Sunburn Wristbands

Sunburn Wristband Tells You When To Find Shade

If you’re not a fan of sunblock but you love hanging out on the beach, then you’re probably used to getting sunburns. Sometimes the quest for that perfect tan can be perilous, particularly when you can’t stand applying the protection. In order to help people avoid sunburns and skin cancer, a Swedish company is looking to bring a very helpful device to retail shelves sometime next year.

In order to let people know when they’re rapidly approaching overexposure, a paper wrist strap worn by the sun worshipper will change color. According to The Daily Mail, the device isn’t unlike identification bands worn at music festivals and hospitals.

Here’s how it works: When the acid-release agent picks up ultraviolet light, it slowly begins to decompose. Over time, the strap will change colors, informing its wearer when, exactly, they should consider finding some sort of shade. The manufacturer claims that different disposable wristbands will be available for different skin types.

Intellego Technologies, a company established by entrepreneur Claes Lindahl, will release the product. “We are very excited about the UV dosimeter technology and we look forward to developing it further and commercialising it,” explained to The Daily Mail. “There is a substantial need out in the market for a functional UV dosimeter and we look forward to continuing the process.”

Professor Andrew Mills and Dr. Michael McFarlane, who were previously with Strathclyde University, are responsible for crafting the device. Not surprisingly, the university is pretty excited about the product.

“The sunburn monitor will make a significant contribution to public health as an affordable, fashionable device which enables people to enjoy the benefits of the sun while at the same time keeping them alert to the risks of over-exposure,” Fiona Strang, Commercialisation Manager with the University of Strathclyde’s Research & Knowledge Exchange Services, explained.

If sunburn wristbands aren’t your thing, you could always investigate sunblock pills made from coral. That way, you won’t have to worry about fussing over all of that greasy lotion.