Kate Upton Fires Back At ‘Pro-Anorexia’ Website That Called Her Fat

Kate Upton hit back at online critics on the SkinnyGossip website who called her “fat” and “lardy” after she appeared in a sexy commercial for a fast food chain. Upton, 20, stated during a recent interview that she is not going to “starve just to be thin” and noted she wants to enjoy life and that she cannot do that if she is not eating and miserable, according to interview excerpts republished by The New York Post. The model’s spokesman called the suggestion that Upton is fat “absurd” and concluded that she is “gorgeous and very healthy,” The Sun notes. Sun readers recently voted that Kate Upton has the “best bum” in the world.

The SkinngGossip website garnered a plethora of backlash after the cruel comments about Kate Upton’s body, her stomach and thighs in particular. Website “encourages anorexia and glamorizes dangerous levels of thinness,” according to The Sun.

“Kate’s probably the hottest girl we’ve ever worked with. We love each of the women we’ve worked with, but there’s something about Kate that’s so All-American, so beautiful and very classic,” 72 and Sunny advertising agency creative director Justin Hooper told Fox News.

Apparently most Americans do not agree with the SkinnyGossip’s unflattering comments about Kate Upton and the attractiveness of a rail thing physique promoted by the website. Kate Upton recently appeared on both the Sports Illustrated and GQ magazine covers. Upton’s sexy hamburger commercial remains on-air and she will continue to be a spokesmodel for the Carl’s Jr. restaurants, according to Fox News.

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