The Big Brother 18 game will end in a month and things have changed regarding HOH and POV week by week.

‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Catch Up Week By Week On The Game So Far, Including HOH And POV Comp Results

Only seven players remain in the Big Brother 18 house as the season careens to an end in just one short month on September 21, according to Big Brother Network. For those who have forgotten just how Natalie Negrotti, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, Nicole Franzel, Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and James Huling made it this far in the game, below is a week by week breakdown of competition wins and evictions that have taken place over the season.


The first night in the Big Brother 18 house, the veteran players, Nicole, James, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Frank Eudy, were told to pick from the rookie players in order to create teams of four.

Nicole chose Corey, Tiffany Rousso, and Glenn Garcia; James chose Natalie, Bronte D’Acquisto, and Victor; Da’Vonne picked Zakiyah Everette, Jozea Flores, and Paul; Frank picked Paulie Calafiore, Bridgette Dunning, and Michelle.

It should be noted that Nicole’s team lost the first challenge, resulting in Glenn being booted from the game without ever being nominated for eviction.

Week 1

Nicole won the first Head of Household (HOH) of Season 18, and nominated Jozea as the target for eviction, and Paulie, as a pawn.

The Roadkill competition began during this week, and Frank was the victor.

As such, Frank was given the task of nominating yet another cast member for eviction, and chose Paul.

Paul won the Power of Veto (POV) and saved himself from the chopping block. Because Paul was the Roadkill nominee, Frank was required to replace him and did so with Bridgette. Jozea was voted out of the game.

Week 2

Paulie won the HOH challenge and nominated Paul and Bronte for eviction. Victor won the Roadkill competition and nominated Tiffany.

Paulie won the POV and saved Paul, replacing him with Victor, who was evicted.

Week 3

Bridgette was this week’s HOH. She put Paul and Tiffany on the chopping block.

Frank was once again victorious during the Roadkill challenge and nominated Bronte. Bridgette won the POV and kept her nominations intact.

Bronte was evicted from the game.

Week 4

Paulie won the HOH designation for the second time this season and chose to nominate Natalie and Tiffany for eviction, with Natalie considered a pawn.

Tiffany won the Roadkill competition, the last one of the season, and nominated Corey for eviction. Corey wasn’t on the chopping block for long, as he won the POV and saved himself.

Thus, Tiffany replaced her Roadkill nominee with Da’Vonne.

Ultimately, Tiffany walked out the door on eviction night.

Week 5

The HOH this week was James, who picked Frank and Bridgette to sit on the eviction block.

Michelle won the POV and chose not to use it, sending Frank out the front door of the Big Brother 18 abode.

It was this week that Victor returned to the game after winning the Battle Back competition, which gave the first five evictees the chance to fight it out to get back into the house, Big Brother Access reports.

Week 6

Paul was victorious in the HOH challenge and nominated Bridgette and Paulie – both pawns in Paul’s plan – as the true target was Da’Vonne.

As fate would have it, Paulie won the POV and saved himself from being at risk for eviction. Paul’s scheme, which was really orchestrated by Paulie, went as planned and Da’Vonne was his replacement nominee.

Da’Vonne was evicted and became the first member of the Big Brother 18 jury.

Additionally, Natalie received the first of America’s Care Packages giving her a Never Not pass, meaning she will never be required to be a Have Not again the entirety of the game.

Week 7

Victor won the HOH challenge and picked Zakiyah and Michelle to face eviction.

Paulie won the POV and was expected to remove his showmance partner, Zakiyah, from the block.

Paulie decided not to save her and Zakiayah was evicted, sending her to jury.

James was the recipient of the second Care Package, allowing him to bar two houseguests from voting during the eviction. He chose Paul and Corey, which aided in Zakiyah’s eviction.

Week 7.5

Corey won the quickie HOH during double eviction night and nominated Bridgette and Michelle for eviction.

Corey also won the POV and kept his nominations the same, sending Bridgette out the door.

Week 8

Victor was the HOH winner for a second time and set his sights on a Big Brother 18 house target: Paulie.

Corey was also nominated for eviction, but was simply a pawn.

Paulie was evicted and sent to the jury house.

Nicole won the Care Package, which gave her safety from being nominated for eviction for the week.

Week 9

Natalie is this week’s HOH challenge champion and nominated Victor and Paul for eviction. Paul won the POV, thus it is expected he will take himself off the block, which will require Natalie to nominate another houseguest. She has vowed not to nominate a female and is in a showmance with James, so if she maintains this stance, her only alternative for a replacement nominee is Corey.

There has been talk that Victor is now the eviction target, but if Corey is on the block next to him, and Paul, who wants to keep Victor in the Big Brother 18 house, can do some convincing, there’s a possibility Corey will be evicted.

Michelle won the week 9 Care Package giving her the designation of co-HOH. Therefore, she was responsible for making one of this week’s nominations along with Natalie.

One of the first five jurors, including the player evicted Thursday, will be vying to re-enter the house, which is a twist that has not yet been revealed to the houseguests.

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