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Romney, Obama Discuss Their Christian Faith And The Presidency

obama secret muslim

Despite rumors that persist about President Barack Obama being a “secret Muslim,” the president is openly Christian — and most of us are aware that opponent Mitt Romney is devoted to his Mormon faith.

Both men have come in for some fair degree of criticism due to public perception of their religion. For Obama, it tends to come in the form of a large swath of Americans believing he is not actually a Christian and is instead a covert practitioner of Islam, and, for Romney, the different tenets of his faith compared to more common sects of Christianity tend to give critics ammo. (Surely “magical Mormon underpants” is Romney’s hassle like “secret Muslim” has been to Obama, at least to a degree.)

Part of what is so wearing about the Obama-secret-Muslim/Romney-magical-underpants debate is that one of the massive founding tenets of this nation, whether you espouse it or not, was freedom from religion and separation of church and state. And indeed, the US was founded in part by groups that had been marginalized in their native England — groups that fled to the US and were eventually welcomed in a country where the government was never supposed to intertwine with any one religion.

Fast forward to 2012, and religion has become a major factor in why people select certain candidates. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney spoke recently on their own personal faith and the role of that faith in performing duties as president.

In answering the question of the importance of his faith in his role at the desk in the Oval Office, Obama explained:

“You know, there’s not much I can do about [the Obama is a secret Muslim rumor.] …I have a job to do as president, and that does not involve convincing folks that my faith in Jesus 
is legitimate and real. I do my best to live out my faith, and to stay in the Word, and to make my life look more like His. I’m not perfect. What I can do is just keep on following Him, and serve others—trying to make folks’ lives a little better using this humbling position that I hold.”

obama romney religion

Romney too concedes that faith is important to him, but part of the job of the Commander-in-Chief is to consider all faiths when governing. He says:

“I am often asked about my faith and my beliefs about Jesus Christ… I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind. Every religion has its own unique doctrines and history. These should not be bases for criticism but rather a test of our tolerance. Religious tolerance would be a shallow principle indeed if it were reserved only for faiths with which we agree.”

Romney also notes that actions speak louder than words when the question of faith and adherence to religious practice arises:

“A political leader’s faith can tell us a great deal or nothing,” Romney said. “So much depends on what lies behind that faith. And so much depends on deeds, not words.”

Obama also reinforced the importance of separating church from state to which Romney added that there is a “large space in which faith-based organizations can do good for the community in which they serve.”

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29 Responses to “Romney, Obama Discuss Their Christian Faith And The Presidency”

  1. Beth King-Mock

    SO sad that anyone gives a $#!+ about anyone elseʻs religion! I will vote for Obama despite the fact that he claims to be a Christian… because Iʻm not voting for religion… Iʻm voting for his politics and policies… and because heʻs a good person trying to advance the country beyond the quagmire left for him.

  2. Jerilyn Pletsch

    Tyler Oberly how do you know if they are or not I don't think it is for us to judge.I think this is between god and whoever it is!

  3. Robert H. Sterling

    Who cares about their religion or skin color. I don't. I care about what you are doing for the country and Mr Obama will NOT be receiving my vote.

  4. Taralee McCloskey

    Religion only matters in so much that it DOES NOT become policy. Religion should not play into decision making of any policy from any government. Unfortionately the GOP does not believe this and will continue to make policy based on their religious beliefs until we are no better than the terrorist countries who live in a perpetual state of holy wars based on religion.

  5. Robert H. Sterling

    @Beth King Mock If you are voting for Obama based on politics the yo are very misguided. His politics are based on socialism, radicalism ideals of Saul Alinsky and others. If those politics are so good then why is that type of government only found where dictators rule?

  6. Lori Underwood

    BUT why does he keep dodging other issues as well his true birth place. Why is that sealed? IF it is true produce it for examination. Also, why is it that he applied for loans AND received them as a foreign student? AND it has been said he was never seen as several of the classes / or at the school where he says he attended. IF he is a christian why does he not publicly proclaim to be one? If he is ashamed of being Muslim he should not be one. If he is one(and we all know he is) he should have not tried to hide it along with all his other "skeletons"! If you are going to be the president of the United States you know your life is going to be the AMERICAN's business. His taxes are our business as well. If he isn't paying his why do we have to be accountable for ours? If you want your life to be private don't put wourself out there in the public.

  7. Reggi Taylor-Ochoa

    My lord. I'm never this crass but really Lori, you and your ilk are just plain nuts and there is no rooom for you in rationa conversation. Why… becuase there is no reason, only unbridled hatred and a reliance on false information and half truths that have been accepted as dogma. Thank you Beth King-Mock. You actually speak for a gret many people in the country who understand and respect the concept of a separation of church and state. If I wanted to live in a theocracy I'd emmigrate to Iran. I won't accept theocratic totalitraianism from Muslims. I'll be damned if I'll accept it from Christians.

  8. Reggi Taylor-Ochoa

    I too care about what one either does or intends to do for the country and Mr. Romney will NOT be receiving my vote.

  9. Reggi Taylor-Ochoa

    Try picking up a history book and looking at the regims of Pinochet in Chile, Samoza in Nicaragua, Mussolini and Hitler (who despite having used the name "National Socialist") was a right-wing despot. Seriously, Communist were on his hit list much like Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals. Totalitarianism may come from both the left and the right.

  10. Reggi Taylor-Ochoa

    Yes. Taralee. You have hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

  11. Tracy Patterson

    Wow people get off topic so quickly. This isn't a debate about who's better, it seems to me it's more so a discussion of religion and politics. I simply believe that religion shouldn't be a main leading factor as to who you vote for. It also shouldn't be a leading factor when it comes to the policies of this country. It's not about one being better than the other, and it's not about bashing commenters. Because, if there's one thing I have to say, it's that you're not going to change anyone's mind by belittling them, and bashing their comments. Whatever happened to common decency and respecting someone elses decision… instead of calling them a fool, or being misguided… tsk…

  12. Sean Rhoades

    You do realize that this country was founded on religion. George Washington also said after the constitution was signed, that this constitution was wrote for a religious and moral people. When we (the country) stop being a religious and moral people this (the constitution) will no longer work.

  13. Tyler Oberly

    religion matter when or if the Pres. lives with moral values and stands for all the right things to make this country run right, but if you dont care then…..dont complain if we get Fucked over again….like this time with obama…….

  14. Lorri Arnett

    I don't care about making one's religious preference a political issue. Many people were concerned about JFKs Catholocism, but it didn't affect his presidency. Personally, however, in my long working career, there were two times the companies I worked for were forced to use legal steps to stop an employee from doing great financial harm to us. Both times the employee was a Mormon. It could just have been a coincidence that both young men were Mormons, but who knows? I might add that it was the opinion of each business owner (neither of whom were Mormons) that because these two guys were of the Mormon faith…information they volunterred during the interview process…they would be more honest, devoted and committed to the company. In both cases, they were wrong. Kind of makes a person wonder, you know?

  15. Lori Underwood

    i have no hatred for anyone! I am only asking why he is trying to hide so much when he offered himself in such a public position. And if he will prove the truth we will not have to rely on "half truths" because he would have proved himself. No hate hear just don't like deception.!

  16. Kitty Singleton

    Sean, the country was NOT founded on religion…
    OMG – where do you find these people????

  17. Beth King-Mock

    Clueless Sean Rhoades … FUNNY comment! (fwiw, Iʻm a full-time teacher and repressing a HUGE urge to correct your spelling and grammar)
    Lori Underwood … He has fully and repeatedly addressed all those … Do some research.
    Reggi … Mahalo nui and I agree with your assessment of the church/state situation … slippery slope indeed!!

  18. Beth King-Mock

    Robert Sterling … I am so incredibly proud of the way Obama has presented himself and the U.S. to the world, despite the rampant self-involved "Ugly American" attitude held so securely in the hearts of so many Americans … heʻs doing a wonderful job of trying to bring us into the world … heʻs the antithesis of Bush … the ONLY one who could make any positive steps to undo the way the world sees the U.S. The rest of the world sees and appreciates him; itʻs unfortunate that the U.S. is not ready for his Aloha Spirit … and I do understand that unless youʻve lived a decade or more here you really wonʻt get the implications of that, but itʻs Truth.

  19. Beth King-Mock

    Tyler … the point, if you recall, is that whether or not either or both is christian, should be irrelevant … U.S. government is based on the constitution, not the bible. They need to follow that .. Obama does; Romney seems to prefer the bible … NOT the direction we need to be headed … see Reggi Taylor-Ochoaʻs comment. He nailed it.

  20. Christine Barrett

    The question here is in reference to whether or not religion should be considered in deciding between the two opponents. — Yes, it should be to some degree. Not as much as policy and record, but yes. I'm having a hard time with this because I'm not crazy about either candidate. The rumor about Obama being Muslim is just that, a rumor. I don't know if he's Christian but he's not a Muslim. Also, the rumor and pictures of him not saluting the flag….come on people, he just hadn't lifted his arm yet when the picture was shot. We're intelligent beings and really need to investigate rather than just blindly believe whatever the media throws at us.

    Romney is a Mormon. As only 2% of the American population are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, and almost none are found east of the Mississippi, I'll clue you in as I lived among them most of my life. Mormons believe that a man named Joseph Smith had a revelation when he was on his way, along with a large group of fellow pioneers to settle in the west. The angel Moroni allegedly came to him and provided him with God's will and secrets from the mind of God. Among them was that men should have many wives, that the harder you work and more good works you do is what gets you a ticket to heaven, and that heaven is in three tiers…good, very good, and superior. They have other names for them of course but you get the idea. — If you make it to the top one, you get your very own planet to run. Yay.
    You can find more "facts" in the Book of Mormon which is supposedly the missing link God provided us as an addendum to the Bible. Odd, that the two books contradict each other. (I have a list of the top 400 ways in which they do.)

    Something I've often pondered: When a couple dies, the husband decides whether he wants to keep his wife in the afterlife. What? Also, Mormon heaven for women involves being constantly pregnant and giving birth…forever….to populate the planet that you and your husband did enough "good works" to get. Perennially pregnant. Yep.

    Bottom line: Mormonism is a way of life and an incredible financial organization. Most Mormons were raised in the church and have never read all of the doctrine. They're given snippets in church and discrepancies and doubts are handled by telling the individual that at some point they will have "A word of knowledge" like God himself sweeping through their bodies providing them with what they call, "the only true word."

    Everything about this religion screams cult. — When I was studying it in hopes of becoming one, I was shocked again and again. This guy, J. Smith, also said that people populated the sun! It just never stops. The marriage ritual in the temple is just plain sick, the anointing with oils and being bathed by the opposite sex… weird. Anyway, the point I'm making: Members of this group have to be either raised in it and are afraid to be excommunicated by their family if they leave, — like the benefits – (Mormons try to hire only other Mormons and provide funds, food, etc. to get you to join), — or just have quite simply never taken the time to study their own religion. Sad.

    Just a little first hand information for you to consider in making your decision in November.

  21. Abby Johnston

    I wish that everyone would do their homework on the candidates before they throw a vote away. The religion of the candidates is irrelevent at this point. Obama has added almost 50% of our debt in his few short years. He has tried to convert us all into having government healthcare. We need someone who can dig us out of this financial burden. I can't stand one candidate, and I'm not crazy about the other. But I'm not going to let his religion get in the way when I go to vote. Lets look at all the issues…

  22. Karen Bodiker-Buchanan

    If Romney was going to push these religious beliefs as part of his policy your concerns would be a definite consideration. But there is absolutely no indication of this nor do I believe Paul Ryan would have accepted the invitation to join his ticket. On the other hand President Obama has pushed and is pushing his Black Liberation Theological ideology down the "collective" throats of the American people with every policy he advocates and will continue with wild abandon if re-elected. No, he is not a Muslim, but he is not a Christian either…at least insofar as what we know to be Christian. Perhaps the same can be said of Romney when examining his LDS affiliation but at least his values are more relatable to the American ideal. Look into Black Liberation Theology as this may help in your decision. Go see the documentary 2016 that is currently out for an eye opening experience

  23. Karen Bodiker-Buchanan

    Romney's religion is weird, but Obama's surpasses weird and dives face first into scary. It is not simply a difference in religious philosophy or an adendom to what we know and believe. It is seudo Christianity used only to justify and advance his Marxist geo polital viewpoint. Your a smart woman, Christy, please do not be fooled by his rhetoric…our country as we know it, as it was founded is at stake. Romney may be many things but he is not a dishonorable or disingenuous man…I cannot say the same about our current leader.

  24. Karen Bodiker-Buchanan

    BTW Nan (my step-daughter) converted to the LDS church years ago…not thrilled but at least I know exactly who and what she is and, as far I'm concerned, it is a far more desirable outcome than anything I see being produced by the church of Obama.

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