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Blogger claims to have manufactured the infamous Obama Kenyan birth certificate


An anonymous blogger has come forward to claim that he manufactured the now infamous Obama Kenyan birth certificate.

In a post on Fearless Blogging, the blogger details the tools he used to manufacture the certificate, and provides photographic evidence to back up the claim. The pictures include a copy of the birth certificate next to an old typewriter, all sitting on a red rug that is identical to the rug featured in the image published on birther sites.

The blogger doesn’t stop at just proving the hoax, he also goes a step further by offering a copy of the certificate with the words “you’ve been punked” written on it, and also offers a Mastercard style run down:

Fine cotton business paper: $11

Inkjet printer: $35

1940 Royal Model KMM manual typewriter: $10

2 Shilling coin: $1

Pilot Varsity fountain pen: $3

Punkin’ the Birthers: Priceless

There’s plenty of other evidence to prove that the certificate was fake before now, and this just adds to it.


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