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Jerry Garcia Tribute Concert Posted On Youtube After Singer’s 70th Birthday [Video]

On August 1, 2012, Jerry Garcia would have turned 70-years-old. To mark the legendary Grateful Dead guitarist’s birthday, old band mates like Bob Weir and Phil Lesh got together to play a tribute concert.

That concert is now available in full on YouTube.

Mercury News reports that the show, which was led by Bob Weir, was streamed live on Friday Night from TRI Studios. The “Move Me Brightly” Concert featured several Dead classics like “Cumberland Blues,” “Friend of the Devil,” and “Scarlett Begonias.”

Jerry’s former wife, Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia, said:

“I think everyone is keenly aware of Jerry’s legacy… It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There are all these kids out there who never went to a Dead show, who never saw Jerry live, but they re still turned on to him. And those people are increasing all the time.”

Weir was joined on stage by former Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Donna Jean Godchaux. Musicians from bands like Phish, Vampire Weekend, Hold Steady, and the Yellowbirds also hopped on stage to pay tribute to Jerry Garcia.

The guitarist’s daughter, Trixie, said:

“They’re lining up to pay tribute to Jerry… With this event, we’re hoping people stop being sad and celebrate what it was that made them emotionally connected to Jerry in the first place. He was great at getting people to forget the drama and look at the bigger picture. The theme of this event is Move Me Brightly, and this could be the start of a new era of joy and light.”

Do you have four hours to kill and a strong love for Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead? Here’s the tribute concert from Jerry’s 70th birthday.

Here’s the latest Grateful Dead setlist.

The Wheel / Cumberland Blues / Loser / Mississippi Half Step / Dire Wolf / Dupree’s Diamond Blues / Tennessee Jed / Ship Of Fools / They Love Each Other / Bird Song / New Speedway Boogie / Loose Lucy / Friend of the Devil / Mission In The Rain / Ramble On Rose / Catfish John / Shakedown Street / Terrapin Station / He’s Gone / Eyes Of The World / Scarlet Begonias / Don’t Let Go / Days Between / Franklin’s Tower / E: U.S. Blues / Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad / Ripple

Relix Magazine talked with Lesh, Weir, Mickey Hart, and other band members about what Jerry meant to them. (You can read the full article here.)

Lesh said:

“He was an old soul, for one thing. Jerry had this ineffable sweetness and vulnerability, even when he was playing his wildest up-in-the-spheres stuff. It’s something you don’t really see that often in musicians working in this field. We never really talked about this, because it was so obvious to all of us, but he knew he wasn’t making that music; it was like he was just up there quoting or transcribing what it was that was being given to him or coming through him, as we all were in the best moments. That’s the goal that we strive for, that we still strive for. That feeling didn’t have to die with Jerry. It’s in my band, it’s in all the bands.”

Weir added:

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s still here really, inside me and all around. His leadership and his influence isn’t something that disappeared with his body. I hear it whenever I’m playing. You don’t have to close your eyes and concentrate to hear the ring of what he used to do; it’s there. It’s indelibly there in the music and in the songs… I miss the yucks. We spent a lot of time, day in and day out, laughing. For years! We definitely kept each other amused. That’s what I miss most. We laughed our way across America and back around the world.”

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