Pokemon Go - Dairy Queen Wants Paying Customers Only

‘Pokemon GO’ Results In Humorous Signs, Macabre Incidents, As Teen Finds Dead Body

Pokemon GO has quickly taken the world by storm since its release to Android and iOS devices on Wednesday. The augmented reality mobile game that sends players on a hunt using their device’s camera has already created humorous warning signs from retailers and employers, plus a macabre incident involving a teen discovering a dead body.

The launch of Pokemon GO has sent players walking, driving, and exploring to various destinations near their homes and further to find Pokemon characters, Gyms, and PokeStops. Some retailers, such as this indie clothing store shared on Reddit are welcoming to potential new customers who want to swing by.

Pokemon Go Indie Clothing Store Sign
[Image via Reddit / ryanspargo]
This local coffee shop to Reddit user Superdude64 also uses the game as a method to promote a discount and foot traffic.

Pokemon Go Coffee Shop Discount
[Image via Reddit / Superdude64]
Not all retailers are welcoming to Pokemon GO, however. The image at the top of this article is from a sign posted to the door of Dairy Queen, shared by Reddit user Chaos17. This shows some stores don’t want trainers loitering around their establishment.

Still, being the home to multiple Gyms and PokeStops can be used as a promotional tool. Northwestern State University of Louisiana is not letting the opportunity pass to invite people to come visits its campus.

Meanwhile, it is probably best not to play Pokemon GO while on the job. Not only is it obvious, it can get you in trouble with your boss. This sign of unknown origin shared by deal tracking website Grab the Games on Facebook appears to give employees the choice between working or catching Pokemon while unemployed.

Pokemon Go Work Flyer
[Image via Grab the Games]
Of course, driving around for seemingly no reason can seem suspicious. It may even result in the police being called to investigate what someone is doing in their car at 3 a.m., as Reddit user EventideJackal shared the following image of a record from his 911 call center software.

Pokemon Go 911 Call
[Image via Reddit / EventideJackal]
Pokemon GO players should also be reminded that crossing into private property without consent could be considered trespassing. Be careful of where you are going or else the police could legitimately be called on you if you say, go into somebody’s backyard for a Gym fight, as Reddit user rcmaehl attempts to warn.

There are plenty of other hazards involved with tracking down locations in Pokemon GO. Reddit user Droky shared the after-effects of looking at his mobile phone screen instead of the tree branch he walking into.

Pokemon Go Tree Branch Ouch
[Image via Reddit / droky]
Perhaps he should have paid attention to the University of Arizona. The school is using the launch of Pokemon GO as less of a promotional opportunity and more of a warning. JeddaChef33 shared this email his sister received on Reddit warning people not to injure themselves.

Pokemon Go University of Arizona email
[Image via Reddit / JeffdaChef33]
And at no time, should you abandon your family just to capture a Pokemon. This anonymous Facebook post shared on Reddit by wyntershine tells the story of a daughter finding herself stranded on a train platform after her father jumped out of the car to catch what must have been one adorably tempting monster.

Pokemon Go Train Abandonment
[Image via Reddit / wyntershine]
Finally, the hunt for Pokemon can lead to some truly disturbing incidents. Nineteen-year-old Shayla Wiggins of Riverton, Wyoming, jumped a fence to reach a river in search of a water creature when she made a ghastly discovery, as originally reported by County10.

“I was walking towards the bridge along the shore when I saw something in the water,” Shayla said. “I had to take a second look and I realized it was a body.”

“It was pretty shocking,” Shayla said. “I didn’t really know what to do at first. But I called 911 right away and they came really quickly.”

The incident shook the teen up, as authorities investigated. They determined the body had been there less than 24 hours and was likely accidental in nature, possibly a drowning.

[Image via Reddit / Chaos17]