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Turkish Woman Awaits Trial For Beheading Alleged Rapist

Turkish woman kills and beheads alleged rapist

A Turkish woman, Nevin Yildirim, is awaiting trial after being accused of beheading a man who repeatedly raped her for months and is the father of her unborn child.

The 26-year old Yildirim said she was first raped by Nurettin Gider in January after her husband left for a seasonal job. CNN reports that Gider threatened the mother of two at gun point, saying he would hard her children if she reported the rapes. He also threatened to expose naked pictures he had taken of her.

Yildirim is being held on a murder charge for killing her alleged rapist, and she doesn’t deny killing him. In late August, five months pregnant, she saw her rapist scaling a wall on his way, presumably, to rape her again. She grabbed a rifle off the wall and shot him twice.

“I chased him,” Yildirim said. “He fell on the ground. He started cussing. I shot his sexual organ this time. He became quiet. I knew he was dead. I then cut his head off.”

All told, the Daily Mail reports Girder was shot 10 times, several times in the groin, and was also stabbed before being beheaded. It didn’t end there either.

After the beheading, Yildirim was covered in blood but still carried the head to the town square and threw it at some men sitting in a coffee shop.

“Don’t talk behind my back, don’t play with my honour,” she told the men. “Here is the head of the man who played with my honour.”

Now, Yildirim’s case is gaining attention as she has asked for an abortion, despite the fact that she is four weeks past Turkey’s limit on terminating a pregnancy.

In killing Gider, Yildirim claims her honor has been restored. She has even said she is willing to die for killing and beheading her rapist, as long as she is allowed to have an abortion.

Yildirim is in the local jail while she awaits trial.

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11 Responses to “Turkish Woman Awaits Trial For Beheading Alleged Rapist”

  1. Nathan Turecki

    She shot him 10 times and cut of his head… Are you insane? This lady is a nutjob, talk about aggravated battery, she could just as easily have called the authorities as he had called her that day and told her he was coming.

  2. Bonnie Fryar

    What the hell do you call what that man did to her? THAT'S battery. I can't believe you're defending someone who raped her for months AFTER her husband left for seasonal work. I think YOU'RE the nutjob!

  3. Nathan Turecki

    At the time of the murderr, he was just entering the property. He had not laid a finger on her at the time, yet she pumped 10 rounds into him and cut of his head. Last time i checked, murder is way fucking worse than 'rape'…I hate it how females treat rape like the worst possivle thing that could EVER happen. I can name at least 100 things worse than rape right now

  4. Jessica Patton

    wow i feel.sorry for her they should let her go she.did what she had to now she is carrying his child i dont agree with abortion but in this case i agree with her he raped her at gun point an some of you are gona defend that creep that raped her hello its not usa men in other countries they want i.say let her go

  5. Devient Genie

    Survival of the fittest. Looks like he wasnt fit enough to get over the fence in time. Nice try nathan, but in the battle of wits, your= have what we call, weak sauce :)

    TRICKS 7:2–Disrespecting women is the oldest trick in the book. Its practically engraved in our DNA, its been hammered home for thousands of years. Theres all kinds of awesome books, one of them is an all time bestseller, the holy binky :)

    SUBMIT 11:9–If so many people believe the holy binky, and they know god detests divorce, why is the divorce rate so high? According to the holy binky wives should submit to their husbands. Women that dont want to do that, make a list of reasons why and use that same level of thinking on the rest of the commands in that disgusitng old doctrine littered with divisiveness :)

    CryBabies 8:11–We make all these claims that humans are weak and humans are not smart enough and strong enough to live in a world without the belief in a holy binky or savior :)

    CaptainObvious 11:38–Either god made childbirth painful for women because eve ate the apple, or childbirth is naturally painful. Believing the latter is your logic and reason speaking, believing the former is what makes you delusional :)

    SHAMEFUL 7:2–Polluting young children with religious doctrine while simultaneously avoiding the inspirational, and beautiful understandings of the magic of nature and human life, is corrosive to a healthy, free thinking conciousness. Science is either the devil or a conspiracy, once you agree its NOT, its game over for religious doctine across the board. Government and University websites understand evolution is a process that, like rotation and revolution, do not require belief, these processes are understood to be:)

    Evidence 18:17–: The Bible (Old & New Testament), Qur’an, Hadith are the most Barbaric, Savage, Violent, Repulsive, Disgusting, Immoral, Unethical and Evil Fictions That Men Have Ever Written :)

    Despicable 1:13–The Taliban may have perfected subjugation. But nowhere in the Muslim world are women treated as equals :)

    CaptainObvious 9:11–Science flys our people to the moon and religion flys our people into a couple towers :)

  6. Hollis Howard

    @Sergio Corleone Maybe this is normal behavior for the Corleone family (I still remember the horses' head the Corleone family left in the bed in Godfather Part I) but to most folks running down the street and tossing a feshly decapitated head at some nice folks just sitting having their morning coffee is beyond nuts!

    This lady needs psychiatric treatment major.

  7. Hollis Howard

    @ Nathan Turecki Good to see there are some normal people like you that can spot a mental health issue through all the drama. Thank you twice and have a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Years for you and your family may the Lord Jesus Christ provide you and your family with everything you need materially God Bless

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