Find My iPad Lawsuit In Australia Over Trespassing Claim

Theft Victim Finds iPad With ‘Find My iPad’ Service, Sued By Thief For ‘Trespassing’

An Australian man who had his iPad stolen by a less than intelligent thief is being sued by the man who robbed him. The victim used his tablets Find My iPad service to obtain the exact GPS coordinates for his expensive gadget. Eventually the man tracked his iPad to the property of Canberra, Australia resident Alden Halder.

At first the man was unable to convince police to take action based solely on his devices GPS coordinates, so he returned to Harder’s property and turned on the iPad’s remote alarm function. Realizing he could hear his device ringing inside Halder’s garage, he was finally able to convince police to obtain a search warrant.

Once inside Harder’s garage, police found other allegedly stolen items. A court has now ordered Harder to provide his fingerprints as part of the evidence collection process. Harder’s attorney, however, claims that the search warrant was obtained through illegal means.

The Canberra Times spoke with Harder’s attorney who noted:

”It’s very clear that [the alleged victim’s] purpose was to play amateur detective and to carry out a test with the GPS in his iPhone in an attempt to obtain evidence to give police as to the location of his iPad.”

Harder’s attorney then laughably proclaims that the activation of the man’s iPad location service constitutes “trespass via radio wave.”

Prosecutor Keegan Lee has called the trespass argument an “absurd expansion of the definition of a trespass.”

The court is expected to make a decision regarding the lawsuit in the next week.