Adele Helps Gay Couple Get Engaged And Offers To Be Their Surrogate Mom [Video]

Adele isn’t just a chart-topping, Grammy award-winning singer — it looks like she’s a fairy godmother as well. The “Hello” singer unwittingly gifted two of her fans an unforgettable memory when she invited them onstage at her concert in Denmark, E! Online reports.

During the concerts, Adele halted her set to shine the spotlight on a gay couple, André Söderberg, 18, and Simon Carlsson, 20, in the audience. She insisted that they come up onstage, and they did. One of the men, obviously realizing that this was the chance of a lifetime, dropped down on one knee and popped the question to his stunned boyfriend.

Adele, who looked almost as excited as the happy couple, held the mic up to his face so that everyone could hear him ask the question. The crowd cheered when the response was an enthusiastic “yes.”

The singer, dressed in a sparkling black gown, hugged the newly engaged couple and then joking made them an offer that was out of this world.

“Should I be your surrogate if you have children? I’d love to have a baby with someone Swedish,” she reportedly asked them.

The excited couple soon revealed that the proposal was absolutely spontaneous.

“I had been thinking about asking him to marry me but when Adele invited us to the stage, it just happened. I thought, ‘Why not now?'” Andre said to the Sun. “I had a plastic ring on which we had bought earlier in the day when we were buying costumes, so I took that ring and put it on his finger. What can I say – I just love him so much!”

“We travelled there from Sweden to see Adele. Before the show, we bought silly glasses at a store. Funny enough for Adele to notice us, which she did because of the glasses and because we went totally crazy for her,” Simon added. “It was a wonderful night. Everything was absolutely amazing and Adele is seriously the most wonderful person on this planet. I’ll never forget it!”

As the Sun notes, this isn’t the first time that a couple has gotten engaged onstage at an Adele concert. In March, when Adele appeared at the O2, a man proposed to his girlfriend of 12 years. According to the Sun, Adele spotted the proposal happening in the audience and demanded that the couple join her on stage.

The couple, Johnny Biggle and Natalie King, got a selfie with the singer before returning to their seats, the Sun reports.

Later, Natalie tweeted, “Amazing night!! Still can’t believe this just happened the boy did good.”

Th wedding proposal wasn’t the only highlight at the Adele concert. During the gig in Copenhagen, Adele declared that she had written a rap with even more explicit content than Nicki Minaj’s songs, the Mirror reports.

During the show, Adele fans asked her to perform the “Monster” verse she performed on an episode of “Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.”

“I have a rap that I couldn’t possibly rap for you. It’s much dirtier than Nicki’s. It’s very sexual,” she said in reply.

During the segment, Adele said that she wasn’t all that great at writing her own raps but her friend, rapper Tinie Tempah, says differently.

Tempah recently confessed that Adele recorded some raps when she hung out in the studio with him during the recording of his hit song “Earthquake” with Labyrinth.

“She said if we ever play it to anyone she will sue us,” Tempah said.

[Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images]