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Katherine Heigl’s Whole Family Excited About Upcoming Baby Boy

Katherine Heigl, best known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, recently announced that she is expecting a baby boy who is due to arrive in January, 2017. The actress is married to Josh Kelley whom she met while filming his “Only You” music video. The couple married in 2007 and decided to adopt two children to fulfill their desire to become parents. Before having their own biological child, the couple adopted the Naleigh from South Korea in 2009 and then Adalaide from the United States in 2012.

Adopting a child seemed like a natural move into parenthood for Katherine Heigl, whose older sister who was adopted by her parents from Korea. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Katherine and Josh were always open to the idea of having their own biological children but they decided to adopt children to enjoy parenthood and to start their family.

The couple was so concerned about the upbringing of their children that they decided to reside in Utah where they feel that they can bring up their children in a more traditional way. According to E! Online, Katherine Heigl spoke about the importance of a traditional upbringing.

“We both have families who believe in character, integrity, and morality. Not to be overindulged, to be respectful of parents.”

In Katherine’s opinion, her daughters enjoy the traditional way of life in a city far away from the bustling Los Angeles. Residing in Utah gives them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and indulge in small-town, healthy pursuits like feeding the chickens, goats, and horses. Katherine Heigl is happy to see her girls running around without spending too much time in front of the television and other screens.

Now, the former Grey’s Anatomy actress’ daughters are reportedly thrilled to know about their mother’s pregnancy. In fact, the entire family is bubbling with anticipation and looking forward to sharing their journey with the actress’s fans. Katherine Heigl says that she finds it hilarious when her younger daughter Adalaide inquires about the baby, as she thinks that he will be arriving any time now.

Katherine Heigl surprised her husband with the news of her pregnancy when he was attending the Rock for Research Summer Concert. According to Us Magazine, Josh Kelly claims to have been so excited after receiving the best ever wake-up call ever that he flew straight home to be with his wife. And the news has only been more and more positive for the happy couple, as not only is their baby progressing well throughout the pregnancy, it has also been revealed that the couple is expecting a boy this time around.

The excited actress has already started to prepare herself for the arrival of her third child. Calling her the “Martha Stewart” of his family, Josh Kelly said that he appreciates the efforts that his wife has been taking in creating adorable knitting and crochet garments for their third child. Katherine Heigl is actively sharing her pregnancy experiences on Those Heavenly Days, her lifestyle blog in which she posts her thoughts on a regular basis.

Despite already being a mother of two, this is the first time that the actress has been pregnant so she has said that she hopes her fans will offer her some great advice during her pregnancy. Katherine is said to have already found some useful tips which have helped her to combat pregnancy indigestion. Additionally, Katherine has also discovered online apps that have not only proved useful in tracking the development of her baby but have also offered reassurance when she experienced episodes of nervousness and fear.

The excited Katherine Heigl has also shared her pregnancy ultrasound scan to show the picture of her unborn child to her fans. And Katherine and Josh are not at all worried about the challenges parents face while caring for a newborn baby because they have already gone through the overwhelming experience while raising their adopted children since infancy. According to People magazine, the One for the Money actress is just as thrilled in experiencing pregnancy than she is feeling excited by the idea of becoming a mother of a newborn.

The only difficulty that may be faced by Katherine Heigl’s husband Josh Kelly is the challenge of changing his baby boy’s diapers. The celebrity singer, who is eagerly waiting for his “little golfing buddy,” will need to add some new skills to his repertoire as, while he is well-versed in changing his daughters’ diapers, he admitted that he has never changed a by’s diapers.

Needless to say, the whole family is enjoying the beautiful journey that they have been blessed with.

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