offer enough evidence to implicate Ghost and tie him to the murder of Phillipe Lobos. Still perplexed about Lobos’ murder, Knox contacts the Federales for more information about an inquiry made from his office. After gathering more information, Knox is sure Angela is his leak. He even gets a bit desperate and pulls Ghost over hoping that he can convince him to snitch on Angela, but of course, he declines.

Meanwhile, Ghost is doing damage control to ensure he covers his tracks since he didn’t have a chance to meet with Ruiz about the audio recording. Later that evening, Ghost sneaks into Knox’s apartment hoping to steal any incriminating evidence he may find, but when he leaves, he makes one big mistake that later comes back to haunt him.

Just as Ghost is working, so is Knox. Although the audio doesn’t blatantly incriminate Ghost, Tommy can be heard admitting that they did kill Lobos. So, of course, Knox believes he can somehow tie Angela and Ghost to the murder. Desperate to bring down Angela and Ghost, he decides to tell Sandoval everything he knows. When Sandoval arrives at his home, they discuss everything Knox knows, but he’s interrupted when the phone rings. The Federales returned his call and confirmed Sandoval actually made the incriminating inquiry. At that moment, Knox finally puts everything together but’s far too late. When he confronts Sandoval, things quickly take a turn for the worse and Knox is killed.

Angela arrives at Knox’s apartment only to find a crime scene. She immediately speculates Ghost may have killed him. So, she starts digging. She managed to lift Ghost’s fingerprints from the window sill. When he left the apartment after sneaking in, he removed his gloves to seal the window – and touched the glass with his bare hand.

Then, there’s Tariq. Of course, he’s still hanging with Kanan. But, now Kanan’s kicking things up a notch. He sends him on a mission that gets him entangled with the cops – sort of. But, he soon learns the mission was nothing more than a test of loyalty. He meets Kanan’s cousin, Jukebox, the dirty cop from D.C. who made an appearance earlier this season. She also brings along a sideman. Although Tariq is quite fond of his new friends, he’s totally unaware that he’s nothing more than a pond. After getting him drunk, he passes out, which puts Kanan’s sinister plan into motion.

The scenes shift to Ghost’s big party at Truth. He’s preparing to finally seal the deal with Karen Bassett. Once the papers are signed, Milan is ready to make his move and kill Ghost, but surprisingly, he and Tommy have other plans. The duo, with the help of Dre, managed to apprehend Milan’s men and bring him down once and for all.

After murdering Milan, Ghost passes Tommy the torch and officially considers himself out of the game, but of course, things don’t go according to plan. What Ghost doesn’t know is that Tommy has his own plan – selling drugs through all of his clubs. What will Ghost do when he finds out?

Although Tommy’s admission left fans reeling, there’s more. Once Ghost returns to the party inside the club to celebrate his victory, the moment of glory is cut short when Angela arrives – to arrest him. That’s right. Angela arrests Ghost for the murder of Agent Greg Knox.

Then, lastly, things shift to Tasha. When she arrives home, relieved that Milan is dead, she asks Reina where Tariq is. Reina revealed she called him and he didn’t answer. She also told her mother he was probably with his new friend Slim, an old friend of Ghost, Tommy, and Dre. Tasha immediately has a sense of dread, wondering how could “Slim” possibly be.

When she called Tariq, she received no answer. Then, a text message reply came from Tariq phone. The message included a photo of a drugged Tariq sitting next to a man cropped out of the picture. However, it doesn’t take Tasha long to realize who the man is. Then, another message is sent to Tasha indicating that they’ll have to pay to get Tariq back. Then, the finale ends.

Of course, Power fans are reeling from the explosive cliffhangers and there are tons of questions about what’s going to happen next. How will Ghost get out of this one? He’s now in jail facing murder charges while Tariq is being held hostage. Then, there’s the club. With Ghost in jail and the deal on the table that will allow the clubs to expand, it’s a given Tommy will be doing things his way, which will most likely create more problems. The notorious mastermind, known for maintaining control of situations, now has nothing under control and his life is spiraling out of control once again.

As expected, the explosive finale has inspired all kinds of reactions from social media users. However, most are livid with Angela’s last blow to Ghost. Ironically, he was arrested for the one murder he actually didn’t commit and the love of his life is the one who brought him down. The memes are already circulating on Twitter.

Season 4 of Power will definitely return with a vengeance next summer.

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