Marina Joyce Dead? Report Claims Popular YouTube Vlogger Found Dead After Releasing Video With Apparent Cry For Help

Marina Joyce Dead? Viral Hoax Claims Popular YouTube Vlogger Found Dead After Publishing Video With Apparent Cry For Help

Is Marina Joyce dead?

After the YouTube fashion vlogger released a strange video that appeared to contain a hidden plea for help, a report from BuzzFeed claimed that she had been found dead at the site where she called on fans to come for a meet-up.

But a quick check of facts shows the story of Joyce’s death is almost assured to be a hoax. This report came from Buzzfeed’s “community” section, which allows users to post whatever information they want.

The report claimed:

At precisely 10:03 PM GMT the Bethnal Green Police made a Press Release stating that the body found near a warehouse today when reporter by a civilian is indeed Marina Joyce. An autopsy is still in place and her family members are being informed. “People residing in Bethnal Green and surrounding areas are being told to be cautious and report any suspicious activity” – Bethnal Green Police Chief The situation is still ongoing as there is assumption that multiple people may be involved in the murder, more updates to follow.

Just a bit of digging showed that none of the facts presented in the story seemed to match up. Aside from the many errors in spelling and grammar, Bethnal Green Police also listed no press release claiming that Marina Joyce was found dead.

And another tweet from police noted that Marina was safe and well — a post listed after the Buzzfeed report claimed that Bethnal Green Police had reported the YouTube vlogger dead.

Many others seemed to pick up that the story was a hoax, trying to spread the word on Twitter and counter the rumors that Marina Joyce was dead.

The strange story surrounding Joyce had started after she posted what appeared to be a cry for help, the Express noted. In her video titled “Date outfit ideas,” Joyce could be heard faintly whispering “help me,” and in the video it appeared as if Joyce was being held against her will.

Late on Tuesday, Marina Joyce followed up that strange video with a tweet calling on fans to meet her in London’s Bethnal Green at 6:30 a.m.

“If you want to PARTTEEEYY with me? Tweet me now if you wanna party with me – I’ll put details out for where to meet soon for the day,” she wrote. “Meet me Bethnal Green at 6.30am if you would like to join partying with me,” Joyce added later.

The strange video and the subsequent tweet had fans worried, both for Marina Joyce and for people who might follow her directions to come to Bethnal Green. Twitter was flooded with the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce, and many theorized that she may have been kidnapped and forced to set up her fans for a terrorist attack.

That was the tactic used by Munich attacker David Ali Sonboly in a shooting last week that killed nine people and left 27 injured. Sonboly reportedly worked with a friend to lure local people to a McDonald’s using a Facebook post promising free food.Police have now arrested the 16-year-old boy who allegedly helped create the post.”There is a suspicion that the 16-year-old is a possible tacit accomplice to [Friday’s] attack,” the police said (via Al Jazeera).

Many Marina Joyce followers noted the Berlin attack, warning others to stay away from the Bethnal Green meet-up.

It’s not clear what might be the motivation behind the apparent Marina Joyce death hoax, though it does follow in a strange trend of stories claiming that celebrities had met an early demise. A number of other celebrities have been struck by these rumors, including a recent one claiming that British comedian Rowan Atkinson was found dead of an apparent suicide.

And if there are any fans with lingering fears that the YouTuber may actually be dead, Marina Joyce herself has come forward to say that she is all right.

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