The Willis Clan

Toby Willis Of ‘The Willis Clan’ Arrested For One Count Of Rape On A Child

The Willis Clan is a show that airs on TLC all about the Willis family. They have a huge following, and the family travels around the world performing their music. Now, shocking news is out about this family. News Channel 5 shared the shocking news that the father, Toby Willis, has been arrested on one count of rape on a child. Special Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested and charged Toby Nathaniel Willis today. This investigation started on August 29 and has been ongoing.

This encounter happened about 12 years ago with an underage female. Toby Willis would have already been married and had children older than her at that time. The investigation is still on-going. He was actually arrested in Greenville, Kentucky, because Toby Willis had allegedly gone there to try and avoid the police. That didn’t work out for him, though. At this time, there is no word on if this child was related to Willis or just someone they knew or encountered. There is a lot of speculation going on right now as this news is just coming out.

Toby Willis won’t be coming home anytime soon either. He is being held at the Muhlenberg County Jail without bond and won’t be able to get out of jail. Eventually, Willis will face extradition to Cheatham County, but he won’t be able to bond out once he gets there either. Toby may end up having to stay in jail for a while no matter what his side of the story is, or if he has money to be able to bail out.

Fans are looking for a press release or some information from the Willis family, but at this time they are not speaking out. Hopefully, they will share something with fans, but that may not happen for a long time. Their last post on Facebook was eight hours ago and was just a post of their young child that they were sharing with fans. Since the news came out about Toby Willis being arrested, they have gone silent, and it will probably stay that way for a bit.

Toby Willis is the father of 12 children. His fans have really enjoyed watching him with his children on the show. You get to learn all about them, but also see their musical talents. This news about Toby is shocking to fans, and they just don’t know what to think. Toby has never had something like this come up before.

When Josh Duggar got in trouble for a sex scandal, TLC canceled their show immediately. The show, 19 Kids and Counting, was taken off the air, but later brought back as Counting On. This new show still features the Duggar family, but not Josh. It would be really surprising if The Willis Clan wasn’t canceled after this arrest, no matter the end result of his trial.

When news came out that Mama June Shannon was dating someone who had been arrested for child molestation, they also canceled her show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. TLC doesn’t take something like this lightly, but it is pretty shocking that shows that are on their station keep having things like this come up. Maybe they will look into the past of people in the future before putting them on their reality show.

Are you shocked to hear that Toby Willis of The Willis Clan was arrested on a rape charge? Do you feel like the show will be canceled just like 19 Kids and Counting was when news came out about Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Toby Willis’ big arrest that went down today.

Update: TMZ shared an update today about the case. They said, “Sources close to the show tell us the family was informed in May by TLC it wouldn’t be picked up for a third season. We’re also told the network did extensive background checks on Toby and his family but nothing raised any red flags. A rep for the networks tells us they haven’t aired an episode of the show since April and they are, “shocked to hear the news.”

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