Ashley Dupre is engaged and pregnant

You, Me, And Ashley Dupre: Eliot Spitzer’s Call Girl Is Pregnant And Engaged

Do you remember New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s infamous affair? Turns out his mistress, former call girl and Girls Gone Wild extra Ashley Dupre, is pregnant and engaged.

Though Eliot Spitzer’s illicit secret affair with call girl Ashley Dupre cost him his political career (and nearly his marriage), things for his mistress are on the up-and-up. Since the scandal broke, the once-infamous call girl got a few rounds of coveted “15 minutes” and now has a fiance and a baby on the way, reports the Christian Post.

Ashley Dupre, 27, is engaged to be married to Thomas “TJ” Earle, who owns The Earle Companies, a major asphalt company in New Jersey. “On the record, yes, I can confirm I’m almost seven months … I can’t tell you when the wedding date is just yet,” she told The New York Post. They reportedly met just a few months after the scandal while Earle was still married to his wife, who he has since divorced, Alisa, according to MSN. Old habits die hard, I guess.

“TJ and his wife divorced over a year ago,” Earle’s lawyer said. “They divorced amicably. She has moved on, and he has moved on …There’s nothing scandalous. No one’s running around … [Ashley] is pregnant, and [TJ and Ashley] are planning on getting married.”

Dupre said that she wants to keep the baby’s sex a secret (if only to milk more headlines after she gives birth) but said that the pregnancy is “so far so good.”

Dupre didn’t say anything about her former life as a call girl nor the scandal that earned her the fame she currently enjoys, only that she is happy that things worked out (for her) for the best. “We’ve all moved on and [are] doing great … Everyone is looking forward to the future,” Dupre said.

What do you think? Are Ashley Dupre’s 15 minutes just about up, or does this star have higher heights to reach?