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Mitt Romney Drops $500,000 On Private ‘Journey’ Concert For RNC

Mitt Romney Pays 500000 for Journey Concert

If you want to connect with the poor and middle class of America you should definitely follow Mitt Romney’s lead and pay the band Journey $500,000 to play a private gig at a campaign event. After all nothing says “fight wasteful spending” like a half-million dollar concert.

The Journey concert is set to take place on Thursday night at a private fundraising party in Tampa, Florida. The event is being held in the midst of the Republican National Convention and will include a 90-minute set from the famed musicians.

Here’s the best part, Journey is not offering any type of political support for Romney and have said it is just another paid gig.

What might make the concert most amusing is the fact that Michaele Salahi will be in on hand. Salahi and Journey rocker Neal Schon have been an item for the better part of a year.

Journey won’t be the only act in attendance, also making an appearance at the RNC are Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock among other famous faces.

Even the Huffington Post is getting in on the act by offering free yoga to delegate through the “Oasis” which will be held outdoors from Monday through Thursday, hurricane weather permitting.

As for the RNC convention itself? The events main kickoff events have been moved to Tuesday as tropical storm Isaac prepares to touch down in the state on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s to hoping that Mitt Romney soon changes his campaign slogan to “don’t stop believing.”

Do you think Mitt Romney’s Journey concert is proof that he has no concept of the average family’s plight in America?

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11 Responses to “Mitt Romney Drops $500,000 On Private ‘Journey’ Concert For RNC”

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Frances Villanueva Davila

    Wow. What about a million dollar (of our money)OB spent on a date? That really connects with the poor and middle class. They Kennedys really knew what it was to be poor. THey were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Romney gave his inheritance to charity and then worked for his money. He did not accept a salary for being governor.

  3. Deborah Donaldson

    Not only did Bush spend more days on vacation than any other president, but he used Air Force One more often while on vacation than any other president.

    During Bush’s two terms, the cost of operating Air Force One ranged from $56,800 to $68,000 an hour. Bush used Air Force One 77 times to go to his ranch in Crawford, TX. Using the low end cost of $56,800, Media Matters calculated that each trip to Crawford cost taxpayers $259,687 each time, and $20 million total for Bush’s ranch flights
    Admit it you are brainwashed by FOX Noise – The Republicans presidents have been spending way to much of my tax paying dollars $$$$$$

  4. Frances Villanueva Davila

    WHen Romney contributes to his church some of that money goes to feed the poor and those in need. When there is a disaster, the church is the first one there with aid. They help their members in need but also non-members. He does so much but does not like to blow his own horn cause that is not why he does it. It would appear boastful if he told everyone what all he does. If anyone understands peoples's needs, it is Romney.

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