WWE News: Vince McMahon Still Upset With Roman Reigns, WWE Draft Plans Changed Due To it?

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is by no means terrible. A lot of fans want to claim he is due to the bias they have against him. However, he is not a terrible performer, and his performances against AJ Styles alone proved as much. The problem for most fans, however, is that Reigns is not good enough to be in the top guy role when others like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are considered better than he is. That is not to say that Reigns is not good in his own sort of way, but in comparison, they are far ahead.

This could be due to their years of independent experience which Reigns lacks as he played football before eventually signing with WWE. Regardless of why, fans have chosen not to care about Reigns, and they are not alone. According to The Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon himself is still not happy with Roman. This comes as somewhat of a shock to some fans while others totally understand it all.

Vince was not sold on Reigns from the beginning and actually felt Big E. might be better player to go with initially. Triple H then spoke with McMahon who then ended up going with Reigns. Vince liked Reigns back then, but he didn’t initially feel Roman was top guy material. Now, Reigns has far surpassed Big E, but the fact is that neither man is currently ready for a role as the face of the company. WWE has put a lot into Reigns, and the feeling is that McMahon was only trying so hard with him because he hates to fail and took a chance on Roman.

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Once Reigns failed the drug test, which violated WWE’s Wellness Policy, it seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for Roman Reigns as the top guy. While we obviously cannot rule out Reigns winning back a World Title in the future, it does appear McMahon is not happy with Reigns right now.

In fact, the “Rollins Report” segment that we saw this past week on WWE RAW was built on trying to take a dig at Roman Reigns. WWE may not come out and say they are very disappointed and frustrated with Reigns, but they can do so through the heel character of Seth Rollins. As a heel, he would take shots at his opponent and enemy like this, so it makes total sense for the character to pull a stunt similar to what we saw.

That said, McMahon was supposedly behind the idea. It is also said that due to the Reigns situation, WWE may have shifted brand split plans. Roman Reigns was originally set to be the top face for WWE RAW while Seth Rollins held down the top heel role there. Now those plans could have changed, and someone else could take the top guy spot. This could push Reigns to SmackDown, or it could keep him on RAW, but out of the top guy role.

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The WWE Draft is coming up next week, and sadly for Reigns, his suspension will not expire until later on in that week. Therefore drafting him will already be an issue for WWE. One could imagine that Stephanie McMahon would avoid drafting him due to the fact that she called him “an embarrassment,” while Shane McMahon has not spoken up about Reigns much at all. That means Reigns could go to SmackDown due to Shane not having an issue with him.

As an alternative, he could be drafted later, which could be compared to the way NFL and NBA prospects fall in the draft due to injuries, bad behavior or character concerns. This could happen in the WWE draft, and Reigns might fall from a top pick to being chosen in one of the final rounds. That means he very well could still go to RAW, but he won’t be drafted as high. It could be WWE is using a well-known draft strategy, and they are applying it to the world of sports entertainment.

Other less prominent WWE Superstars could go higher in the draft than Reigns, as well, which would be an interesting situation. We will all have to wait and see what occurs, but don’t be surprised if something happens that no one expected at this time last month.

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