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WWE Rumors: Popular Tag Team To Split Up With One Member Turning Heel

It has been something that appears to have been in the works for a couple of months now, but WWE may soon pull the trigger on it. With Kalisto as the current United States champion and doing well in the singles ranks, Sin Cara is kind of doing nothing since returning from injury. Now, it looks like a split of the Lucha Dragons is about to happen for good, and it could result in one member of the team going through a heel turn.

A few months ago, Sin Cara went out with an injury that kept him on the shelf for a while. During that time, Kalisto had a successful singles run in which he won the United States Title twice from Alberto del Rio, and he still currently holds it.

Now, Kalisto has a huge match on the card for WrestleMania 32, as he will defend his title against Ryback in a one-on-one match. That has left Sin Cara without much of anything to do at the event, even though he could be put into the 3rd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Well, a split of the Lucha Dragons appears quite inevitable, and a recent tweet from Sin Cara makes it seem as if a change of personality is coming.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that the English translation of Sin Cara’s tweet reads, “The less people you know, the better.”

Combine that with his new all-black in-ring outfit, and it looks like Sin Cara wants to become a bit of a loner. That sure sounds like someone that is wanting to go out on his own, but it isn’t entirely accurate.

There is a discussion on Reddit where some are saying the first translation going around is loosely translated, but not accurate. A number of users have said the English translation actually states, “The less people know about you, the better.”

Now, that doesn’t seem nearly as foreboding and dark as the first translation of Sin Cara’s tweet, but it still gives a very telling message.

wwe rumors lucha dragons split kalisto sin cara heel
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The Lucha Dragons are just about to make their year anniversary of moving up to the WWE main roster from NXT, and they’ve certainly been one of the more popular teams. Fans have taken to them and really pop huge for them all the time.

While Kalisto has done well on his own during the time that Sin Cara was out, some have to wonder if they would both have successful singles runs.

Rumors from late last year said that WWE was not planning on ever really pushing Kalisto due to his size. The Luchador with the small stature has just proven to be so popular that WWE has had no choice but to push him.

Unfortunately, Sin Cara has never drawn the same kind of popularity as a singles wrestler.

wwe rumors lucha dragons split kalisto sin cara heel
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Together, the Lucha Dragons came close to winning the WWE Tag Team Titles on a number of occasions, but they just never quite got there. Still, the fans took to them and loved watching them perform in the ring and dance.

Now, Kalisto has soared to a great run with the United States Title, and a successful title defense over Ryback at WrestleMania 32 would really make him a big player.

If the Lucha Dragons are going to be split up by WWE, it’s likely going to happen very soon. The Dragons usually wear matching ring outfits, but Sin Cara recently wore all black and appears to be heading for a heel turn, but will he succeed without Kalisto?

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