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This Week’s ‘GTA V’ Event Offers Huge Discounts On Vehicle Garages, While Providing Bonus Rewards In Select Online Missions

Rockstar Games is offering up some incentives to get gamers to try out the newest multiplayer features of Grand Theft Auto V after releasing yet another free DLC update for GTA Online earlier this week. Rather than simply running the event over the weekend, however, the developer is treating fans to a full week of in-game bonuses and rewards.

Over the course of the following week, players will be able to benefit from a series of different boosted missions and discounts. The official Rockstar Newswire blog fully detailed the rotating schedule of GTA V bonuses for the week after the event was announced Friday morning.

“To celebrate the launch, the Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week is now live with some special week-long deals, plenty of Double GTA$ & RP opportunities.”

GTA V Slamvan
New lowrider customizations are now available in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]
Starting today and continuing through Sunday, fans can now earn twice the normal amounts of cash and RP for taking part in the new Sumo Adversary Mode that was added to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the recent Lowriders Custom Classics Update. The bonuses will then shift to various other multiplayer activities next week with different daily jobs offered every day.

On Monday, users will earn double rewards for competing in any land race. Similar rotating missions have also been assigned for Tuesday through Thursday, giving GTA Online users plenty of opportunities to score some quick cash and experience.

In addition to providing players with bonus payouts for select online jobs, Rockstar Games is also offering some big discounts on item unlocks inside the game. As most GTA V fans are aware, property purchases are among the most costly items in the game. To help lessen the blow, all 10 car garages are now on sale for 25 percent off during the current event. This should help gamers acquire the extra vehicle spaces needed to store any of the new cars that were added alongside this week’s DLC.

“Building out your prized collection of Lowriders with the Vapid Slamvan Custom, Dundreary Virgo Classic or Willard Faction Custom Donk may require some storage solutions that don’t come flat-packed. Luckily the fine folks at Dynasty 8 Properties are offering 25% off all Properties with a 10-car garage. Simply hit the Internet icon on your iFruit, find the Dynasty 8 advert at the top of the page and choose the space and location best suited for your new additions.”

Rockstar Games has also discounted several other items in Grand Theft Auto Online in honor of the event. For the next week only, players can earn savings on everything from ammunition to motorcycles. Keeping with the theme of the game’s latest update, all lowrider vehicle customization options from Benny’s garage are now cheaper than ever.

“With three new custom vehicles available as part of Benny’s spring roll-out, time to make sure you have your Slamvan, Virgo Classic and Custom Donk fully locked and lowered. Spend a week at Benny’s to take advantage of 75% discounts on all Bobbleheads, Column Shift Levers and Plaques and put the coup de grâce on your latest ride.”

GTA Online Garage
Players will need plenty of garage space [Image via Rockstar Games]
This week’s bonus event is also a great time for returning players to check out the new content that has been added to GTA V. As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the Lowriders Custom Classics DLC update added plenty of new items to the game such as weapons, clothes, and hairstyles. Rockstar Games is also hosting multiple contests this weekend in Grand Theft Auto Online that give players the chance to earn official merchandise and in-game cash. More details on the contest can be found on the Rockstar Social Club.

Do you plan on taking advantage on any of the current discounts in GTA V?

[Image via Rockstar Games]