halloween friday the 13th 666 years internet hoax

Halloween Is Falling On Friday The 13th For The First Time In 666 Years – No, It Isn’t

The internet is far too full of this kind of hoax and that kind of scam, and they are all over the place, but it takes a lack of attention to make it go viral. Once again, that is what’s happening as fall begins to settle in and Halloween draws near. A very popular meme/hoax is making the rounds again this year and it is the one that states that for the first time in 666 years, Halloween is going to fall on Friday the 13th.

That would be truly spooky and frightening if it were even remotely possible.

As you can see by the Jack Skellington-themed meme, 2016 is the first time in 666 years that Halloween is going to fall on Friday the 13th. Oddly enough, it was a spooky fact in 2015 and it was also set to happen in 2014 as well.

Once again, the idea of the two creepy days coexisting is going around and people are sharing it on all forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter. That has led to others believing it and also passing it around so that it begins trending.

When it comes to the world of the internet hoax, there are all kinds out there and the celebrity death hoax is one of the biggest. There are those that make people think that they will have money given to them by people such as Mark Zuckerberg, and that’s simply by copying and pasting a status update.

They won’t.

Just like 99 percent of those hoaxes not actually coming true, this latest (yet repeated) hoax is not going to come true either.

That would be spooky and all that, but it’s just not something that is even close to happening. With those kinds of statements, others are firing back with tongue-in-cheek responses.

People either want to believe hoaxes like this or they simply read it quickly, don’t think a whole lot about it, and it starts to go viral. It’s more of a “gullibility joke” than an actual hoax as reported by Snopes, and it is something that is used to poke fun at those that fall for it.

There are many who have never seen the joke and think it is brand new, but that’s not being gullible. For those that fall for it, they are being ridiculed publicly; one woman on Twitter claims her brother, who is going to Oxford, happened to fall for the Halloween “fact.”

No one should feel bad about this as everyone has had a gullible moment or two in their lifetime, but sharing it on social media gives your absent-mindedness a much larger audience.

halloween friday the 13th 666 years internet hoax
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The internet hoax sometimes is worded a bit differently than the meme above with some things taken out or added in. Every now and then, there will be the idea of a full moon being thrown into the mix as well, but it doesn’t add any credibility to the Halloween/Friday the 13th possibility.

Halloween falling on any day other than October 31 is just something that isn’t going to happen. the closest a “Friday the 13th” can get to the spooky holiday is just inside of two weeks at any given time, even if it’s 666 years or six years. No matter how cool this may sound or appear to some people, the internet hoax has no real way of ever becoming true.

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