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WWE News: WWE Set To Film Backstage Segments Of WWE Draft For WWE Network Special

We know that the brand split will be returning to the WWE starting next week officially. However, before all of that takes place, WWE will have a draft that will allow each brand to have a unique set of members to the WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown roster. Shane McMahon controls SmackDown as its commissioner, while Stephanie McMahon serves as the same role for WWE RAW. Both will be naming a General Manager tomorrow night on WWE RAW.

This person will run what Vince McMahon described as “day-to-day” operations for the brand they are part of. It is rumored that recently retired wrestling great Daniel Bryan will serve under Shane as SmackDown’s General Manager. It also expected that Triple H will return and serve as GM, interestingly under his wife, for WWE RAW. Triple H has not been seen on WWE television outside of NXT material since WrestleMania 32 where he lost the WWE World Heavyweight Title to Roman Reigns in the main event.

Triple H has of course been busy with NXT, talent relations, and the Cruiserweight Classic since WrestleMania concluded. That said, his busy nature is what kept him away for so long. It does look like he’s coming back, and it will all be for the better with he and Stephanie having to now outdo the prodigal son in Shane McMahon as he runs SmackDown. It seems WWE knows that this draft will be historic, and they know that fans will want to either relive it or know what emotions went into the entire thing with people saying goodbye to friends they made.

New Day Shane MCMahon
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That said, according to Cageside Seats, WWE is apparently set to or have already begun filming scenes for the draft that will be part of a WWE Network special. It will be a documentary that will follow the entire main draft and cover material from a variety of different perspectives. This may give us an indication that they will want to bring drama into the fold to help sell the upcoming documentary to fans more.

This means we could see friends being separated or worse, tag teams being broken up because of it. It is uncertain how WWE will go about drafting teams or factions like The New Day and Wyatt Family. Will they be drafted as a unit or one by one? That is not certain as of this writing. With New Day being the WWE Tag Team Champions, one would imagine they would have to be drafted together.

However, WWE did touch on this when the draft was announced. The draft was brought up on WWE RAW and New Day asked if they were subject to being split in it and Shane and Stephanie McMahon all but confirmed it could happen. That said, we have to wonder how the WWE Draft will go.

Roman Reigns
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With the cameras set to film all of it on television and now backstage too, it does make sense to make a big move like splitting the New Day up so that the company has drama both on television and on their WWE Network documentary. The company may also make moves that we don’t expect from them, which would be interesting to see.

The company has been treating the WWE Draft like one would treat the NFL or NBA Draft, which is a big deal for a couple reasons. If a commissioner does not like a certain WWE Superstar, it could affect their draft stock. If they have problems getting over with fans or they have an issue outside the ring, it could also affect them. This is where the Roman Reigns material comes up the most. It is reported that Reigns may slip in the draft from a possible number one overall pick at one point to a late pick due to his suspension over his failed drug test.

This would add a lot of drama for the documentary as well, and allow for WWE to use this as a way to build Roman back up eventually. Roman will not be able to be at the draft, of course, because his suspension is not going to be lifted until later this week.

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