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Hugh Grant Faces Off Against Local Dog Owner, But At Least Shane Warne Is On His Side

Hugh Grant, the actor best known for his romantic comedy roles in films Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, will star in the new film Florence Foster Jenkins.

According to the Telegraph, the film will be released on May 6.

Hugh Grant stars alongside Meryl Streep, who plays the titular character who is infamous for being absolutely terrible at her chosen career path. The real Florence Foster Jenkins was hailed as the “worst opera singer of all time.” Hugh Grant’s character, St. Clair Bayfield, is a loyal supporter of Jenkins and a British Shakespearean actor who later became Jenkins’ common-law husband and agent.

The actor also recently found himself in a bit of controversy with a Chelsea local because, according to the Daily Mail, Hugh Grant was reported to have lost his cool when a dog owner let his dog do his business in front of Hugh Grant’s house.

When a property investor by the name of Justin O’Brien was taking his dog for a walk one day, the last person he thought he would see was Hugh Grant and certainly not an irate Hugh Grant with her temper on full display. The Love Actually actor reportedly came out of his Chelsea home sporting a hoodie and verbally assaulted Justin, saying he was sick and tired of dogs doing their business on his street. The property investor claimed that his dog only peed on the pavement while Hugh Grant insisted that he did his business on his property. The argument ended with O’Brien saying that he was no longer a fan of Hugh Grant.

Luckily, Hugh Grant does have someone in his corner, although perhaps not someone that anyone would have expected. Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne has been defending Hugh Grant, saying that he doesn’t want people to blame Hugh Grant for the cricket star’s recent breakup with Elizabeth Hurley, according to Yahoo News.

Shane Warne spoke about Hugh Grant and the breakup, calling rumors that he blamed the Notting Hill actor for his break up “absolute rubbish” and that he has been misquoted.

“What I actually said was, it was weird for me when I first got into the relationship and I would go back to Australia to see my children and Hugh would come and stay at our house for the weekend.”

Despite admitting that the situation was strange for him, he went on to say that he knew Grant’s involvement in his life with Hurley was something he was going to have to get used to and that he had no problem accepting the situation because Hurley and Grant are “great mates.”

“I have absolutely no issue with Hugh at all, he 100 percent had nothing to do with us breaking up. It was just one of those things that fell into the ‘too hard’ basket. We are still good friends.”

Possibly one of Warne’s reasons for defending Hugh Grant is that he seems to have already moved on from Elizabeth Hurley with no less than Carmen Electra. Yahoo News reports that the pair have been exchanging texts on a regular basis.

Shane spoke on making moves on Carmen Electra.

“I definitely will follow it up in the coming days and see if we can get together for a drink. We locked it in to catch up, we just have to find a time.”

Despite losing his temper and getting backlash for his ex’s break up, it’s still bound to be a good year for Hugh Grant. According to Redbrick, the actor will have a very strong presence this year, starting with his upcoming movie with Meryl Streep.

Hugh established himself as one of the premiere leading men in Britain, and it looks like he’ll be holding onto that title for quite a while.

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