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Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters [Video]

howard stern harlem interviews

Howard Stern enjoys stepping away from the studio occasionally and dipping his toes into political waters. The shock jock once again took to the streets of Harlem and interviewed folks who plan on voting for President Barack Obama in November. Stern conducted a similar project in 2008. The undertaking was not an entirely serious endeavor, and the radio personality readily admitted that he did not chat with a diverse set of voters and set up some questions in a leading way; the man is, after all, an entertainer and not a serious newsman.

Some of the results of the relatively tongue-in-cheek interview session may make conservatives laugh and liberals cringe, but Howard Stern’s political survey should raise concerns for all Americans, regardless of party loyalty. The vast number of citizens who are uninformed about even the most rudimentary workings of government or the state of current affairs is depressing. Although the Stern man on the street interviews may have been geared to showcase Obama supporters, it is doubtful that all Mitt Romney supporters are as aware of important issues as they should be either.

Modern technology allows everyone to educate themselves about the differences between the two major party platforms. A few simple clicks on a laptop keyboard would reveal far more details than a partisan commercial, but apparently a startling number of potential voters are still confused about what each candidates stands for even though there are only a few weeks remaining until the election.

Howard Stern’s Harlem interviews revealed that some prospective voters do not realize that Osama bin Laden is dead, according to The View. Some participants believe Mitt Romney is pro-choice, Barack Obama is pro-life, and Paul Ryan is the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, The Blaze notes.

The political survey results are far from scientific but do clearly illustrate that neither candidate has done an exemplary job of getting their respective messages across to voters. The video below does feature Howard Stern’s comments on the interviews, so it may be a good idea not to watch at work or with children in the room.

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60 Responses to “Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters [Video]”

  1. Conrad Thiede

    this should scary you to think an election is in the hands of these dumb shits. It would be funny if it wasn't so said how uninformed people really are. But, I betcha if you asked them about the Kardashians they would know everything about them. Again, sad comment on our society.

  2. Richard Hartman

    It's sad that anybody is that stupid and yet, these are a core constituency of his.

  3. Richard Hartman

    It's sad that anybody is that stupid and yet, these are a core constituency of his.

  4. Paul Braasch

    This country deservers whatever it gets…and it pains me to say that. Pure ignorance and apathy.

  5. John Beal

    listened to this the other day. people really are stupid. then i saw this link

  6. Rickey Demouchette

    Rickey Demouchette

    what if some one told Howard Stern that he and his people Have no historical affiliation.
    with Israel except for the Belfur treaty of 1947 when they occupied Palestine after Hitler exterminated them out of Germany since he wishes to make mockery of my people.

  7. Mimi Gibbs DuPree

    Unfortunately this sort of ignorance is not the characteristic of any one voting group or demographic – or even country, for that matter. A friend's daughter just completed her first year at the University of Durham, where her British peers were shocked to learn that where she hailed from had once been (could that be right?!) a British colony.

  8. Anonymous

    if people don't want to be made a mockery of get informed. Please…if you dont know basics-Romeny is white, Obama is not Muslim, Paul Ryan is the GOP VP, Bin laden is dead, Romney not Obama is pro choice- thats your fault not sterns. Oh yeah, way to get personal and not look at the fact that most voters not just people in Harlem are uneducated on the facts when they vote.

  9. Anonymous

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  10. Anonymous

    I was wondering how Obama could be leading with the disaster of his first 4 years…Now I know..

  11. Anonymous

    I was wondering how Obama could be leading with the disaster of his first 4 years…Now I know..

  12. John Iorii

    The average US voter IS quite ignorant of current events. My young voter students are proof enough when I ask Monday morning what happened over the weekend in world or national affairs. I wish we could require a 10 question civics test to vote.

  13. Maggie Handel

    You're delusional. Since when has NE ohio become so heavily populated with the 1%? We're all 1, 12 or 18 pay checks or a catastrophic illness away from Romney's disdainful 47 percent. Really, because you're livin sooooo large in Elyria Ohio? Really? It's practically the Harlem of Ohio. Wake up!

  14. Carlo Ciccone

    I don't live in Elyria and what does that have to do with anything? When you listen to people being interviewed, it tells me that they have no clue at all, what is going on in this country.

  15. Anonymous

    holy craps! now that is scary. these people are not qualified to vote. no wonder this country is going to the shithole!

  16. Donna Gail Dunn

    I'm curious, what IS in that Kool Aid that all the Democrats are drinking anyway? Some kind of hypnotic potion? An image of a Pied Piper comes to mind with tons of DemocRATS following Obuma to their demise.

  17. Angie Brossard

    Connie…Please tell me why you think romney will be a good president?? What qualifies him for the job?? Lets see who's dumber than a rock….

  18. Katrina Coffer

    Who cares who Stern votes for ANYWAY… HE JUST MADE THE DEMOCRATS LOOK STUPID. Especially when the democrat voting for Obama is mocking the democrats basically…?? doesn't make sense does it…?

  19. Gale Tibbetts

    Maybe if the major phone companies who greedily took the government grants to provide rural americans with access to the internet but then only ran cable and didn't install the necessary parts to make it work more people could just point and click to get the facts. just sayin

  20. Margo McKinney

    Yes, these are the voters. No wonder this country is headed straight to hell in a hand basket, at warp speed.

  21. Al DeLeon

    Look at you guys in the comments, creaming yourselves over your confirmation bias. The research done in this article is weaksauce.

    1) Howard does not personally go out and interview people for these bits (yeah, bits–they are nothing remotely similar to surveys).

    2) This is no way "a project" or anything that's uncommon to the show. Howard sends someone out to interview all kinds of groups constantly, and puts the craziest/funniest responses on the air, from people who attend "Brony" conventions to homeless people to NASCAR fans.

    3) Is the author completely unaware of the notorious interviews the show conducted with Tea Partiers or people who attended Glenn Beck's rally? In fact, just last week, the aforementioned NASCAR fans interview aired. Guess what? All of them Southern, white, deeply conservative, stupid, racist and voting for Romney (though one guy couldn't get his name right). At least the author acknowledges that both camps have their share of dumb-dumbs (as Artie Lange would say). Oh and yes, the Tea Party and Glenn Beck folks were at they very least just as exceptionally stupid as these pro-Obama responses and the Occupy ones.

    4) Once again, lol at you commenters.


  22. Al DeLeon

    Yup, just as Romney's core constituency are uneducated, racist, anti-semitic rednecks. How do I know? Another set of Stern interviews.

  23. Al DeLeon

    Donna Gail Dunn: Special little red, white & blue rugged individualist and yet another conservative casualty of the Downing Effect.

  24. Angie Brossard

    oh ok…and things were going so awesome in this country before he took office??? BOY you people have SHORT memory disease!! EXACTLY what is your romney going to do to better the situation???

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