Bigfoot Caught On Video In Ohio

Dan Evon

Big Foot was spotted in Washington in 2011. Earlier this year, he took a walk through Idaho. And, now, the mythical monster is exploring the woods of Ohio.

A new video of Big Foot is making its way around the internet. Currently, the YouTube video has close to 100,000 views and no explanations.

The video was taken this April in the Grand River area of Ohio. The videographer was riding a motorcycle down a trail in the woods when Big Foot runs across the path. The motorcycle veers off into the woods and loses sight of the creature. The motorcycle then speeds off in the other direction because, you know, frickin’ big foot is just a few yards away.

The video, which was posted by the How To 101 Channel, doesn’t come with much of an explanation. The only thing the video poster writes is: “Taken in north east ohio grand river area april 2012.”

The YouTube community seems to think that the video is authentic.

One user writes: “What I find amazing is the reaction of the person riding the bike. Its a clear indication he/she was really startled because they basically crashed into the bushes. Why would you react like that if its a fake?”

Another adds: “It is quite awesome that he is carrying a stick. Gives credibility to it being real, also makes me think how smart they are. Proof enough they avoid humans. Awesome catch there.”

Here’s the latest video of Big Foot. Do you think it’s real?