Karen Pannell, Tim Permenter: ‘Six Degrees Of Murder’ Airs ‘Written In Blood’ Story Of Oldsmar, Florida, American Airlines Worker On ID

Karen Pannell, the Oldsmar, Florida, American Airlines worker who was found dead in a pool of blood in her home more than a decade ago, will have her story aired on Investigation Discovery‘s Six Degrees of Murder. In the episode, ‘The Writing On The Wall,’ Oldsmar neighbors live in fear upon hearing about the brutal death of Karen Ann Pannell. But, when a name written in blood is found on the wall, police realize that this was no random killer but someone she knew.

American Airlines Employee Found Dead In Home, Message Written In Blood On Wall

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Karen Pannell was found dead in her home in October, 2003, by her friend, Tim Permenter, who told Pinellas County detectives that he had come to the home to check on her since Karen Pannell had recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and he was unable to get in touch with her.
Once police arrived and began to process the scene, they found a pizza box with three slices missing from the box. They also found the body of Karen Pannell on the floor in a pool of blood. Above her was a message written in blood. The message contained three letters — ROC.

A Frame-Up And A List Of Male Suspects

Upon looking into the dead woman’s background, they found that ROC was the name of an ex-live-in boyfriend. With him as the number one suspect in her tragic murder, they sought more clues that could lead to an arrest. ROC denied having anything to do with the murder of Karen Pannell, and told detectives that he hadn’t seen her in several months. Detectives learned that the break-up between them had been rocky, and that Karen had started to date several men.

However, there was no evidence that ROC had anything to do with the killing. Plus, an autopsy report confirmed that Karen Pannell had not eaten pizza on the night that she was murdered, and there was no way that she could have written the letters on the wall since she had been stabbed around 16 times, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

It was then that police realized that whoever killed her was trying to frame her ex-boyfriend. They began taking a look at the man who had found the body, Tim Permenter.

**A photo where the murder took place can be seen here.

It Was Someone She Knew

It was confirmed that Tim Permenter was also an ex-boyfriend, and that Karen had recently broken up with him.

When she first met Tim, Karen Pannell had no idea that he had a violent past that included a 12-year stint in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder. When Karen learned this information, she wanted nothing to do with him and began dating other men, something that detectives say enraged an already jealous Tim Permenter.

Investigators believe that Tim Permenter came to Karen’s home to reconcile with her. But, after ordering the pizza, things escalated, and Tim retrieved a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Karen Pannell to death, then staged the scene to frame her ex.

Along with other evidence, cell phone records and fingerprints found on the pizza box eventually placed Tim Permenter at the scene. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to life in a Florida prison.

Timothy ‘Tim’ Permenter in Florida prison. He said he’d rather be on death row than to spend the rest of his life incarcerated. [Image via Florida Dept. of Corrections.]

Despite the fact that this case happened in 2003, people still love and remember Karen Pannell as a bubbly woman who enjoyed her life. Her murder has been the focus of Dateline and Forensic Files. At Find A Grave, a description of her reads like this.

“Born in Landstuhl, Germany, she was the daughter of the late Ursala M. Pannell. A graduate of Northside High School in Warner Robins, Ga., she was a former Model and Flight Attendant. For the past 12 years, she worked for American Airlines as a Customer Service Agent in Tampa, Florida.”

Be sure to tune into Six Degrees of Murder on Investigation Discovery tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central. This past Monday, Investigation Discovery dramatized the murder of Megan Barroso.

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