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Inquisitr Interviews Pamela Geller On Political Islam, Israel and Obama

Two days ago, the United Sates Embassy in Cairo was attacked by an enraged mob that tore the American flag to shreds and raised the ancient black flag of Islamic conquest in its place. Yesterday, the American Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and three embassy staffers, were assassinated by fanatical killers. A rocket propelled grenade was fired into his car as he was being rushed to safety during an attack on our Libyan embassy.

The latest wave of violence against American interests in the region was led by angry crowds who were protesting an anti-Muslim film. The rather amateurish film crudely insults the morality and sincerity of Muhammad and his followers. Known as “Innocence of Muslims” or “Muhammad, Prophet of the Muslims,” the controversial film depicts Islam’s founder as a womanizer, criminal and mass murderer, while portraying his Muslim followers as homosexuals, child molesters and madmen. Making matters even worse, evidence has surfaced that the movie may have been a gigantic hoax, according to new reports from Inquisitr, CNN and AP. It now appears that embassies were violated, and innocent people where murdered because people took offense to a lunatics idea of a sick joke.

The resulting explosion of rage even reached the nation Indonesia, home to the world’s largest population of Muslims. A rally was held at the American Embassy that mocked the United States and hailed Osama Bin Ladin as a hero. Protesters carried banners that read “It is time for Islamic revolution” and “Democracy brings oppression.” A spokesman for Sharia for Indonesia, the group the organized the rally, said, “They (the hijackers) sacrificed their lives to defend fellow Muslims in Palestine. What they did was a reminder to the American government to stop oppression against Muslims and support for the Israeli government.”

The Middle East is exploding in a wave of Islamic revival. The ruling Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called for the destruction of Israel and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate that would make Islam the only religion for all of mankind. More and more voices are being heard calling for Jihad against non-Muslims and the imposition of Sharia as the governing authority in every Muslim Nation.

US Embassy In Indonesia Surrounded By Amgry Mob