cover girls are now touched up to look more like Christina Hendricks and other curvy stars

Magazines Now Airbrush Models To Be Curvy And ‘Bootylicious’

Though the magazine airbrush trend has long been to make models and cover-girls thinner, a new trend is emerging that does just the opposite. Magazines now seem to be airbrushing their featured females to be bigger, sometimes even bigger than they are in real life.

The notorious trend of airbrushing models to make them appear thinner may have bottomed-out at its breaking point (to the point where some cover-girls, like Emma Watson, are even losing their limbs) as magazines are apparently now using Photoshop to add a few pounds to their models instead of taking them off, reports Newser. But why would they do this, you ask? Because it’s what you wanted, that’s why.

“I have to airbrush clients’ to make them appear bigger and more womanly before I submit photographs,” a leading talent manager told Fox News. “Skinny doesn’t sell.”

You can blame the latest trend on what sells. Namely,”bootylicious” stars like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and others like Sports Illustrated cover girl and overnight success Kate Upton.

“The bootylicious-ness of the Beyonce, the J-Lo, and the Kim Kardashian effect is contagious, and Hollywood runs things more than models nowadays. It is definitely not about make-me-look skinny, it is make me look sexy and curvy. And we’re also seeing a trend in cleavage,” explained a top celebrity stylist, “(Airbrushing) is happening in several other parts of the body too. They want toned arms, and fuller faces.”

The new trend is apparent even in the new issue of Vogue, featuring a much more curvaceous Lady Gaga (check out the slideshow here).

Though the trend of “reverse retouching” is certainly on the rise, it’s still in its infancy. Most models are still super skinny, so graphic artists have to beef them up some.

“These poor girls (models) have been forced to lose the very curves that the general public wants in order to find a woman attractive,” said leading model manager and publicist Nadja Atwal. “So when you do a sexier shoot with a skinnier girl, you have got to basically add volume via retouching where there is no volume in reality.”

So why not just go gain some weight, modeling field?

“It is helpful they are airbrushing images to look healthier, but why not just use healthier women and save yourself the hassle? Society is ready for change,” said former model turned filmmaker Nicole Clark. “I’m sure actresses and models would love to start eating healthier and feel more energetic.”

In the meantime, get used to seeing more “bootylicious” models on the covers of magazines. See, society? You can make a difference!