charlie sheen returns to twitter

Charlie Sheen Back On Twitter After Quitting A Month Ago

Charlie Sheen is known for his tempestuous relationships — with his goddesses, with the networks who employ him — and you can add Twitter to the actor’s on-again/off-again list.

In July, Charlie Sheen was rumored to be quitting Twitter, a service he joined at the height of his tiger blood/Adonis DNA frenzy as he left the CBS then-hit Two And A Half Men. Eventually, Sheen amassed 7.7 million plus followers, all of whom tuned in for nuggets of wisdom from the plain-spoken film-turned-TV star.

Last month, speculation that Sheen was quitting Twitter seemed to be confirmed in a cryptic last tweet sent by the bad boy actor, in which he posted to fans:

“reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out.”

But it appears that Sheen may have re-embraced the service with a new tweet to announce dad Martin Sheen’s upcoming appearance on his FX show Anger Management. The single tweet, below, doesn’t seem to necessarily signal a re-embrace of Twitter on Sheen’s part, but the actor says:

According to TMZ, the inevitable sources close to Sheen confirm that the actor misses his Twitter connections to fans, and the single tweet is actually Sheen’s return to the service for good — the site explains:

“He misses interacting with his fans … and really wants to talk to them about important things in his life.”

Did you enjoy Charlie Sheen’s tweets while he was an active Twitterer?