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Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Decides To Give Up Tanning

Tanning Mom

Tanning mom Patricia Krentcil, the woman who made headlines earlier this year after allowing her five-year-old daughter to use a tanning booth, has decided that enough’s enough. After being jokes about and ridiculed endlessly in the press for her leathery complexion, Krentcil has decided to give up the activity that skyrocketed her to infamy.

According to WCTI, Krentcil received a challenge from In Touch magazine to avoid tanning for an entire month. She accepted, though the ensuing lack of UV rays left the mom feeling “weird and pale”. She also admitted that she has suffered from what doctors describe as “tanorexia” in the past. “Tanorexia” is an addiction to the process of tanning, be it real or artificial.

“Everyone says I look so much better less tan,” she explained. And they’re correct. Without the leathery appearance, Krentcil looks a lot healthier and younger.

Jezebel reports that, while she did succeed in the challenge set forth by the popular magazine, she did feel the overwhelming urge to tan, though she wouldn’t admit that’s she’s still addicted to tanning. However, Krentcil did admit she still uses Jergens self tanning lotion.

As you can tell after comparing the above image to the one nestled below, the lack of tanning has taken years off of Patricia’s appearance. In fact, had I not known going in that these In Touch photos were of the notorious tanning mom, I never would have recognized her. The transformation is startling.

Although a lot of folks like to poke fun at tanning addiction, it has become a very serious issue over the past few years. According to Wikipedia, a 2005 study into the matter showed that those individuals who are excessive tanners experience a “loss of control” over their tanning schedules. The behavior they display is essentially no different from individuals who have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

image via In Touch

Tanning Mom

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65 Responses to “Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Decides To Give Up Tanning”

  1. Sheila O'Brien

    Sad that she couldn't have stopped before she (allegedly) put her daughter in danger.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG she looks so much healthier and pretty! Good job Mom!

  3. Anonymous

    She looks much better natural. I'm going through removal of skin cancer all over my body due to tanning salons and sun burn when I was a teen. If I had only known what would happen!

  4. Kathleen Conner

    I am also a recovering tanorexic….it does hide a multitude of sins on your body, who cares? she looks beautiful and healthy!

  5. Debra D. Russell-Henry

    If that is what she looks like now much, much, better. She doesn't look like a burnet black woman. Now She looks like a normal white woman. Don't go back to tanning You look so much better, healther, younger, not burnnnt.

  6. Greling Jackson

    I swear, that lady must wish she was black or something. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  7. Mike Lipsky

    She still has a tan, except now it looks good. Everything in moderation.

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